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Small luxury hotels are establishments for travelers who want a refined and fashionable location at an inexpensive cost. Hotel Gault is a luxury boutique hotel in Montreal, housed in a historic building dating to 1871 in the heart of Old Montreal. Walshe: I can nevertheless recall the 1st time that I came to New York and stayed in a single of Ian Schrager's hotels and it was at the Royalton sometime in the early '90s. The crucial to producing these bars and restaurants great is to create freestanding bars or restaurants that the locals love to go to, that are going lead to the hotel guests to want to go too, and that's going to result in the hotel guests to remain in that hotel. It took off immediately but I believe it was undoubtedly a tribute to Barry Sternlicht who had conviction about it and you have been inside an infrastructure of the hotel company that didn't comprehend it and to his credit, he entirely carved it off and men and women like I have been there. I feel it was

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