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Everyday living is plastic, It really is excellent In 2002, Mattel sued MCA Documents for the track "Barbie Woman," executed by Aqua. With lyrics including " You'll be able to brush my hair, undress me almost everywhere," "kiss me right here, contact me there, hanky panky," and "I am able to beg on my knees, come bounce in, allow us to do it once more," it is not not easy to see why Mattel might be offended. Mattel mentioned the MCA violated copyrights and emblems, tarnished the track record of Barbie, and infringed on their promoting and marketing and advertising tactic. The case was presided in excess of by Choose Alex Kozinski, Main choose of The usa Court docket of Appeals to the Ninth Circuit. Kozinski at some point dominated in MCA's favor, stating the track was a parody, much like All those of famous artist Bizarre Al Yankovic, and it had been safeguarded by the First Modification to America Structure. Kozinski finished the proceedings by advising both of those parties to "chill." Regardless

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