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Any time you mention Volos, Mount Pelion is the first destination that comes to thoughts. The mountain has rather minimal amounts of wilderness and elevation. Its optimum summit, Stavros, is one.624 metres, stretching for about 50 Km. Mount Pelion forms a organic borderline concerning the district of Magnesia as well as the Aegean Sea. Its gentle slopes and easily accessed peaks make Mount Pelion a well known place for mountaineering enthusiasts and weekend mountain climbers. Two mountain shelters, the a single at Agriolefkes and one other at Agios Georgios of Zagora host weary climbers and hikers. In Agriolefkes, in the vicinity of Hania, There exists also a skiing resort for skiing lovers, Whilst an abundance of mountain routes and trails are perfect for mountain biking and horseback Driving. 1 gains an exhilarating knowledge all year spherical when viewing Mount Pelion or its conventional villages, regardless of whether it’s in mid-Winter season when every little thing is covered