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Cesar Stucker

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I was born in Gloversville, New York, and college educated at beautiful Florida State University in Tallahassee. I am currently the CEO of the Print Killer Media Network and Dependable Website Management, both of which are based out of sunny South Florida! Print Killer Media Network is comprised of websites we operate in-house with a few exceptions, while Dependable Website Management services the tech needs of our clients all over the country. Currently in America, there are five jobs for every one web developer, so finding a good web developer to work on your project can be hard. Luckily for you, you already found us! Last year, Patrick Zarrelli’s web development company, Dependable Website Management, published an astonishing 25,000 web pages and blogs online for our clients! At Print Killer Media Network and Dependable Website management, we don’t just work online, we live online. This is not only our job — it’s our hobby and our passion. We live to make the best websites on the

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