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Which was the most popular form of drama during the Restoration? -

por Norris Sholl (2019-09-10)

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What was NOT a popular form during the Renaissance period?
Plain song was not a popular form during the Renaissance period.

Which was NOT a popular form during the Renaissance period?
Gregorian chants were not a popular form during the Renaissance period.

What peppermint is popular during Christmas?
Peppermint in the form of candy canes is popular during Christmas.

Most important form of Literature during the Golden Age of Greece?
Drama, histories, and philosophy.

What was the most popular form of communication by government to citizens during World War 1?
The most popular form of comms during WWI was threw telograph

What popular form of government did Europe have during the 1500?
The most popular form of government was monarchy, or overall autocracy.

What is the plural form of 'drama'?
dramas The plural form is dramas.

What is the simplest form of drama?
Stories and tales are the simplest form of drama

What new form of jazz became the most popular type of music during ww2?
Swing music was the most popular form of jazz during world war two.

Is Kabuki a form of drama?
kabuki is a form of drama performed in front of common people

What is the difference between drama as theater and drama as literature?
drama as literature is simply the written form of theatrical drama

What is Philippine drama?
Philippine drama can be classified into different forms and genres, with the most popular being the teleserye. The teleserye is a television form of melodramatic serialized fiction. It is rooted from two words: "tele", which is short for "television," and "series"

Who is the first tragedian?
Greek tragedy was a popular and influential form of drama performed in theatres across ancient greek from the late 6th century BCE

What has the author Eric Rothstein written?
Eric Rothstein has written: 'Restoration tragedy' -- subject(s): History and criticism, English drama, English drama (Tragedy), Restoration, Literary form, History 'Restoration and Eighteenth Century Poetry, 1660-1780 (Routledge History of English Poetry, Vol 3)' 'Thackeray, Hawthorne and Melville and Dreiser' 'Systems of order and inquiry in later eighteenth-century ficiton' -- subject(s): History and criticism, English fiction 'George Farquhar' -- subject(s): Criticism and interpretation, English drama (Comedy), History and criticism 'Systems of order and inquiry in later...

What was the appeal of movies and radio during the depression?
The music industry was almost destroyed by the Great Depression. But the popular music business was able to quickly rebound and became the second most popular form of entertainment during the Depression behind the movies. Both were popular because they were cheap entertainment and they helped take people's minds off their poor economic situation. The radio, which broadcast big band "gigs," news, comedy and drama, were as cheap as $10 and became depression-era Americans' favorite...

What is comedy of manners?
Comedy of manners is a comedy representing the current behaviour of fashionable society. The "comedy of manners" deals with the sophisticated lives of upper class of society. In "Restoration Period (1660-1700) " the most significant form of drama was comedy of manners.

How is drama different form other literary form in literature?
The main difference is the format , the drama is written in form of dialogues or it can be said as the screen play.

Why is this theatre called restoration theatre?
Restoration Theatre refers to theatre done after the end of the Puritan government in England. Public stage plays had been banned by the Puritan government. With the return to the monarchy( although now severely limited) and specifically the reign of Charles II, the English theatres were once again opened, in 1660. Drama and Comedies flourished, and works written at this time eventually came to be known as Restoration Comedy or Drama, or simply Restoration Theatre...

What does the term drama mean?
Drama is a literary form presented or performed on stage.

Which new form of jazz became the most popular type of music during the war year?
During WW 2, in the US a style of music known as "swing" was popular.

Traditional japanese drama?
There are four forms of traditional Japanese theater. Those forms of theater are Noh, Kyogen, Kabuki, and Bunraku and the most popular form is Kabuki.

Did the novel follow drama as a major form in England?
The novel did follow drama as the major art form in England; drama was the dominant literary art of the 1500s and 1600s, and the novel flourished in the 1700s.

What is form theatre in drama?
A drama technique to enable the audience to intervene in the action of a performance.

What is the adjective for drama?
The adjective form is "dramatic." It can also have a connotation of 'substantial' or 'impressive' rather than just referring to drama. The adverb form is dramatically.

What is the full form of kpsc?
full form of kpsc related to drama

What genre is 'Wicked the Musical'?
I think it is a drama or more likely a musical drama

What genre is 'Wicked'?
Wicked is a family-friendly drama.

What is a drama form invented by the Greeks in which the major character suffers a disaster?
This style of drama is called a tragedy.

Which new form of jazz became the most popular type of music during the war years?

How did the public feel about plays during the Elizabethan period?
They loved them. They were the main and most popular form of entertainment.

What was a form of drama that combines music?
Melodrama or Opera .

Is drama a form of art?
No Yes Drama is considered to be art, hence the name 'Performing Arts' &'Art House' films.

A popular form of protest during the anti-Vietnam War movement was?
Burning one's draft card.

What type of entertainment was popular during world war 2 in japan?
the most common form of entertainment is kissing.

What form of discrimination was not used against the Puritans immediately after the Restoration?
Some Puritans were shipped to Africa.

What is the noun form of restore?
The noun forms of the verb to restore are restorer, restoration, and the gerund, restoring.

The proprietary form of colonization became the usual form of planting English colonies immediately following what historic event?
the restoration of the English monarchy

When were silent movies famous?
Throughout most of the 1920s, silent films were an extremely popular and considerably inexpensive form of entertainment. Silent films consisted mainly of drama, epics, romances, or slap-stick comedies.

What is Poetic Drama?
Poetic drama is a play which is holly or mainly written in verse form. Although it had its birth during the Elizabethan Period, it was not carried forward as it possessed to much realism . The Poetic Drama was revived in 20th century by T S Eliot. As a critic, he wrote essays on" poetry and drama" and in which he mentioned that poetry and drama are inseparable from each other and he also maintains...

What is noun form of popular?
The noun form for the adjective popular is popularity.

What was a popular form of entertainment for American at home during WW2?
Some of the popular forms of entertainment for Americans at home during World War II were big band/swing music, musicals, movies (especially comedies and gangster films), and radio.

Which of the following genres is defined by form rather than theme tragedy satire sonnet drama or comedy?
Tragegy,comedy,sonnet Drama are based on form while Satire is a theme but all are genres in literature.

What is the abstract noun for revive?
The abstract noun form of the verb to revive is revival, a word for a period in which something becomes popular again; a restoration of body, mind, or spirit after a down period; a presentation of a play or movie many years after it was last seen; a word for a concept.

What are dramatic forms?
Dramatic form is the overall style the drama is presented in e.g. Play, musical, pantomime, melodrama, situation comedy, dance drama.

How popular is waltz?
The waltz is an extremely popular dance form. As well as being a dance form it is a popular musical number.

What is the comparative form of popular?
"more popular" or "less popular"

What is the most popular form of communication today?
the cellphone is the most popular form of communication

Why is drama considered to be both a literature and performing arts?
Strictly speaking drama is the script which is a form of literature. It is used for the basis of the theater production, which is the performing art.

When was drama first invented?
Drama was first invented by the Greeks as early as 500 B.Sc. It was a form of story telling that involved actors creating a story on stage.

What did Renaissance literature and art have in common?
Literature is an form of art. It is expressed during writing. Renaissance literature and art were very popular in its time

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