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What does Canadian music sound like

por Wiley O'Connell (2019-08-01)

2. Google HackFair 3\uce35 - 1 \uc804\uc2dc\uc2e4Canadian music is like any other music. Justin Bieber has ordinary music, Drake has ordinary music. Canadian music is like any other American or British music

Is every sound you here music?
yeah basically but if you record like a piece of music of of silence and you get like the sound of the cars going past you will nevr get that sound again so yeah every sound is music :D

What does nigerian music sound like?
Their music sounds like CRAP!

What does folk music sound like?
Folk sound like Tambourines Guitars

How do you format song titles in a text?
Surround the song title with quote marks, like "The Sound of Music," or you can use italics like The Sound of Music.

Where are the Canadian country music awards being held this year?
Canadians like music also

What are the two kinds of sounds?
Noise and Music. Noise is an unpleasant sound and the Music is an organizing sound Pls. like it ^_^

What does Balinese music sound like?
it sounds like stuff

What is candian music like?
about the same as America, Green Day is canadian

How does popcorn sound?
Like pop music.

What did Elvis Presleys music sound like?
his music sounded like willliam hung..... so like really good

What does Egyptian music sound like?
Basically Flutes, and Clarinets....smooth music.

What does Indian's music sound like?
Smooth and appealing. Mostly slow music.

What does the blues music sound like?
blues music sound very sad and slow because people at them days were slaved to work.

How can special effects enhance the overall sound of recording?
It makes the music sound better because then there is no emptiness around the sound and the music does not sound old, like back in the 60's and 70's.

What are some songs from the sound of music?
- The Sound of Music - How do you solve a problem like maria - Climb every mountain - Do, ray me.. - my favourite things

Is music the rhythm of life?
music is what feeling would sound like if you could hear them.

What does carnatic Indian music sound like?
Carnatic indian music is completely melodic

What does Japanese music sound like?
Japanese music is really diverse. That's what i know.

What is the difference between sound and music?
Sound could refer to anything you hear: talking, whispering, noise from the Air Conditioner, etc. Music is a meaningful assembly of sound and is generally but not always played with manufactured instruments. Music is organized sound. Sound alone does not imply music or organized sound. One user said: Sound is to paint like music is to artwork. Well, music is a beat of sound that makes it a rhythm. And sound, is any noise that...

What does classical music sound like?
classical music sounds like classical music. The only way to really know what it sounds like is to listen to it. Try Beethoven or Bach

How silver sweet sound lovers tongues by night like softest music to attending ears?
how silver sweet sound lovers tongues by night like softest music to attending ears

What has the author Isabelle Margaret Mills written?
Isabelle Margaret Mills has written: 화상채팅 'Canadian music' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Canadian Music, Instruction and study, Music, Music, Canadian

What is diegetic sound?
A sound that characters in the scene might hear, such as the voices of people that we see, or the sound of music when we see the musicians (or reasonably expect that they are in the scene) like the music playing at a club. A voice that comes from an unseen source, like a narration or musical underscore, is non-diegetic sound.

What kind of music does Canadians like?
Well im Canadian and i like rock n roll and also pop

When was Canadian Academy of Music created?
Canadian Academy of Music was created in 1911.

When did Canadian Academy of Music end?
Canadian Academy of Music ended in 1924.

When was Canadian Music Week created?
Canadian Music Week was created in 1981.

When was Canadian Music Centre created?
Canadian Music Centre was created in 1959.

When was Canadian Conservatory of Music created?
Canadian Conservatory of Music was created in 1902.

What does polish music sound like?
There is a whole mess of Polish music; for example. the Polka is a popular music to which people dance.

How does Chinese music sound like?
it sound just any other country' music but in Chinese if you know Chinese well enough then you will recognize the words they sing

How is sound energy used today?
Music like instruments

What does African music sound like?
more wild and happy

What does gamelan music sound like?
a car brom brom

How did renaissance music sound like?
it sounded like a fat man singing in the shower

Can sound hurt?
It can if like music is to loud or things like that r REALLY loud

What does the Canadian accent sound like?
There are at least 8-10 different Canadian accents. Anyone who thinks a country the size of Canada can possibly have one accent is dreaming.

What does Indonesia music sound like?
their music has no pitch and it is a kind of depressing sound, their instruments are made of steel which gives it that sound. Their musical instruments started with the gong, the king used a gong to get all of the workers attention.

How is music used in films?
Many times, music is played as a part of what is known as the film's "sound track." In many instances, this music is known non-diegetic, that is to say, there no visible source for the sound within the film's story. Diegetic sound is sound that comes from the story, like as an actor strums a guitar.

How do you clean music like the music download?
You take the instrumental and use a sound editing program like Audacity to paste the music from the instrumental into the places where there are curse words in the song.

What has the author Laurence Maslon written?
Laurence Maslon has written: 'The Sound of Music Companion' -- subject(s): Von Trapp Children, Musicals, Pictorial works, Sound of music (Motion picture) 'The sound of music companion' -- subject(s): The sound of music, Von Trapp Children, Musicals, Pictorial works, Sound of music (Motion picture) 'Broadway' -- subject(s): History and criticism, Musicals 'The South Pacific Companion' 'The Some like it hot companion' -- subject(s): Some like it hot (Motion picture)

Would Apocalyptica sound better on a real guitar?
I highly doubt it. The main reason I like Apocalyptica is their unique sound. If you play their music on guitars, it will revert back to the common rock music we hear everyday... but if you like that type of sound, I guess yeah, it could be better.

What does rap music sound like?
some guy talking while computer generated sound effects are playing.

What is difference between sound and noise?
Noise is really unwanted and disturbing and sound is more like music. It is wanted.

When was Canadian Music Hall of Fame created?
Canadian Music Hall of Fame was created in 1978.

When was Canadian Country Music Association created?
Canadian Country Music Association was created in 1976.

When was Canadian Independent Music Awards created?
Canadian Independent Music Awards was created in 2000.

What did Mozart music sound like?
look for something on youtube that was written by him

How does calypso music sound like?
because of i pad it changes everything

What should Aslan's music sound like?
soft and outrages just as he is!

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