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A Misfit Flash wrapped in glitter is still a Misfit Flash

por Tom Dreher (2019-08-01)

-text c-gray-1" >Misfit has teamed up with BaubleBar to create a necklace and bracelet for the Misfit Flash that'll provide the wearable with some much-needed style points. Essentially, the Helena Necklace and Bracelet are glittery lockets that keep the device tucked inside, hanging from either a six or 32-inch chain. According to the company, the pieces are " silver evening purse as smart as they are stunning" and will be available exclusively at Target from November 29th for $69.99 a pop. It's worth mentioning that the devices come with their own $29.99 Flash tucked inside, as well as the traditional rubber strap for workouts.

It's not the first time that Misfit has actively courted the fashion crowd, since it already produces trackers with Swarovski crystals glued on top. In addition, the firm was recently bought by Fossil in the hope of merging long-lasting activity tracking and the watchmaker's stylish timepieces. We're not sure if that'll be enough to woo a more mainstream crowd into embracing wearable technology, but it's certainly worth the effort. Not to mention that cramming a Misfit device into a locket might make it that little bit harder to lose every five damn minutes.