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Clean Condition & Polish A Dress Shoe

por Loyd Burrow (2019-08-02)

Clean Condition & Polish A Dress Shoe
To prepare your dress shoe for polishing, first, remove the shoelaces. Next, slip in a shoe tree or wadded a paper to give the shoe form during the polish.
#1 Clean The Shoe
Step number one. Clean the shoe. Remove any dirt, any salt, any grime. It’s very important as sand left in the shoe can ruin your final polished look. Next, lightly apply saddle soap to a clean rag and rub gently over the soap to create a little bit of a lather.
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Apply the soap to the surface of the shoe to clean it and to remove any old polish. Let your shoe air dry for about ten minutes or wipe dry to speed up the process.
#2 Condition Your Dress Shoe
Step number two. Condition your leather dress shoe. I recommend you condition your shoes weekly if you wear them at least three times a week.
Monthly if you’re wearing them only occasionally. Use a clean rag to work the conditioner evenly over the entire shoe. Let the conditioner soak in and dry for twenty minutes. Wipe off any excess.

#3 Apply A Cream Polish To The Entire Shoe
Step three. Apply a cream polish to the entire shoe. Take the applicator brush and evenly coat the surface of the entire shoe. Remember, a little goes a long way and you could always apply a second coat.
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After you finished applying the polish cream, give it a quick buffing with the horsehair brush. Repeat as necessary and at the end of the procedure give it about fifteen minutes to dry.
#4 Add Wax Polish
Next, apply was polish over the entire shoe. Wrap a soft rag tightly around two fingers and apply a small amount of the polish to the cloth. Coat the surface of the shoe working in small circular motions. Buff it with the soft horsehair brush and repeat the step once or twice to get a slightly higher shine.

#5 Final Buff With Soft Cloth
To get that coveted mirrored finish, first apply a very small amount of polish on your rag, dip your fingers in the water and put a drop of water on the toe of the shoe. Rub the polish in using quick strokes until the surface is clear. Repeat this step many times. In fact, you could easily spend twenty minutes on a single shoe here. What we’re doing is we’re building up the layers of wax and using pressure to create a mirrored shine.
#6 Final Product
Now, stay focused on the shoe toe, you don’t want a spit shine your entire shoe. The reason being is any place where the leather flexes it’s going to crack the polish, so it’s best to spit shine the toe cap and maybe the back of the shoe. If you’re willing to put in the effort, you can make your old shoes look better than when you actually bought them.
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