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What actors and actresses appeared in Shik - 2003

por Ebony Allcot (2019-08-17)

The cast of Shik - 2003 includes: Ingeborga Dapkunaite as Asya Nikolay Fomenko as Botya Ivan Kokorin as Dumbo (Mute) Andrey Panin as Platon Artur Povolotsky as Geka Artur Smolyaninov Aleksandr Yatsenko as Peaky (Stier)

What actors and actresses appeared in Widaehan yusan - 2003?
The cast of Widaehan yusan - 2003 includes: Chang Jung Lim as Chang-shik Yi Shin as Seong-hie

What actors and actresses appeared in Jang-rye-shik-eui-mem-beo - 2008?
The cast of Jang-rye-shik-eui-mem-beo - 2008 includes: Byeol Kim as Uami

What actors and caracteristicas de un pitbull actresses appeared in Shik-gaek - 2008?
The cast of Shik-gaek - 2008 includes: Young Hak No as Young Lee Sung-Chan Jeong Jin as Ja-Woon

What actors and actresses appeared in Jiokhwa - 1958?
The cast of Jiokhwa - 1958 includes: Hak Kim as Young-shik

What are the ratings and certificates for Shik - 2003?
Shik - 2003 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M France:U Netherlands:MG6

What actors and actresses appeared in Hieoro - 2009?
The cast of Hieoro - 2009 includes: Sung Jin as Go Eun Shik Nicole Jung as KARA (band) (2009) Jin Sung as Go Eun Shik Ji Sung Uhm as Jin Jung

What actors and actresses appeared in Brain Divided - 2013?
The cast of Brain Divided - 2013 includes: Kirsten Grish as Scarlet Andrew Racho as Jon Joon Shik Song as Red Joon Soo Song as Blue

What actors and actresses appeared in Saekjeuk shigong - 2002?
The cast of Saekjeuk shigong - 2002 includes: Jun Gyu Park Min Jung as Sung-ok Ham Chang Jung Lim as Eun-shik Jang Yi Shin as Park Kyung-Joo

What actors and actresses appeared in Open Invitation - 2012?
The cast of Open Invitation - 2012 includes: Beom Seok Sim as Beom Ho Ban Suk Lee as Bong Shik Jae Woo Park as Jae Bok Kyu Young Sim as Doo Young

When was SHIK created?
SHIK was created in 1991.

What is a nakh shik varnan?
Nakh shik varnan

What actors and actresses appeared in Yep-peu-nnamja - 2013?
The cast of Yep-peu-nnamja - 2013 includes: Jang Keun Suk as Dok Go Ma Te Hoon Min Yeo as Kim Dae Shik Kim Ye Won as Electricity fairy

When did Cho Shik die?
Cho Shik died in 1572.

When was Cho Shik born?
Cho Shik was born in 1501.

When was Young Shik Rhee born?
Young Shik Rhee was born in 1894.

When did Young Shik Rhee die?
Young Shik Rhee died in 1981.

When was Wong Shik Ling born?
Wong Shik Ling was born in 1908.

When did Wong Shik Ling die?
Wong Shik Ling died in 1959.

When did Yong Shik Kim die?
Yong Shik Kim died in 2005.

When was Yong Shik Kim born?
Yong Shik Kim was born in 1913.

What actors and actresses appeared in Monstar - 2013?
The cast of Monstar - 2013 includes: Kang Eui Shik as Park Kyu-Dong Da Hee as Kim Nana Yong Suk Moon as Ma Joon Hee Kyu Sun Park as Cha Do Nam Kim Yoo Hyun as Ma Hyo Rin

When was Chung Won-shik born?
Chung Won-shik was born in 1928.

When was Tae-Shik Kim born?
Tae-Shik Kim was born in 1961.

When was Hwang In-Shik born?
Hwang In-Shik was born on 1940-09-13.

When was Chae Man-shik born?
Chae Man-shik was born in 1902.

When did Chae Man-shik die?
Chae Man-shik died in 1950.

When was Choi Dae-Shik born?
Choi Dae-Shik was born on 1965-01-10.

When did Henry Lee Hau Shik die?
Henry Lee Hau Shik died on 1988-06-22.

When was Henry Lee Hau Shik born?
Henry Lee Hau Shik was born on 1900-11-19.

What are the ratings and certificates for Jang-rye-shik-eui-mem-beo - 2008?
Jang-rye-shik-eui-mem-beo - 2008 is rated/received certificates of: South Korea:12

How do you say man in Russian?
'My-shik' or 'Mushina'.

What actors and actresses appeared in Trembita - 1968?
The cast of Trembita - 1968 includes: Olga Aroseva as Parasya Sergei Blinnikov Aleksey Chernov as Atanas Anatoli Galevsky as Mikola Igor Klass Galina Korotkevich Saveliy Kramarov as Pyotr Lyudmila Kupina as Vasilina Ivan Matveyev Ivan Pereverzev as Prokop Alla Pugacheva Boris Savchenko as Alexei Nikolay Trofimov as Shik Yevgeni Vesnik as Bogdan Susik

What has the author P L Shik written?
P. L. Shik has written: 'Pisateli Kostromy, 1918-1975 gg' -- subject(s): Bio-bibliography, Russian literature

What has the author Hong Shik Kim written?
Hong Shik Kim has written: 'An investigation of prestressing steel beams' -- subject(s): Steel bars, Reinforcing bars, Prestressed concrete

What actors and actresses appeared in Horse Doctor - 2012?
The cast of Horse Doctor - 2012 includes: Bo Ah Jo as Seo Eun Seo Nam Da Reum as young Sung Ha Yeo Jin Ahn as Court Lady Kwak Choi Soo Rin as Joo In Ok Lee Sook as Choi Ga Bi Yoo Sun as Jang In Joo Park Young Ji as Hong Yoon Shik

What has the author Yong-Shik Lee written?
Yong-Shik Lee has written: 'Safeguard measures in world trade' -- subject(s): Law and legislation, Tariff, Foreign trade regulation

What actors and actresses appeared in Giant - 2010?
The cast of Giant - 2010 includes: Qri as Bunny Girls Young Hak No as Young Min Woo Jung Hyun Kim as Hwang Jung Shik Soo Hyun Kim as Sung Mo (teen) Joon Hyun Min Hee Jin Park as Hwang Jung Yeon Eun Jung Lee as Jina Lee Seung Hyung as Moon Sung Joong Yoon Yong Hyun as Go Jae Choon

Say football in Korean?
American Football - 미식축구 (mi shik chook goo)

What is the birth name of Ah In Yoo?
Ah In Yoo's birth name is Eom Hong Shik.

What actors and actresses appeared in Dae Wang Sejong - 2008?
The cast of Dae Wang Sejong - 2008 includes: Moon Chun Shik as Jeon Il Ji Lee Dal Hyung as Shin Jang Kim Ha Kyoon as Heo Jo Chun Hee Lee as Jang Yeong Sil Lee Hyun Woo as Prince Choong Nyeong (later Sejong) Kim Hyung Il as Min Moo Hyul Hyeon Jeon as Lee Chun Park Young Ji as Park Eun

What actors and actresses appeared in Nail Shop Paris - 2013?
The cast of Nail Shop Paris - 2013 includes: Kim Chae Yun as Geum Mi Rye Cheon Doong as Jin Gil Eun Hye as Mi Hye Yoo Ji Woon as Kyu Min Kim Kyul as Hyung Shik Lee Seung Yub as Hyun Woo Han So Young as Kim Ji Soo Jung So Young as Tae Hee Yoo Soo In as Hee Young Byun Woo Min as Woo Min

Where can you find seeds for a banana pumpkin it is shaped like a banana and has a light yellow shik?

What movie and television projects has Jung Hyun Kim been in?
Jung Hyun Kim has: Played himself in "Nonseutob" in 2000. Played Su-in in "Cheongchun" in 2000. Played Jung, Min-gyu in "Ibyeoleobtneun achim" in 2001. Played Chelmin in "Namjaui hyanggi" in 2003. Performed in "Plastic Tree" in 2003. Played Mi Mo Sa in "Dae Jo Yeong" in 2006. Played Hwang Jung Shik in "Giant" in 2010. Played Tangqishi in "Empress Ki" in 2013.

How do you say dinner in Korean?
만찬 ( man Chan ) .. please someone correct me if I'm wrong ^^ Edit: That's wrong. It's 저녁 식사. Juh-Nyuk Shik-sah.

What actors and actresses appeared in Sesang Eodiedo Eobneun Chakhan Namja - 2012?
The cast of Sesang Eodiedo Eobneun Chakhan Namja - 2012 includes: Danny Ahn as Kim Jung Hoon Shin Da Eun as Gold Digger Sung Ha Jo as Suk Min Hyuk Jo Hwi Joon as Seo Euk Suk Yang Ik Joon as Han Jae Shik Kim Jae Hwa as Korean-Japanese with fake incury claim Jin Kyung as Hyun Jung Hwa Yong Oh as Jo Young Bae Han Seo Jin as Kang Cho-Ko (Young) Kwang Soo Lee...

What actors and actresses appeared in Ssain - 2011?
The cast of Ssain - 2011 includes: Kwon Byung Gil as Goo Sung Tae Moon Chun Shik as Ahn Sung Jin Jung Da Bin as Da Bin Kim Dan Yool as Village Kid Park Gun Il as Seo Yoon Hyung Kim Han Joon as Kang Yong Hwa Jang Hang Joon as Side Table Guest Yoo Hee Jung as Mi Young Im Ho Gul as Jang Jae Young Seung Hyun Baek as Lee Chul Won Oh...

What actors and actresses appeared in Pop - 2009?
The cast of Pop - 2009 includes: Elizaveta Arzamasova as Eva Yuriy Bogdanov as Bezhents Aleksandr Doronin as Otets Georgiy Benigsen Gennadiy Garbuk as Nikolay Toroptsev Anna Gulyarenko as Timofeeva Andrey Koloskov as Garmonist Anatoliy Lobotskiy as Freygauzen Sergey Makovetskiy as Otets Aleksandr Ionin Stepan Morozov as Vladykin Kirill Pletnyov as Aleksandr Lugotintsev Andrey Popkov as Kurt so svekloy Viktoriya Romanenko as Masha Nikolay Ryabychin as Stepan Aleksey Senchilo as Gans Egor Shik as Kostik...

What is South Korea's national food?
i am Korean so i know a lot. it is -Kim Chi -bul go gi -jab che -shik hye -sam gye tang -gal bi -dduk -gal bi -bi bim bab

Why is soojunggwa important to the Korean culture?
Soo-Jung-Gwa is a Korean traditional drink that Korean ancestors drank. People nowadays, when an Chinese New Year comes, they serve this particular drink and something called Shik-Hae, another Korean traditional drink, to their ansestors (deceased, of course). Hope it answered your question!

What movie and television projects has Chang Jung Lim been in?
Chang Jung Lim has: Played Whan in "Beat" in 1997. Played Beom Su in "Haega seojjogeseo ddeundamyun" in 1998. Performed in "Extras" in 1998. Played Jae-hyeon in "Haengbokhan jangeuisa" in 2000. Played Blue in "Jakarta" in 2000. Performed in "Doosaboo ilchae" in 2001. Played Bong-pal in "Hae-jeok, discowang doeda" in 2002. Played Eun-shik Jang in "Saekjeuk shigong" in 2002. Played Chang-shik in "Widaehan yusan" in 2003. Played Police Officer in "Yeokjeone sanda" in 2003. Played...

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