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What is the Musical abbreviation for very very soft

por Toni Wasinger (2019-08-17)

The sign for soft is P. Very soft is PP.

Musical abbreviation for the word very soft?
pp-Pianissimo-very soft By the way check out musicandanarchy on youtube.

What is the Italian musical abbreviation 'ff'?
The Italian musical abbreviation "ff" is fortissimo ("very loudly").

What is the musical symbol for very soft?
The music symbol for very soft is pp. Pianissimo. Meaning 'very soft' in Italian.

What is the musical word for soft?
The musical term for soft is piano. This means soft in Italian.

The softest musical symbol?
The softest musical symbol that I know of is pianissimo; represent with pp. In the dictionary, the definition of pianissimo is very soft. So when playing pianissimo in music, you would play as soft as you possibly can.

What does the Italian musical term pianissimo mean?
"Very softly", or even "as soft as possible".

What is the musical term for soft and sweet?
The musical term for "Soft and Sweet" is Dolce.

What is the musical term for loud or soft?
the musical term for loud is F or forte and for soft P or piano.

What Musical terminology means very?
This is usually a suffix rather than a term, but adding "issimo" to the end of a word intensifies the root word. Eg Piano means soft, pianissimo means very soft.

Musical term for soft?
Piano, meaning gentle or soft

What does the word forte or the abbreviation f mean in a musical piece?
Play loudly. from forte (strong in Italian) molto forte mf very loudly

What is the word for somthing getting louder?
crescendo (cre-shen-do), a musical term meaning a gradual increase in sound, from soft to very lound.

Fortissimo forte mezzo forte mezzo piano piano pianissimo what is the softest to loudest?
Musical dynamics are related in this way:FF - Fortissimo - Very loud F - Forte - Loud forcefull MF - Mezzo Forte - Moderately Loud MP - Mezzo Piano - Moderately Soft P - Piano - soft quiet tones PP - Pianissimo - Very Soft

What is the musical notation for very softly?
For musical notation, pp stands for pianissimo, which means very softly, and ppp stands for piano possible, which is as soft as possible. If you want to gradually get softer in volume, you would write a diminuendo (dim), which simply means, gradually softer as you play. Hope that was helpful!

In music what is the term used to show musicians how loud or soft to play?
These are called dynamics. These most common indicators include Piano (soft), Mezzo-piano (medium soft), Mezzo-forte (medium loud), and Forte (loud). These dynamics are indicated in the sheet music usually between the musical staves. The dynamics are represented by letters. p for piano, mp for mezzo-piano, mf for mezzo-forte, and f for forte. though you can add more letters to the abbreviation for more detailed dynamics such as pp for pianissimo or vert soft, also ff...

What is the symbol for forte?
The abbreviation for the musical term "forte" meaning "loud" is f.

What does dynamic contrast mean in musical terms?
There are roughly six dynamics that are evident in music: pp (pianissimo) - very soft, typically the quietest of dynamics p (piano) - soft, the dynamic one level above pianissimo mp (mezzo piano) - medium soft mf (mezzo forte) - medium loud f (forte) - loud or strong ff (fortissimo) - very loud or very strong, typically the strongest dynamic in music.

What does the abbreviation rnb stand for?
RNB typically means Rhythm & Blues, a musical genre.

What are tabs on a guitar?
Tab is an abbreviation of "Tablature" , which are musical notation that indicates instrument fingering.

What does the abbreviation 'tbl' means in music?
In musical Instruments it is used for Tabla.

What is the musical term that means soft?
piano often indicated by p

What are the soft sounds musical instrument?
aba! malay ko... :P

What musical term means to play soft?
p, which stands for piano

Where does the word pianoforte come from and what does it mean?
It is derived from the musical terms for for soft and loud, with piano being soft and forte being loud.

What does Marc mean in musical terms?
Its an abbreviation for Marcato, which means that the music should be emphatic or accented.

What are two kinds of dynamics?
the two kinds of dynamics are: soft loud kinds of soft are: kinds of loud are: piano- soft forte- loud pianissimo- very soft fortissimo- very loud pianississimo- very very soft fortississimo- very very loud mezzo piano- moderately soft mezzo forte- moderately loud

What is the most soothing and soft sounding musical instrument?
violin or piano it depends

What is musical meaning of mezzo piano?
Mezzo piano means medium soft.

What is soft in a sentence?
The soft blanket kept her very warm. The cat's fur is soft. He is very soft spoken. Her voice was so soft she could barely be heard.

When was A Very Potter Musical created?
A Very Potter Musical was created in 2009.

What is the dynamics mark of lullaby?
Piano (p) meaning soft. Pianissimo (pp) very soft. Pianississimo (ppp) very very soft

What does the abbreviation p mean in a musical piece?
It means to play quietly; it is short for the Italian word "piano".

What is a musical meaning of medium soft?
The music Term for moderately soft and all musicians should know this by now is MP (moderate piano as in medium soft). FROM AZZAROKS OUR ONLINE AND WORLDWIDE GAMER

What are very soft bird feathers?
Very soft feathers are known as down.

Is Harry Potter going to be a musical?
There is already a HP musical- A Very Potter Musical.

What is the musical term for soft in music?
Piano (Italian). This is often indicated by p in sheet music.

What is the musical meaning of mezzo piano?
It is Italian for Medium Soft. Abbreviated mp in sheet music.

What origin is piano from?
Piano is in fact Spanish as every country agreed to have Spanish as their musical language. Piano is an abbreviation of Pianoforte.

Where does the word opera come from?
Opera literally means 'work' an abbreviation of 'opera in musical' That wasn't really what they asked was it... (from Londer)

What animal produce a soft sound?
Some animals that can produce a very soft sound even though they are very large animals the whale produces a load but very soft animal.

What are very small plants with soft stem called?
which is a very sall plant with soft stems

What does rubber feel like?
Very soft and flexible almost like VERY soft clay.

What musical would you direct any why?
I would direct Suessical the Musical. I was in that musical and it was a ton of fun. The musical itself is very very flexible. You could really go anywhere with that play and it would still be great.

Who is a parody of Draco malfoy?
Lauren Lopez in the very funny youtube musical 'a very potter musical' which is by Starkidpotter.

Which musical instrument got its name from the Italian words soft and loud?
The piano. The instrument was originally called a pianoforte; "piano" meaning soft in Italian, and "forte" meaning loud.

What does the symbol n mean in musical terms?
N. is the abbreviation of niente, which is Italian for nothing. In some countries, N. is the abbreviation for the word number, so you might see a Concerto N. 6. (No. and Nr. are more common.)

What is the real name for ballet shoes?
We call the soft shoes well soft shoes and the harder ones you rise up onto pointe shoes (an abbreviation for pointes are toe shoes)hope this helps!

I fried flounder and it was very soft Why?
Because, flounder is a soft fish and will come out soft naturely.

Which is mineral and hardness soft?
For example talc is very soft.

Does parrots have soft feathers?
yes they very soft feathers.

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