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Make Sure You Get The Ring of Your Dreams

por Siobhan Victor (2019-08-19)

If you've got the feeling he's about to propose to you, it's time to consider what kind of engagement ring you want on your finger. You probably know this already, como atestar o deposito and have known for many years. Just like your wedding, the ring is something you probably have been thinking about for quite some time. So, how do you get the image of YOUR favorite, ideal, perfect ring into his head? He's not going to think of it himself out of the blue. Time for some help.

Engagement ring of your dreams
It's true, the ultimate engagement is different to everyone. The diamond alone can come in so many different shapes and forms, that it's simply impossible to come across someone who wears the same diamond ring. That would be a horrific scenario, wouldn't it? Your ring is the symbol for your true love, so how do you get it? If you feel there's a proposal coming up, it's no disgrace to help faith a little.

Day of your dreams
Let's be honest, a lot of girls start thinking about their ultimate wedding day when they're at a young age. This includes the perfect dress, the perfect cake and of course: the most beautiful diamond engagement ring in the world! So this is a factor that's not supposed to go wrong. Let him know what you like! The key is to keep it subtle. Browse through magazines with jewelry, stop in front of windows and jewelry stores and TELL HIM what you definitely don't like. Open a website and accidentally leave it open when you're done with the computer. Exactly on that page where your ultimate diamond ring is. Piece of cake!

No surprise
When the proposal is no surprise, or something you come up with together, it's totally cool to go out together for some serious ring shopping! Just say and point out what kind of rings you like and want. It can't be that hard. Especially when you make sure what kind of diamonds you don't like at all. Online is a cool variation too, as the range of rings is bigger and broader. Nice to pick out something together, right? Besides, online you can customize your ring exactly the way you want. You get to pick every C: color, carat weight, cut and clarity. And the shape too! Ask your friends for some tips as well, they'll know what suits you best.

Own taste
What kind of rings do you normally wear? The color is a great example of your own taste. You're obviously not going to wear a golden ring when you usually walk around with a silver colored ring. Your taste it easy to determine! Take your laptop, sit down on the couch with a nice glass of something and browse the web for some cool examples. Trick your man by showing some movies about weddings. Tell him your love or hate the engagement ring and tell him casually what you like. Should work like a charm... if you're going together for rings, just be honest. It pays off in the end. Happy ring hunting!

What kind of dream ring do you want around your finger? The trick is to obtain those obviously. But how do you make it clear to your partner which diamond ring is your fave? It's easy, just make sure you're in control!