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On gifting amidst the grind

por Sally Mackintosh (2019-08-21)

A headache, however, is not so much getting people to come together as it is getting The Gift.

Enter my brilliant plan: Best gift hampers.

Gift hampers have been around for ages, but no-one seems to think of them for some reason. For some reason, the typical expectation is still a big box wrapped with shiny paper and a huge ribbon on top. Hampers seem much more practical than that. While you might end up with a poker face after the giftee has opened his gift, seen the object inside, and performed his customary smile and thank-you, a gift hamper allows for much more variety-and therefore, a greater chance of there being something that they actually like.

The best gift hampers are usually food related. A gourmet food basket, for example, allows the birthday-girl to revel in the decadence of cranberry pistachio and still have spiced pumpkin bread for later. It allows for a much longer gift satisfaction period than say, a manga. Furthermore, the best gift hampers also contain non-perishables like dainty bowls or miniature bouquets for the birthday girl as a birthday souvenir of sorts, one she might look at or find of use every day.

Gourmet food baskets need not always be fattening, or for people with exotic tastes. Even a traditional grandmother will appreciate a hamper with Darjeeling tea, little Indian titbits and perhaps a generous dollop of wild honey thrown in. The best gift hampers, therefore, are not those that awe but rather those that seem tailor-made for the giftee.

And the best part about these hampers? Someone else makes them for you.

Its the one thing our little whatsapp group links group could agree on, and hopefully, itll be something yours can too. Give it a try someday-even if it turns out to be a dud, at least youll have something to nibble on later.

So soon enough came that fateful birthday, and the birthday girls excitement was palpable. We gave her a box full of indulgent treats and the shrieks were unstoppable. After she calmed down she mentioned how much she was looking forward to something like this, rather than a mug one of us thought she liked. We ended up eating half the treats with her, but that was a very memorable birthday party for us as well as her. Even months later she looks back at those photos with fondness and delight.

Another event is coming up, its my uncles wedding anniversary. My aunt and he love to travel, theyve been to a lot of exotic locations and fine-dining gourmet restaurants. Guess whatll make them happy on their special day?