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دانلود قسمت دوم سریال ریکاوری

por Hildred Crouse (2019-07-28)

A\u015fk Laftan Anlamaz - VikipediThe Recovery series was released in 8 episodes of 50 minutes, with its first episode being distributed throughout the country from July 1398. The director of the first season of the series was directed by Bahador Asadi and is the author of the series Mehrdad Nik. The first celebrations of the serial crowd with the presence of actors and serials will be held February 13th. The second concert series will be held simultaneously with the release of the cast in Iran for broadcasting in Europe. Recovery is a story about friendship, love and دانلود قسمت دوم سریال ریکاوری betrayal between the three families of Babak, Massoud and Soheil, who are partners and old friends. Babak is the editor of the bestseller magazine, which is co-authored by Soheil and Massoud, his colleagues in the magazine, and each of them has problems in their common life, and to escape from their everyday life and work and for a few days away from their husbands decide to recover without their knowledge of their single and so-called " Go away During the series, the audience faces romantic scenes and looks like twins with characters, they will see their humorous humor and humor, and in their emotional moments, and the moments of doubt and decision they will travel with. It will be full of adventure.