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General Check-up

por Wyatt Hoffman (2019-07-31)

Do you think a general check up check-up is just to keep your teeth clean and shiny? Have you been putting off this important appointment? It’s easy to think a general check-up is only a formality, but it’s so much more important than you may think. Our dentists in Glen Waverley inspect the health of your mouth to prevent serious disease or catch a problem before it arises.
What are General Check-ups? - A Deeper Clean

general checkup cleaning

Do you think you have good oral hygiene? Are you committed to twice daily brushing and flossing? Even if you’re dedicated to the health and wellness of your teeth, it’s almost impossible to fully clean your mouth. As hard as you may try, little pieces of last night’s dessert can hide in even the smallest of openings.

The goal of a general check-up is twofold. To start, we strive to find and evict food debris that’s calling your mouth home. With innovative and thorough cleaning practices, our dentists gently clean your entire mouth. Once your mouth is completely cleaned, we peer into the complex network of gums and enamel to seek out current or potential issues.

Seems simple enough? But sometimes, the simplest tasks reveal our greatest threats.
The Power of Prevention and Detection

Our primary purpose in general check-ups is to evaluate the health of your teeth, gums and other soft tissues. During the appointment, your entire mouth is thoroughly reviewed. Our dentists check for signs and symptoms of:

Tooth Decay
Gum Disease
Oral Cancer
Orthodontic Issues

Your dentist will closely inspect the health of your gums and examine your entire dental region, including your neck and lymph glands, for signs of infection. Many serious dental issues are easily managed and treated with early detection. This is why bi-annual visits are recommended. With regularity, your dentists can swiftly identify the start of a problem before it fully develops.
What to Expect During a General Check-up

General check-ups are performed in our comfortable, state-of-the-art clinic. With over 40 years of combined experience, our dentists and fully-trained staff specialise in complete dental care. While we treat every patient based on your unique needs, our general check-ups include:

Thorough cleaning of teeth and gums using the latest tools and procedures.
Visual evaluation by your dentist to inspect the health and safety of your mouth.
X-ray imaging to monitor jaw bone health.
Powerful fluoride treatment, if necessary, to strengthen enamel.
Oral hygiene coaching and advice.

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Are you overdue for a thorough general check-up? Supreme Dental Care is dedicated to the health and wellness of our local community and beyond. As an active member of the Australian Dental Association, our dentists use advanced technologies and unprecedented kindness to combat dental issues in an inviting atmosphere.

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