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What better option than your stylish shoes

por Domingo Springer (2019-08-01)

tinoWhat better option than your stylish shoes
Did you know a recent study by Allen Edmonds showed that 64% of women judge your style by your shoes? Makes you think, doesn't it?

I've written hundreds of articles on the dress shoes you should buy first when you're starting off on your style journey. But when you've sorted your core shoes, it's time to go for dress shoes that scream attention.

Why do you need these? Let me set the scene. You're going to a party and you want to get noticed. You want to make a statement before even opening your mouth. And you want a great conversation starter.

What better option than your stylish shoes?

So why do these shoes scream for attention? Because they're uncommon and different. And wearing them will make you stand out.

But which shoes should I buy? Men have so many options nowadays.

I'll keep it simple, gents, as usual. Giay nam Tino shoes

There are only three statement dress shoes you need to add to your wardrobe.

Read on to see what they are.
#1. Double Monk Strap
There's a tendency to think of the double monk strap as a modern dress shoe but the truth is the opposite. The monk strap has serious pedigree. It originates from 15th Century Europe and as you may have guessed, was worn by monks.

These monks needed a durable shoe for different terrains – and so the double monk strap was born. It gave them protection they couldn’t get from an open sandal and was also a great choice for the cocktail bars after their working day.

(OK, I may have exaggerated slightly in the last point…)

The monk strap style has evolved over the centuries but its purpose remains the same. It’s durable and versatile (and it’s definitely better than a pair of sandals!). And the striking straps make it a unique dress shoe that catches people's attention.
The monk strap is more casual than an Oxford and more formal than a loafer so it's perfect for dressing up jeans or dressing down a suit.
Like Oxfords, the monk strap comes in different styles – classic, wingtip, derbies, and boots to name a few. I show the monk strap ankle boots in my video because they're more unique still and scream style and confidence. Why not try them instead of the Chelsea boot? The elegant, buckled design makes them a fantastic show piece and they will get you noticed.

Some variants of the monk strap have an elastic panel built in to make them easier to get on and off, without having to do up the buckles. I love this feature and it makes them ideal for airport security. You have to look stylish when you're traveling, right?

Want to know more about the double monk strap? Read my article – Guide To Double Monk Strap Shoes.Leather Shoes for Men
#2. Suede Penny Loafers
The loafer has been around for over 70 years – it's another classic dress shoe. You've probably seen them in leather. But have you tried suede? It's a bit different. Sure, it's not as versatile as leather so it can't be worn all the time but that's where its beauty lies.
Blue, brown and tan are the most versatile color choices out there but I've also seen penny loafers in oxblood, black, and grey. I'd recommend avoiding white unless you want to look like a 1980s Miami car dealer (it's a difficult look to pull off).

What's my golden rule with loafers? Make sure you wear no-show socks and don't be tempted to go without them because the salt in your sweat will warp the shoe lining (not to mention the smell.)
Some guys are afraid to wear suede in case they damage it. I think this is crazy.
Take care and understand the material: suede is leather made from the underside of the skin – primarily from lamb. And because it’s not made from the more durable outer layer, suede damages easily. But as long as you don't go jumping in puddles or running through muddy fields, you'll be fine.

Get yourself a suede cleaner kit and never try to clean suede with water – it will cause the dye to run or fade. Better still, buy a water-repellent spray to make any water bead off the surface.

To learn more about loafers, check out my guide to dress loafers with suit and casual styles. Tino shop Leather Shoes for Men
#3. Whole-Cut Dress Shoe
The wholecut oxford is a beautiful dress shoe and one of my favorites. The sleek, bold design is worn by confident, fashion-forward guys. Sound like you? Read on…
These beauties are constructed from a single piece of leather, whereas other dress shoe styles are made up of multiple pieces, glued or stitched together. This is an expensive process, so the whole-cut is one of the most expensive dress shoes you can buy. It's also one of the most formal.

The whole-cut has a distinctive closed lacing system that gives it a clean and sleek look – but many men don't give it a chance.
I don't know why not. Maybe they think it's too formal?

In black, yes – though you can wear them with a tuxedo. But if you want to wear a whole-cut with trousers or a suit, find one in brown with a burnished toe. Burnishing is a manufacturing process where the toe-cap is treated to give it a darker color. This ‘aged' effect transforms your shoes into a real work of art!

So there we have it, gentlemen. 3 Dress Shoes That Scream For Attention! Giay Da tino shoes. Tino scoop