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What are search engines and its uses

por Anita Manchee (2019-08-02)

Search engines are web sites that store information and distribute information based on key words. You can use search engines to find information on just about anything.

Search engines send crawlers through out the internet to crawl information from websites and then through special algorithms provide organized results for search queries.

The most commonly used search engines are :,,,, oogle, ASK.COM , , and

How is a metacrawler different from a search engine?
uses other search engines

What is a meta search tool?
There are two main types of such search engines. The first type is one that combines the results from multiple search engines for a specific query; this is called a meta search engine. For example, when you search for "dogs" on a meta search engine, it will return results about "dogs" from many different search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Examples of meta search engines are: - Combines Ask, Google, Bing, Yahoo...

What is definition meta search engines?
A meta search engine (or aggregator) is a search instrument that uses another search engine's information to deliver their own particular results from the Internet. Meta search engines take data from a client and all the while convey inquiries to outsider search engines for results.

Which search engine uses spiders to search documents?
they all do. spiders are how search engines find sites and determine what the site is about.

What is a search engine that uses serveral other search engines at once to gain largest number of results called?
It is known as a meta-search engine.

What are some uses of search engines?
You can search any thing on Search Engine with in few seconds. To search for important information and facts about things both concrete and abstract.

List 5 types of search engines?
Spider-Based Search Engines. Directory-Based Search Engines. Link-Based Search Engines. Hybrid Search Engines. Meta Search Engines

Are all search engines on Google Chrome free?
Chrome uses Google as it's default search engine. Google is the biggest search engine and is free.

What common search engines uses spiders to fetch submitted documents?
Google,Yahoo and MSN

What are the two categories of search engines?
There are two types of search engines 1. Hybrid search engines 2. Meta search engines

What are the 3 types of popular search engines?
Spider-Based Search Engines. Directory-Based Search Engines. Link-Based Search Engines.

The difference between web browser from search engine?
Web browsers are used to display websites, while search engines are a type of websites that help uses to search the entire web.

What is megasearch engine?
a megasearch engine is a search engine that uses many other search engines to find the best information (sites like and

Which search engines uses spiders to fetch submitted documents?
"spider" is just the nickname for a web crawling program.

What are the Uses of search engine?
•The indexes of search engines are usually vast. •It representing only significant portions of the Internet. •It offering a wide variety and quantity of information resources.

Which type of search engine uses keywords to perform searches?
All types of search engines either it is Google, Yahoo or bing works on the basis of the enter keyword.

Examples of both 'horizontal' search engines and Vertical' search engines?
Horizontal search engines are general-purpose search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Vertical search engines, meanwhile, are specialized by content such as Trulia, Mocavo and Yelp.

What are the 3 main types of search engines?
I can think of 5 types of search engines actually Crawler-based search engines Human-powered directories Hybrid search engines Specialty search engines Meta search engines The first (crawler-based) being most common - like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

What do search engines enable you to do?
Search engines let oyu search about anything.

What are the different search engines? - No need mentioning - Slightly different - from microsoft. - Just behing - Uses googl'es algorithms but emphasizes the best of the web - all the search engines piled into one Classified ads search engine. - Meta search engines - Based on - Human based free speech search engine - Powered by - Medical search engine

What are meta search engines?
Generally speaking, meta search engines perform searches using a conglomeration of other search engines. Metasearch engines enable users to enter search criteria once and access several search engines simultaneously. Metasearch engines operate on the premise that the Web is too large for any one search engine to index it all and that more comprehensive search results can be obtained by combining the results from several search engines. This also may save the user from having...

Five search engines?
name five search engines

Explain the differences between search engines and meta search engines?
Search engines have a system of algorithms that works on crawling the information written in the body of the HTML. Meta search engines have a system of algorithms that crawls the meta tags, meta title and meta description of the HTML Examples for meta search engines are , , Examples for search engines are , ,, You also have meta-search engines for a number of specialist subjects such...

Name 5 search engines?
name five search engines

What search engine searches other search engines?
All search engines that search on everything on internet can search for other search engines,for example google,bing,yahoo,ask,avgsearch,xquick dogpile combines a lot of different engines but its kind of awkward to use website

List of three types of search engines?
Crawler based search engines such as google .com HUman powered directories and Hybrid search engines

What is the best search engine?
Different search engines may be better for different tasks. Google is currently the best all-round search engine. Other notable competitors include: Baidu (particularly in Asia) Yahoo Ask Bing Search sites for specific tasks: For Questions/Answers: Wiki Answers Yahoo Answers For specific files: FileWatcher Notes: Many search engines actually are 'customized searches', and rely on a different search engine to do the actual searching. Example: AOL uses Google search. These 'customized searches' have not been included...

What are two search engines?
Google, Yahoo, Bing are biggest search engines. There are some more search engines like Astalavista, Lycos, Ask, etc.

Are there any decent search engines that do not display advertisements?
Yes, that site is ... Google even uses their listings to display into their own. No advertisements.

How do you cancel crawler search engines?
you dont, thats why they are crawler search engines.

How many search engines are on the Internet?
There are about 12 major search engines in general, but if you mean how many search engines that are around the globe, refer to the related links below.

Which one is not a meta search engine ask jeeves yahoo dogpile or internet sleuth?
A meta-search engine is one that uses search results from other engines. Yahoo! is the only one that is a search provider. The others all compile results from two or more search providers.

Search engines enable you to what?
Search engines allow you to look up whatever you want.

What are the main online search engines?
Bing, Google and Yahoo are the main search engines.

Which search engines are most highly recommended?
Which search engines are most highly recommended?

What search engines are the most useful search engines?
Google all the way matey

What are two main search engines?
Google & Yahoo are two main search engines.

A search engine that allows you to search several search engines simultaneously is called a?
That is not exactly true. A "meta search engine" pays importance only to the meta tags and meta discriptions of the HTML code. A search engine that searches many search engines is a mashed search engine, because it mashes the api of dfferent search engines. Examples for meta search engines are: website or website (very old) Examples for mashed search engines are: website or website

Why and when do you use search engines?
People use search engines to find information. Most people use search engines regularly, especially whenever they are doing some research.

What are trusted search engines?
Google & Bing are only trusted Search Engines,Yahoo taking search data from Bing.

What are some exsamples of search engines?
Search engines basically a program that receives your search request, compares it to the entries in the index, and returns results to you. There are many types of search engines defined in different groups according to their works. Here are the some examples of search engines :

List of search engines?
List of search engines :

What does a search engine do when a person uses it on the internet?
Search engines get a query feed by the user and then start to look for results i.e; web pages related to that particular search. It collects all those pages and then organizesthem according to their importance and filter them accordingly.

Where can you get a free guaranteed Search Engine Submission for major search engines?
Submitting a site to the major search engines has to be done manually.

Search engine combination?
Meta search engines combine results from different search engines. Some examples of this are and

What is Google search engine or website?
Google is both a website and a search engine. All internet search engines are websites, but not all websites are search engines.

What is a search engine and what are the different search engines available?
Search engines are the programs that search websites for specified keywords and returns a list of websites where the keywords were found. Here are some common search engines available: Google Bing Yahoo Baidu Yandex

Do all search engines search the internet the same way?
No! Let's begin by the fact that only 4 search engine companies actually have spiders that crawl the body of the HTML of websites. Those are:, , and Each one of those search engines has a differne approach of algorithms for displaying results. Then, you have meta search engines. Those search engines have spiders that only crawl the meta tags and meta descriptions of the HTML within a site. Examples are...

What do you use search engines for?
Search engines are like websites where you type in what you are looking for and it finds you different sites on the Internet that may be what you are looking for. Some popular search engines include Google and Ask.

What is the point in search engines?
Search engines are site maps for the internet. Search engines organize information and make it accessible by search tools. There are many search engines today and each one has a different techniques.,,,,, ,, Try each one of them to discover results

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