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What is whisk in French

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Bar Code, Information, Data, Business(Definitions of 'whisk' are taken from

verb (used with object)

1. to move with a rapid, sweeping stroke: She whisked everything off the table with her arm. (French: balayer)

2. to sweep (dust, crumbs, etc., or a surface) with a whisk broom, brush, or the like. (French: balayer)

3. to draw, snatch, carry, etc., lightly and rapidly: He whisked the money into his pocket. (French: attraper, glisser)

4. to whip (eggs, cream, etc.) to a froth with a whisk or beating instrument. (French: fouetter)

verb (used without object)

5. to sweep, pass, or go lightly and rapidly. (French: balayer, survoler)


6. an act of whisking. (French: un balayage)

7. a rapid, sweeping stroke; light, rapid movement. (French: un balayage)

8. whisk broom. (French: une brosse)

9. a small bunch of grass, straw, hair, or the like, especially for use in brushing. (French: une brosse)

10. an implement, usually a bunch of wire loops held together in a handle, for beating or whipping eggs, cream, etc. (French: un fouet)

What is the metal utensil used to whisk something?
A whisk; there are several different types, among them are Balloon whisk: teardrop shaped. French whisk: more cylindrical than a balloon whisk Flat whisk, sometimes called a roux whisk

What are the uses for a whisk?
whisk things.

What is flying whisk?
a whisk that flies

How do you whisk with no whisk?
You can use a fork.

Where was the whisk made?
whisk was made in Africa

What is wire whisk?
A whisk or stirrer made of wire .

What is a wire whisk?
a wire whisk is a cheverlou used for baking....hmmmm

What do you whisk with the electric whisk when you make cheesecake?
crumbled cookies that a wheat

What is the scientific classification of whisk fern?
The scientific classification of whisk fern is in the family Psilotaceae. The class psilotopsida of the division Pteridophyta. A whisk fern has water.

How is a hand whisk used?
hi there a hand whisk is used by powering a whisk by body power no electrics , you hold the whisk and rotate your hand build up some speed and then your whisking or beating you mixture . this is the oldest fashioned whisking style.

Who invented the electric hand whisk?
David Greensmith invented the electrical whisk.

What is a whisk?
A whisk is a kitchen utensil used for whipping, or a quick sweeping motion.

What are the uses of wire whisks?
Mainly to whisk eggs if you don't have an electric whisk

What do you call the yellow whisk a Sikh priest waves?
The Whisk is called Chaur.

How do you use whisk in a sentence?
"I'm going to whisk some eggs now"

What does one use a whisk for?
One uses a whisk to quickly whip ingredients together or simply to whisk some air into eggs to make them suitable for things like meringues. Whisks can come in a variety of sizes. On a mixer, the beaters are essentially a type of whisk.

What can be found in the kitchen beginning with E?
eggs or electric whisk eggs or electric whisk

How do whisk ferns reproduce?
Whisk ferns reproduce through spores produced in sori.

What do you use to whisk?
I usually use it to whisk eggs or to mix cake and cupcake batter

When was the wire whisk invented?
The wire whisk was invented by Sylvan Nathan Goldman, the person who invented the shopping cart. I am not sure WHEN the wire whisk was invented but I am trying to find that out too :)

Do you have to use an electric whisk for meringues?
You can use a hand whisk it just takes more effort.

What is the meaning of whisk in cooking?
A whisk is a kitchen utensil used for whisking or blending ingredients in cooking.

How do you use an electric whisk?
In general, a hand-held electric whisk is to be held with the rotating-blades vertically downward, inside the liquid that is to be whisked. The "On" button is to be pressed, activating the blades. The whisk must be held firmly (to prevent the whisk from moving unexpectedly). Move the whisk slowly around the liquid until it has been evenly whisked to the extent required, and then turn off the whisk. Note: Do not tilt the whisk...

What is a whisk on a mixer and what does it do?
A whisk is the thing that mixes the batter or mix better- and what it does THE FIRST PART SAYS IT ALL!

What can you use in place of a sifter?
You can use a whisk in place of a sifter. Whisk the flour until it is powdery fine.

Where do whisk ferns grow?
Whisk ferns grow best in moist soil, away from bright, direct sunlight.

What is the function of a whisk?
A whisk is used to mix things. Because of its open structure it helps to incorporate air into the food.

What is balloon whisk?
Hi there a balloon whisk is a basic whisk which you probabley us .If you stand it upside down on its handle it looks like a balloon . They are sometime use on electric whisks too and mainy built from plastic or metal.

What are the uses of whisk?
A whisk is used to froth-up, mix together, liquid ingredients in the kitchen. Making an Omelette, which begins by beating an egg, is easier using a whisk, though some cooks prefer to use a fork.

What is wiri whisk?
Wire whisk. Looks like an single mixer beater used by hand to mix or whip things.

What actors and actresses appeared in Whisk - 2013?
The cast of Whisk - 2013 includes: Eddie McCabe as Ivan Wright

Who is responsible for tongue twister?
The bath whisk answers only for the respective person responsible for the bath whisk. (Thanks to Henkka Ojanen).

Should you whisk the egg whites before adding to your Betty Crocker White Cake Mix?
You don't have to but it wouldn't hurt to whisk it.

Do not have a beater can a whisk work just as well?
yea a whisk can work just as well but u'd have 2 put in more effort in order 2 get the lumps out. but theres really no difference between a beater n a whisk because they do the same job but one does it faster. trust mah when im cooking i usually use a whisk just cuz they're easier to clean but that's mah

Why won't your whip cream turn foamy when you whisk it?
it won' turn foamy either because you didn't add milk or you didn't whisk enough

What is the synonym of grips and whisk?
Synonyms of whisk: rush, speed, hasten, wipe, hurry, sweep Synonyms of grips: catch, hold, grasp, clutch, squeeze

What is mixing ingredients rapidly in a circular motion?
Stir. Whisk. Combine ingredients using a cooking utensil such as a whisk or spoon to combine a mixture. Ex, blender or mixer.

What does an electric whisk do?
to beat curds or eggs

How do you beat an egg?
With a fork ,a whisk or chopsticks

How do you get rid of lumps in custard?
you use a whisk

How does the amount of eggs used in a cake affect how high it rises?
It isn't more eggs that makes a cake rise. It is how much you whisk it if you whisk it more the cake will rise more.

How can you gate the mayonnaise in harvest moon more friend of mineral town?
You can make it, or buy a mayonnaise maker. recipe for mayonnaise Mayonnaise (G): Golden Egg + Oil + Whisk + Vinegar Mayonnaise (L): High Quality Egg + Oil + Whisk + Vinegar Mayonnaise (M): Good Quality Egg + Oil + Whisk + Vinegar Mayonnaise (P): P Egg+ Oil + Whisk + Vinegar Mayonnaise (S): Regular Quality Egg + Oil + Whisk + Vinegar Mayonnaise (X): X Egg + Oil + Vinegar Mayonnaise (S) +...

How do you make French Toast batter?
1 Put 2 eggs in bowl and 1/4 cup of milk in bowl and whisk. 2 Add a dash of cinnamon and a spoon of vanilla and whisk again. 3 Spray skillet with cooking spray and preheat at 350 degrees. 4 Dip 1 or more pieces of bread on each side. 5 Put on skillet and flip with spatula when underside is dark brown. 6 Enjoy!

What do you do when egg whites won't beat up?
Egg whites should always beat. Try using an electric whisk. If you are using and electric whisk try using less sugar.

How to mix powdered milk?
Use a whisk or a fork

What rhymes with brisk?
Frisk, disk, risk, whisk

How do you take care of a spatula?
how to take care of a whisk

What is the cooking task that a whisk is used for?
Beating Eggs.

What is an egg whisk used for?
For stirring eggs and similar.

What is a rotary whisk used for?
Stirring heavy mixes.

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