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5 Essential Qualities Required to Master Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training

por Aurelia Victor (2019-08-07)

Lentils tricoloraWhen you are opting for any kind of training what are the basic things that you need? No we are not talking about money alone. It is of course an important factor but there are other things as well. Can you think it through? Most of us don't consider these qualities in their checklist when they are planning to undergo any training process. Today, we thought of discussing them in detail because we are talking about ashtanga yoga teacher training. And without these qualities, you will not be able to master ashtanga asanas. It is not that easy, no matter whoever says what. So here we go:

Dedication: When you are opting for the ashtanga yoga teachers training you have to be dedicated towards learning. The "I know it all" approach will not work. You will have to "unlearn" everything to "learn" all about these form of yoga. And for that you have to be dedicated. You have to give yourself to the trainer and follow his advice and guidance if you wish to learn and improve.

Commitment: Many confuse dedication with commitment. Though we often say these two in the same breath but they are completely different. In order to be committed, you have to do the different asanas religiously. There cannot be any kind of slack from your end. Your commitment to learn and improve should be at the top of everything. Rest everything comes later. Without commitment you will not be able to progress.

Perseverance: Mastering the ashtanga yoga teacher training is not possible in a single day no matter how skilled and expert you are in other forms of yoga. It will take time and effort. Your perseverance will be tested. All those who can maintain their patience and do not give up easily will be able to complete the training and ace it. At the end of the day perseverance pays.

Practice: There is no alternative to practice. The more you practice the better you will be at it. Even when the ashtanga yoga teacher training classes are over for the day, get back home and practice the different asanas taught on that day. Your mantra should be "practice, practice and practice" till you master it.

Time Management: You have to take out time for the ashtanga yoga teacher training. You cannot skip classes just because you have some other engagement. Unless it is an emergency, you have to attend the classes. When you got enrolled, you had the detailed information about the class timings, duration of the class and the days when the classes will be conducted. So plan all other activities accordingly so that no matter what you don't miss out on a single class.
Is there any other quality that we have missed out on? Do add to the list if you can think of any other quality. We would love to here from you. Do share your viewpoints and opinions on the comment section. Looking forward to hearing from you all.

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