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What are synonyms of gaunt

por Audrea Macnaghten (2019-08-15)

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What synonyms for gaunt has the most positive connation?
Skinny of course

What are some synonyms for the word 'drawn'?
Synonyms for the word drawn depend on the way in which the word is being used. If it is referring to someone looking drawn, synonyms could be "tired" or "gaunt".

What are synonyms for deathly?
appalling, cadaverous, corpse-like, deathlike, defuntive, dreadful, gaunt, ghastly, grim, gruesome, haggard, horrible, macabre, pale, pallid, wan, wasted

What are synonyms for thin?
Fine, light, slender, small, skinny, lean, gaunt, slight, narrow, transparent, sheer, wispy, deficient, weak, lame, poor, diluted, subtle, watery, weak...

Use gaunt in a sentence?
the dog didn't get a great nutrition, so he was very gaunt After not eating for a week, the man appeared gaunt

When did Elizabeth Gaunt die?
Elizabeth Gaunt died in 1685.

When did Ron Gaunt die?
Ron Gaunt died in 2012.

When was Ron Gaunt born?
Ron Gaunt was born in 1934.

When did Sidney Gaunt die?
Sidney Gaunt died in 1932.

When did Guy Gaunt die?
Guy Gaunt died in 1959.

When was Ernest Gaunt born?
Ernest Gaunt was born in 1865.

When did Ernest Gaunt die?
Ernest Gaunt died in 1940.

When was The Gaunt Stranger created?
The Gaunt Stranger was created in 1938.

When was Mary Gaunt born?
Mary Gaunt was born in 1861.

When did Mary Gaunt die?
Mary Gaunt died in 1942.

When was Fred Gaunt born?
Fred Gaunt was born in 1922.

How tall is Genevieve Gaunt?
Genevieve Gaunt is 5' 7".

How tall is Valerie Gaunt?
Valerie Gaunt is 5' 3".

When did Geoffrey Gaunt die?
Geoffrey Gaunt died in 1940.

What is a noun for gaunt?
Gaunt is an adjective. The noun form would be "gauntness."

What nicknames does Genevieve Gaunt go by?
Genevieve Gaunt goes by Gigi.

What has the author Graham Gaunt written?
Graham Gaunt has written: 'Incomer, The'

Was gaunt marvolo from gryffindor?
No. Marvolo Gaunt and his children were all Slytherins.

What is Lancaster John O' Gaunt Rowing Club's motto?
The motto of Lancaster John O' Gaunt Rowing Club is 'Gaunt to the fore'.

What is a sentence for the word gaunt?
The girl was very gaunt, but she was very healthy as well. Zombies are very gaunt looking, but it's probably because they're dead.

How do you use gaunt in a sentence?
The people in the village were gaunt because of no water to drink

A sentence using the word gaunt?
"After not eating for a week, the man appeared gaunt"

When was John of Gaunt born?
John of Gaunt was born on March 6, 1340.

When did Ella Gaunt Smith die?
Ella Gaunt Smith died in 1932.

When was Ella Gaunt Smith born?
Ella Gaunt Smith was born in 1868.

When was Guy Gaunt born?
Guy Gaunt was born on 1870-05-25.

When was Jon Gaunt born?
Jon Gaunt was born on 1961-03-03.

When was William Gaunt born?
William Gaunt was born on 1937-04-03.

When was Fiona Gaunt born?
Fiona Gaunt was born in 1951, in England, UK.

When did Fred Gaunt die?
Fred Gaunt died on December 4, 1998.

What has the author Guy Gaunt written?
Guy Gaunt has written: 'The yield of the years'

What does marvolo gaunt have to do with Voldemort in Harry Potter?
Marvolo Gaunt was Voldemort's grandfather.

Who is marvolo gaunt descendant of in Harry Potter?
Marvolo Gaunt is the descendent of Salazar Slytherein

When did John L. Gaunt die?
John L. Gaunt died in 2007.

When was John L. Gaunt born?
John L. Gaunt was born in 1924.

When was Percy Gaunt born?
Percy Gaunt was born in 1853, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

What is the birth name of Tilly Gaunt?
Tilly Gaunt's birth name is Matilda Gaunt.

Why do gaunt faces look creepy?
Gaunt faces are indicative of a serious illness. Cancer, Drugs, Tuberculosis, Thyroid Disease and a myriad of other ailments can cause a person to become gaunt.

Who is the English duke Gaunt?
It's John. John of Gaunt. In a crossword puzzle, the answer would be "JOHNOF."

What is the birth name of Genevieve Gaunt?
Genevieve Gaunt's birth name is Genevieve Wilhemina Gaunt.

What has the author I A B Gaunt written?
I. A. B. Gaunt has written: 'Nuclear propulsion for container ships'

When did John of Gaunt die?
John of Gaunt died on February 3, 1399 at the age of 58.

What is Voldemort's Grandfather's name?
His name was Gaunt! ~ To be more thorough... the grandfather of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was Marvolo Gaunt

A complex sentence for the word gaunt?
The gaunt homeless man thrusted his money cup out to anyone who passed by him.

What has the author Ruth Gaunt-Bennett written?
Ruth Gaunt-Bennett has written: 'Yorkshire rose'

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