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What is supercharger in car

por Zella Headlam (2019-08-16)

600Superchargers are basically air compressors driven by the crankshaft of the engine. There are two basic types;

Centrifugal - Centrifugal superchargers are similar to the intake side of a turbocharger driven by a gearbox instead of the engine's exhaust. In order to keep the compressor from over-revving, they are geared to operate at their speed limits near the redline of the engine. As a result, they aren't going fast enough to produce reasonable HP gains at lower RPMs; they are very "peaky".

Roots Blower - Old-school airscrews that draw in a fixed volume of air per engine revolution. They make the engine behave like a larger displacement version of itself. At higher RPM, the efficiency of the Roots blower decreases, but at low- and mid-RPMs, where most street cars are driven on a daily basis, they are the best option for moderate HP gains.

Whining noise when excelerating grand prix gtp?
This car is equipped with a Supercharger. All superchargers whine. This is normal and is inherently something you live with when you drive a car equipped with a supercharger.

What make a car whine when pressing gas?

What GTP means in Pontiac?
means the car has a supercharger

How much does a stock size e supercharger add to your bhp on a stock normal car?
depending on the size of the supercharger.. 30% to 40%

How do you install a supercharger on a fuel injected car?
First you have to find a supercharger designed for your specific application. You take the old intake manifold off and install the supercharger. While somehow finding a belt that connects from the supercharger to the camshaft. Then reprogram the computer that controls the engine for the additional airflow.

Can a turbocharger and supercharger be used at the same time?
Yes. If the engine is built to handle enough boost. Volkswagen makes a production car with a twincharger (supercharger and turbocharger). The supercharger helps cancel out the turbo lag at low rpms

What are the uses for a Eaton Supercharger?
The Eaton Supercharger is used to increase the overall torque power and driving ability. This also increases the economic benefits as the use of a supercharger leads to small cylinder tanks which is a good thing for your car.

What is the difference between a supercharger and a turbocharger in a car?
a supercharger is run by belt,turbocharger is run by ex. gases.supercharger is better ........actually it depends on the motor and what kind of turbo/supercharger you put on it,so neither is technically better than the other

Can you put a supercharger and a turbocharger on a car?
You can but its very tricky unless you are a mechanic!

What kind of car does Spencer Andersons have?
yourdick supercharger v8 1400whp

Will a supercharger from another car fit your 2001 ford mustang GT?
Depends on the type of supercharger. Roots or centrifugal. A roots sits on top of the motor and either bolts on to the intake manifold, or the supercharger has the intake as part of the unit. Unless the roots supercharger is from another 4.6L modular than the answer is probably no. Unless you're a good machinist. If its a centrifugal type supercharger, which looks more like a turbo off to the side of the motor...

Can you put a v8 supercharger on a 4 cylinder car?
no...... you tear the engine up

Can you remove a supercharger from motor?
You can, but if it is supercharged stock when you buy a car new (Audi A6 for example), it will do pretty poorly and since it's stock with the car, fortalezas y debilidades de un docente you wouldn't need to take it off, but if you buy a car with an aftermarket supercharger or you add one on and you want to take it off, you can with the same work you did putting it on.

Can you have a supercharger and twin turbos in the same time?
yes but if i were u i would not do it at the same time because more than likely it will blow but yes u can have twins and a supercharger in the same car

How do you fit a supercharger to a car?
Adding a supercharger is not as simple as adding something like a turbo charger to the engine. A turbocharger, for the most part, can just be bolted on, but in almost all cases the entire engine must be modified to enable the use of a supercharger. This includes things such as widening the cylinders.

Which is harder to put in a turbocharger or a supercharger?
a turbocharger. unless you are comparing a turbo kit to DIY supercharging. See what is available for your car. Turbo kits are more elaborate, but if you cant find a supercharger kit, you will have an easier time buying and installing the turbo kit that making a supercharger setup yourself.

How much oil in the supercharger on a 1997 Buick park ave?
When u change the oil in the car it automatically feeds it to the supercharger. i wondered the same thing so i asked a Buick specialist and that's what they told me

Can you put a turbo on a supercharged car?
Yes. The best way to do it is to feed the air coming off the turbo into the intake of the supercharger. Then off the supercharger into the intake. You can have one or more intecoolers. This setup is called Twincharged

Can you have a cold air intake and a supercharger attached to your car at the same time?
Yes you can all the cold air intake does is let it take in more air with less resistance it does not force the air in like the supercharger does

Can you put a 1998-02 LS1 supercharger on your 1998 3.8L v6 camaro?
you can but you run the risk of screwin up everything in the car including internal components that aren't meant for the supercharger of an ls2 engine

Where is the supercharger oil plug on a 2000 grand prix?
There is a black Allen set screw on the passenger side of the blower facing the front of the car. You have to remove the plastic engine cover to access it. The fluid level should be at the bottom of the threads. Only use GM supercharger oil in the supercharger. Hope this helps. "G"

How do you get to the rear spark plugs on a 1995 Buick Riviera 3.8L SFI supercharger?
from underneath the car you can get right to them

Whining noise coming from the car when at high speed?
wheel bearing, gearbox or wind noise Supercharger?

What is a kompressor in a Mercedes?
Its the supercharger which forces more air into the engine making the car go much faster.

Why does 97 buick regal supercharger is making this cliking noise in the supercharger you can hear the noise everytime you stop what can you do 2 fix it?
95% of the time this just meens the coupler in your supercharger is worn. This is a plastic disc with holes drilled in it that couples the shaft in the nose cone to the gears in the supercharger. The supercharger doesn't have to come off of the car to fix it. It will take around an hour and cost about $30 to $50. There are directions all over the internet. sells one and has...

Can you remove the supercharger from a 94 Buick park avenue ultra and how does it effect the car?
you CAN remove it and replace it with a regular intake, however the car will run like sh!t. The supercharged engine has a lower compression ratio and withour boost it will not run well. If you want to get rid of the supercharger (why would you) you have to get rid of the entire engine....or to make things much simplier the whole car.

What would cause wistling noise coming from the supercharger on your 2002 grand prix?
If you're new to a supercharged car then you're most likely hearing the normal whine that a supercharger makes. They will whine louder the more you accelerate. 00gtp

How much more power can a Mustang Supercharger provide?
The Mustang Supercharger is a new item that can be bought in many car shops. It offers up to 400 horsepower, however it is not recommenced due to the large energy that is transmuted towards a engine.

Can a car run out of turbo?
you cant run out of "turbo" what a turbo does is it forces air and fuel inside the engine faster by spooling up from the flow of the exhaust the difference between it and a supercharger is that the supercharger is ran off the belt not the exhaust gases they produce "boost" (the amount of psi the turbo or supercharger is pushing out) turbo is the shortened name for turbocharger

What makes a motor sound like it has crickets in it. Went to a car show and heard one. I love that sound?
Depends, i bet that car probably had a supercharger

What does a Vortech Supercharger system do?
A Vortech Supercharger system can adds extra horsepower to your engine. These are specially designed for Mustangs ranging from 1979 till present. They are also used in other high performance cars. It will make your car more powerful.

Can Turbochargers and Superchargers be installed in the same car?
yes, they can be installed in the same car. I do believe that Volkswagen is coming out with a new car, Golf GTI Fahrenheit that is has both a turbo and supercharger in it and i think they call it "twincharging".

Can you have a twin turbo and a supercharger in a car?
Volkswagon offered a Golf GT in Europe that was known as a twincharger. It featured a centrifugal supercharger designed for low-end torque and a turbocharger. The supercharger provided extra torque for low RPM performance and the turbo activated at higher RPMs. It was supposedly capable of running 130+ MPH while still maintaining 39 MPG.

Can you add a supercharger to a Lincoln town car?
Yes you can. Its a simple modification. If you go on you tube there are not many supercharged Lincoln town car videos but there are tons of crown Victoria and marauder video's. The crown Victoria and the town car are practically the same thing. 4.6 LTR. v8 12 valve. I personally have a 2001 town car with a twin screw supercharger. She runs like a top. I simply went to pepboys paid cash and had...

Can a blow off valve work on a supercharged car?
On a centrifugal supercharger(Paxton, vortech, procharger-yes. On a whipple /eaton- no because they are located between the throttle body and engine, BOV only work when the throttle body is between the supercharger and engine.

Are there any decent supercharger kits out for this car?
Last I heard, "no" but one may be in development. Check out website , it's a great resource.

Is it illegal to put a Turbo and a Supercharger in your car?
As long as it passes emissions... in the USA, no. Most manufacturers have 50 state legal kits.

Can the grand prix run without the supercharger?
Yes, you just won't have any boost. Under normal driving your not using boost anyways. I know this because my mechanic had a gtp in his shop with an inoperable supercharger and the owner used the car until a replacement was found. 00gtp

Can one drive a vw corrado without the factory supercharger?
Of course you can run your VW corrado without the factory supercharger just remove the belt of the supercharger and you're done the engine will still vaccum air through the filter which's connected to the supercharger. What will happen to the car other than that if you're intrested to know 1-The car will lose some of it's power cause of the lose of the supercharger. so if you try race your corrado your chances to...

How you know when you supercharger is gone bad?
The most common and normal signs will be: * Oil leakage from the supercharger * Supercharger making a knocking noise * Lower or no boost pressure * Oil not present inside the supercharger

Where to buy a supercharger?
Depends on for what year/make/model/engine. If it is for a popular performance car, like a mustang or a 350 chevy. Summit racing, jegs, superchargeronline list supercharger for a lot of brands and list turbo kit for multiple brands and who manufactures the kit.

Can you put a supercharger in a dodge stratus?
UMM no i had a buddy to try but it will not fit in his it was a 2003 r/t and we took it to a specialist and he said the car will not allow it

What is a 1995 oldsmobil 88 royal LSS v6 3.8 liter 3800cc overhead valve supersharger?
can the car run without the supercharger

Where at on the engine does the supercharger fluid go?
Depending on the supercharger, it will require a special blend of synthetic oil. This synthetic oil normally is located in the supercharger itself. Most superchargers will have a hex nut located on the front of the supercharger. This area is used to drain and fill up the supercharger oil. You cannot use just any synthetic oil, you will have to use "Supercharger Oil"

Would a v8 4.6l Mercury Cougar xr-7 motor with a supercharger fit in a 93 Mercury Cougar xr-7 car?
yes if the other car is also a 4.6

What type of oil is used in the grad prix gtp supercharger?
gm supercharger oil for the supercharger. any oil you prefer for the engine oil.

Where is power steering oil for Pontiac grand prix supercharger?
The pump and reservoir are located between the centerline of the engine and the firewall on the passenger side of the car.

How much horse power would a camaro have with just a supercharger?
dude are you serious ... what year car what motor what supercharger you do realize you cant just slap a charger on it and call it a day right? there is alot of other stuff to go along with it that MUST be done so 400-1500 how deeps your wallet

What is better a supercharger or a procharger?
Procharger is a supercharger. It is a brand of centrifugal superchargers.

How much horse power can you gain from a supercharger?
by using a supercharger u get 30 to 40% more horse power than when compared to an engine with out a supercharger....

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