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The 4chan porn leak: First of many?

por Jeanette Creswick (2019-08-18)

At least, that's what your elementary school teacher probably told you. (Also, why were you pulling so many goofy faces when you were supposed to be focusing on the math lesson?) As an adult, of course, you see how ridiculous that claim turned out to be—unless you're one of the few people whose faces did stay that way, in which case we are... What are some facts you were taught in school that are no longer true?
If you hold your face like that, it'll get stuck that way.

The New York Times last November called Weinstein "the most hated man in the AIDS business." None of the organizations opposing Prop 60 believe its mission is one of public health, which only adds to growing speculation about AHF's increasingly bizarre role on the global HIV-prevention stage.

Although these scenarios sound like... Think about having the ability to reduce the size of hail during thunderstorms, especially in areas that see frozen pellets the size of softballs wreak havoc on homes and property. What is cloud seeding? A place where airports can eliminate dangerous fog that could potentially lock thousands of passengers on land and compromise the safety of those in the air.
Imagine a world where drought-ridden areas can get the rain they need, on demand.

Because it facilitates filing suit against producers and performers, it ensures their legal names and addresses will be published in the public record. It ensures that porn performers will live in fear, similar to the fear felt by women whose stalkers and trolls publish their names and addresses online. Adult performers routinely face harassment and financial discrimination. Prop 60 legally incentivizes a digital mob into enacting sexual-behavior witch hunts.

Why did the Sonic the Hedgehog movie get delayed?
The movie was pushed back due to a negative reaction from online commenters. "Thank you for the support. "You aren't happy with the design 14, 2020, to give designers time to rework the iconic hedgehog's design. The message is loud and clear," director Jeff Fowler wrote on Twitter. The film version of Sonic the Hedgehog was originally scheduled for release in November 2019, but it's been pushed back to Feb. Seth Rogen (@Sethrogen) July 5, 2019 That turned into a wider conversation, in which people tried to name the most Canadian food. What are some foods that only Canadians eat? When I was a kid in Vancouver, McDonald's had pizza, and on Tuesdays they had all you can eat pizza.
Recently, Twitter went wild when Canadian comedian Seth Rogen started posting about his country's favorite foods (including, uh, McDonald's pizza). I think about this a lot. While it's probably impossible...

"My sister was left at the altar by my best mate, and I was best man, He met my sister through me, and they went out with each for two years and were engaged for a year before the big day." "We're in the church, at the front, waiting for the bride with about 15 minutes to go. What is it like to be left at the altar? He says he needs the toilet and walks to the back of the church.

The FaceApp mobile application does present some serious privacy concerns, based on a reading of its terms and conditions. It's also inaccurate to say that the app gives user data to "the Russians," but we'll take a closer look at that question in a second—in short, the... However, it would be inaccurate to say that the app steals "all of your data," or that it gives its developer permanent access to all of your photos. Do the Russians have all my photos and data now that I've downloaded FaceApp?

It took 14 years for de Mestral to perfect...
Origins The name-brand fastener that has become a staple of many industries got its start in 1941, when Swiss electrical engineer George de Mestral was walking his dog. What is the history of Velcro? He noticed that the both of them were covered in burrs, and after examining one under a microscope, was inspired to design a fastener that had the similar rough hooks on one side and loops on the other.

Boyce began his on-screen career at age 9, appearing in Panic! He died on July 6, 2019, at the age of 20, after suffering an epileptic seizure while sleeping at his Los Angeles home. Who was Cameron Boyce? At The Disco's 2008 music video for "That Green Gentleman." That same year, he appeared...
Cameron Boyce was an American actor who was most famous for his starring roles in the Disney Channel sitcom Jessie and the television movie franchise Descendants.

Back in the late 1950s, there was significant global concern that a country would eventually try to weaponize outer space. While the United States planted a flag on the moon, the astronauts' intention wasn't to claim ownership, and there's actually an international treaty that forbids any country from claiming the moon (or other celestial bodies) as its own. Does any country own the moon? After the Soviet Union successfully launched Sputnik in 1957, the United Nations General Assembly formed...Rods detect light and dark, and cones detect color. Does everyone see colors the same way? The first factor is the rods and cones in the retina of our eyes—the "hardware" that detects light. There are three types of cones, which individually...
The short answer: Probably not, but most people still get the same emotional experience from looking at the same colors. To really address this question in detail, however, we need to consider two factors that affect how we see color.

What would happen to a company in the United States should it suffer a similar leak? Protection from copyright protectors
In Britain, ACS: Law could face stiff penalties from the ICO, which has the power to fine companies up to 500,000 British pounds or about $800,000 if it is determined the company did too little to protect data.

The "smithereens" in question are small pieces of something. So, why do people use the phrase "blown to smithereens," and why don't we ever refer to "smithereens" on their own? It probably comes from the Irish Gaelic smidiríní, which roughly translates to "little bits." Usually, "smithereens" refers to the small bits created by an explosion or a sudden impact. You'll never hear someone... The word entered the English language in the late 1700s, per Merriam-Webster. When people say "blown to smithereens," what are the smithereens?

Leading the Proposition 60 charge is AHF President Michael Weinstein, whose campaigning on the matter has a fervor much like the UK's legally problematic, anti-internet-porn hysteria. When Proposition 60 made it onto the ballot, Weinstein told the press it would save the children from the dangers of internet porn, while he promulgated the image of diseased porn stars. The measure comes from the not-for-profit Los Angeles-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) sub-organization, FAIR (For Adult Industry Responsibility, which actually has nothing to do with California's adult industry, and everything to do with anti-porn zealots).

Officials from Britain's Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), which oversees data protection in that country, said it will investigate the leak. The exact number of people named is unclear, but estimates in the media range from 4,000 to 8,000. Attempts by CNET to reach ACS: Law were unsuccessful. One of the questions that the law firm is sure to be asked is why was such sensitive information not encrypted?

In the interest of attracting condom cops, the measure gives anyone successfully filing such a lawsuit a cut of the fees imposed on performers -- 25% of any fine assessed. Proposition 60, known as California's "condoms in porn" measure, allows any state resident to sue adult performers and companies when the viewer believes condoms haven't been used in a porn scene.

They're transmitting actual diseases, and the audience knows it. In porn, real people are having real sex. 1 way that young people learn about sex in this day and age is pornography on the internet. It's not like a fictional Hollywood film." Weinstein has been keen to tell press: "The No.

What is in the Impossible Whopper? Eventually, every Burger King will likely offer the Impossible Whopper, since the burger has sold relatively well in test markets and has elevated the Burger King brand. Unlike many vegetarian burgers, the Impossible Whopper is designed to taste like real meat—and some tasters claim it achieves that...
Burger King is rolling out the meatless Impossible Whopper in several states, providing a new fast-food option for casual vegetarians (more on that "casual" descriptor in a moment).

The billboard's imagery labeled Tinder's sex-date partner as "chlamydia" and Grindr's potential hookup as "gonorrhea." Last year, the AHF ran an inflammatory Los Angeles billboard and bus-ad campaign depicting users of dating apps Tinder and Grindr as shadowy characters that spread STDs.

It raked in $696,135,524 in pharmacy revenue in 2014 alone. If so, then he's one with a stunning amount of resources for promulgating that denial. The Los Angeles-based AHF is the world's largest AIDS nongovernmental organization (NGO), with more than 630,000 patients spanning 36 countries and a $1.3 billion budget.

Shark attack fatalities are even more rare. What's the best way to survive a shark attack? In 2018, four people...
First of all, understand that your risk of a shark attack is incredibly small unless you purposely swim around sharks. Beaches can be dangerous places, but sharks aren't a serious risk at most of them; according to the International Shark Attack File (ISAF), your chances of drowning are 1 in 2 million, while your chances of a shark attack are 1 in 11.5 million.

The quick answer: Nobody really knows for sure...however, there probably aren't any aliens there. You won't hear the government call it Area 51—publicly, they use names like Groom Lake, Homey Airport, or the Nevada Test and Training Range. First, a quick primer: Area 51 is about 150 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada, and it's a military testing facility shrouded in secrecy. Nonetheless, we've got some information on the legendary site's secrets. The United States government...We simply don't have those clients. "Our firm does not represent any clients who make pornography. The IT company [which the law firm uses to track file sharers] does not do anything for ACS: Law." This is not a policy statement. "We don't monitor any films that are not [our] client's films," Dunlap told CNET today.

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In addition to all that pharmacy revenue, AHF's financial statements include the accounts of a suborganization it runs, called the HIV Immunotherapeutics Institute (formerly the AHF Pharmacy Network). The AIDS Healthcare Foundation would rather shame people out of having sex than rely on an advancement of medicine. Its long-term mission is to "render current antiretroviral medications obsolete," which explains AHF and Weinstein's war against antiretroviral drug Truvada.

Along with numerous ad campaigns claiming that Truvada didn't work, Weinstein derisively called it "a party drug" that people take to enjoy reckless sex. In contrast, the National Institutes of Health states Truvada is up to 99 percent effective in preventing HIV when taken daily. From the minute Truvada became available two years ago, AHF was the prevention drug's most vocal and misleading critic.

The world lost another movie icon in Dutch actor and environmentalist Rutger Hauer at the age of 75. Known for his chilling delivering of dialogue, Hauer came to prominence in Hollywood films with his nuanced take on now classic villains. Cold and calculating, Earle in Batman Begins is a subtle performance portraying the greed of corporate executives. Here are some of his most memorable performances. What were Rutger Hauer's most memorable movie roles? After gaining control of Wayne Enterprises after...

Defined by muscle cars, ostentatious sports car designs, and turbochargers, the "Me" Decade is unforgettable for vehicle lovers out there. Here are our picks for the coolest cars of the 1970s. What are the coolest cars from the 1970s? Although it wasn't the first turbocharged car in the world, the 2002 was the first turbocharged European passenger car, and kicked open the door to the turbo world, helping to transform the word into a euphemism for performance.

Where do veterinarians get blood for animal blood transfusions? These are often pets belonging to the clinic's staff. Generally speaking, veterinarians are responsible for finding their own sources, and to keep their supplies consistent, they'll often rely on a few reliable donor animals.
When humans need transfusions, they can usually get them easily, thanks to organizations like the Red Cross that sponsor blood drives across the country. Animals also regularly need transfusions, but finding appropriate donors can be much more difficult.

Penalizing companies found to be too lax with customer's private data is probably little consolation to the person revealed to have purchased the film "Tokyo Teenagers" or similar content. In addition, the threat of another 4chan attack appears to hang over companies like ACC.

In California, porn is legal to make as an act of free speech. It's easy to see the chilling effect at work here. Under Proposition 60, a specific type of speech is made so vulnerable to lawsuits that no one can even talk about it without opening themselves to liability. This is the opposite of the open internet's free-speech values.

The list of organizations opposing Prop 60 is astonishing. Both the California Democratic and Republican parties formally oppose it, as does the California Libertarian Party. The San Francisco Medical Society and the International Entertainment Adult Union both oppose it and fought in court to have their names removed as supporters when AHF wrongly listed them as formally endorsing the measure. AIDS Project Los Angeles and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation hate it.

Common Lionfish With seventeen venomous fin spines, this gorgeous fish found all over Australia's coasts is an extreme danger to swimmers. What animals should you avoid in the Land Down Under? What are the most dangerous creatures in Australia?
Australia has diverse and beautiful wildlife, but among those many creatures come many dangers. Bluebottle Also known as the... Their natural defense mechanism of extending their dorsal fins towards predators allows them to survive amongst even deadlier creatures of the sea.Here is our Answer, counting down to #1.
Many vintage homeowners and tourist attractions like to claim that they're haunted, but that can be tough to prove. The Shanghai Tunnels, Portland, Oregon. Portland was one of the most dangerous ports in the United States during the early 19th century and was the epicenter of an illicit maritime practice known as shanghaiing, which is a... What are the most haunted places in the United States of America? What are the truly scariest haunted places in the United States?

The Web site of Adult Copyright Company, a West Virginia-based company that tracks down those who illegally share porn films online. In addition to private e-mails and financial data belonging to the law firm, the names of people whom ACS: Law has accused of downloading unauthorized copies of porn movies were also revealed. Screen shot by Greg Sandoval/CNET ACS: Law, a law firm based in Great Britain that tracks down alleged illegal file sharers for the porn industry, saw its database compromised over the weekend caused by members of the Internet forum 4chan.

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But for those people who already have, there appears to be little in the way of guaranteeing that they won't end up like the thousands of people whose porn-viewing habits were exposed in Great Britain. Of course, the best way to avoid a potentially embarrassing disclosure of your porn tastes is to avoid downloading pirated porn in the first place.

Reed's gut proved to be right as the camera flew off its mount, and it would have potentially killed the cast had... What were tv moments that were almost fatal?
The Brady Bunch In the episode "The Cincinnati Kids," the script called for the cast to be filmed riding a rollercoaster. However, the camera that was mounted at the front of the coaster looked loose to Robert Reed (aka Mike Brady), and he ordered a test run of the coaster to ensure safety.

Born in Atlanta on March 27, 2000, Halle's profile rose considerably when the Chloe x Halle cover of Beyoncé's...
Halle Bailey is an American musician and actress. Who is Halle Bailey? In July 2019, Disney announced that Halle would star as Ariel in the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, prompting some controversy over the casting decision. She started her career with her sister, Chloe, performing cover songs on YouTube as a duo under the name Chloe x Halle.

The defendants in each of the seven lawsuits filed Friday name "John Does" as defendants, in lieu of actually identifying someone. Typically, copyright owners must first obtain Internet Protocol addresses belonging to the accused file sharers and later obtain their names and home addresses from the person's Internet service provider. It should be noted that ACC doesn't appear to have obtained any identifying information yet.

California law already requires adult film productions to follow its blood-borne-pathogen standards. Actors without verified test results are not allowed to work. In addition, in accordance with the adult industry's program for sexual wellness, actors are required to provide clean HIV and STD test results every 14 days (at their own expense; average test cost is around $200).

As part of that settlement, the company agreed to pay up to $125 to each American affected by the breach. Here's the deal: In July 2019, Equifax reached a $700 million settlement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and other government entities. Equifax will issue payouts to those affected by the company's 2017 data breach who file a claim, but the amount of those payouts will be much, much less than $125. Will Equifax really pay $125 to every American affected by its data security breach?

For Americans, in turn, the question is: could this happen in the United States? The answer is a definitive "yes." The same kind of information that the British law firm stored is being collected by some antipiracy groups here. The leak at ACS: Law, according to Justin Brookman, a senior fellow from the Center for Democracy and Technology, has revealed a privacy time"article-body" class="row" section="article-body"> The Web probably looks a lot less anonymous and private to the thousands of people whose identities were posted to the Internet this weekend alongside the names of the pornographic films they are accused of downloading.

On several occasions, porn-industry groups have attempted to publicly speak with or debate Weinstein about condoms on the set and Prop 60, only to be avoided at every turn. Adult performers have united against Prop 60, but AHF and Weinstein aren't interested in what they have to say.

Giuliani suggested Judith had accused him of adultery during their marriage in order to gain an advantage in divorce proceedings. 'My guess is she's going to want more [than 50 percent] and that's what this is about,' he said. 

Here's how the Olympic charter describes the iconic symbol: "The Olympic symbol consists of five interlaced rings of equal dimensions (the Olympic rings), used alone, in one or in five different colours. What do the Olympic rings mean? When used in its five-colour version, these colours shall be, from left to right, blue, yellow, black, green and red.
The Olympic rings have been a powerful part of the international competition's brand for nearly a century. The rings are interlaced from left...

Will Equifax really pay $125 to every American affected by its data security breach? About
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What is cloud seeding? How come lemonade mixes use artificial lemons, but furniture polish uses the real thing? Can you ever really be friends with an ex? What Were The 5 Biggest Archaeological Discoveries Of The Last Decade? Does everyone see colors the same way? What are some facts you were taught in school that are no longer true? Does any country own the moon? About
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Last weekend, 4chan launched a denial-of-service attack against Web sites operated by trade groups representing the largest film studios and music labels and there's no indication that 4chan has any intention of calling off the digital assault. The 4chan group has declared war recently against pro-copyright groups.

-text c-gray-1" >California voters will decide this week if they will be able to become online condom cops, with the ability to out porn performers and get paid for it. That's the bottom line of Proposition 60, whose proponents were busted this week by San Jose Mercury News fact-checkers who caught pro-60 commercials lying about the measure's privacy implications.

According to Miller he has paid $150,000 a month to his wife since April while, with a pot of $7million to which she has sole access she has no real need for financial support. Judith shook her head vehemently saying, ‘That's not true.'

Urging them to attempt to come to agreement over these matters in private he said, ‘That would treat their marriage with more respect than throwing out all their dirty laundry for airing in public.' Before Faith Miller embarked on her retort to Clair's motion, Katz appeared to caution both parties.

Oprah shares details about the day she spent bonding with... Share this article
Share Ryan also gave an interview about the importance of looking after patient documents.  What IS she talking about? Ivanka Trump's tweet of a...

Check out these fascinating locations said to be roamed by spectral visitors. Home to the ghost known as "the Brown Lady of Raynham Hall," this country house in Norfolk has been the seat of the Townshend family for nearly 400 years...
The response to our "15 Most Haunted Places in America" video was great, so we're continuing the theme with some of the Most Famous Haunted Places in the entire world. What are the most haunted places in the world? Raynham Hall, Norfolk, England.

Nevertheless Miller went onto take issue with Judith's claims, unaired to that point, that Giuliani spent $90,000 on jewelery for Mrs Ryan and $58,000 on flying Mrs Ryan and her daughter around in a private jet.

That citric acid can come from citrus fruits, although it can...
To put it simply, you want lemonade mixes to taste good, and you want furniture polish to actually clean your stuff. First, one issue with the question: Some furniture polishes don't use lemon, even if they're advertised as "lemon scented." Likewise, some lemonade mixes use real lemon flavoring, but many use natural flavors like citric acid to provide the tart flavor that consumers expect. How come lemonade mixes use artificial lemons, but furniture polish uses the real thing?

Nowhere is that more evident than in Weinstein and AHF's other war against PrEP (a method for preventing HIV) and the success of its key component, a new drug called Truvada. And make no mistake, AIDS is a big business.Dunlap said executives from the two firms met in Cannes, France, and discussed working on something together. It was reported this week that ACS: Law is linked to Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver. But Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver decided there was little the two companies could accomplish and decided against pursing a relationship with the British firm.

Ford did not respond to multiple interview requests. Ford, a West Virginia-based attorney, appears to be operating ACC. Ford's fax number and the one listed for ACC are the same. According to court records reviewed by CNET, he is listed as the lawyer representing the plaintiffs.

Ranging from iconic to absurd, here's some of the more memorable pieces of technology that 007 came in contact with. Introduced by his superiors, the Walther PPK became Bond's weapon of choice for... No).It'd be difficult to talk about gadgets in the James Bond movies without mentioning his iconic firearm. What were some of the best gadgets from the James Bond movie franchise?
There are many defining aspects of the James Bond film series, from the music, to the witty dialogue, to the incredible gadgets.

Where did Milo go from 2 much? I don't know the EXACT reason why Milo is not in the group but Milo is still friends with Marcel, Myles and Chris.
Milo had to leave the group over some differences. Marcel wrote on the "" blog that Milo didn't Voluntarily leave the group and Milo is still apart of 2much no matter what happened.

They allege that the accused violated their copyrights by downloading without permission such titles as "Pornstar Superheroes," and "Tokyo Teens." On Friday, a law firm operating under the name Adult Copyright Company (ACC), operating at the Web site, filed at least seven copyright complaints against more than 5,400 individuals on behalf of four film companies.

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When you're famous, social media can feel especially intimidating—think of all of the stress that comes with maintaining your online persona, then think about how you'd feel if millions of fans were watching your every move. What celebrities avoid social media? While some celebrities seem to revel in the attention, others avoid services like Twitter and Instagram entirely. While we couldn't write an exhaustive list of every celebrity who avoids social media, here are a few major names.

For performers, this means that their private names, contact information and health records become part of the public record through discovery. The initiative intentionally incentivizes a cyber lynch mob of anti-porn-ers, stalkers, upset family members and profiteers combing through clip sites/blogs and filing lawsuits. It's the legal equivalent of the "Porn Wikileaks" exposure of performers' names, medical records and addresses a few years ago.

Here's the Merriam-Webster definition of soup: "A liquid food especially with a meat, fish, or vegetable stock as a base and often containing pieces of solid food." While you could make the case that a cereal qualifies as a "liquid food," it's not made with any sort of...
Much like the question of whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich (it isn't, really), the answer here depends on how you define the terms. Is cereal a soup?

What were the top selling toys of the 1980s? Now the most popular puzzle toy in the world according to the National Toy Hall of Fame, the Rubik's Cube had an accidental origin. Teaching at the Academy of Applied Arts and Crafts in... 1980: The Rubik's Cube. What were some of the most hotly desired toys and gadgets during the 1980s?
Come holiday season, many parents keep a close eye on toy trends to find the perfect gift for their child.

Brookman said the U.S. has poor privacy laws but applauded recent efforts by the Federal Trade Commission to require companies to build Web-security safeguards. companies are required by law to have in place reasonable security measures to protect from accidental disclosures," Brookman said.

The way the initiative is written, any representation of actual sex is subject to the law, even if you don't see penetration. This means that not only are "adult films" themselves subject to lawsuits and fines, but includes any representation of that scene -- banner ads, still images, clips, even if they're just on blogs that write about it. As we pointed out in October, Prop 60 is set to be a litigation minefield.What is with the nightmare when tidus and yuna get shot? it is because yuna's dresssphere was worn by Lenee 1000 years ago and yuna has Lenee's feelings and memories
this is how Lenee dies the guy who looks like tidus is really shyuin Lenee's lover if you played the game you will soon find out this.

ACC is likely too early in the legal process to have obtained the names of the people accused in the suits filed Friday. To acquire personally identifying information, antipiracy companies need a judge to issue a subpoena that compels the ISP to hand over the info.

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The information isn't even guaranteed to be accurate." "There's no doubt about it," Brookman said. "These companies...can track your information and create detailed records about you...once they get it there are very few protections in place.

Judith gave a lengthy interview to New York Magazine in August in which she hinted at dark changes in her husband saying that for reasons she understood both ‘as a nurse and a spouse' he was not the same man she married.

Below are several facts about the Star Spangled Banner. Facts about star spangled banner? In 1931, The SSB was designated the national anthem by Congress. Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner in 1814. The tradition of singing the Star Spangled Banner at sport games started during WWII. The poem was set to music composed by John Stafford Smith. British attacks on Fort McHenry inspired Francis Scott Key to write the poem. The song has 4 verses.

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Third World Media The U.S. Third World Media, an adult-film studio, is one of the companies bringing copyright suits against accused illegal file sharers. District Court for the Northern District of West Virginia granted motions for early discovery filed by the studios this week, said Ford, who operates an antipiracy company called Adult Copyright Company. When combined, the seven separate complaints accuse more than 5,000 defendants of illegally distributing the studios' films via peer-to-peer services.

Adult Copyright Company
The strategy of suing individual file sharers is apparently catching on in the adult film industry. Last week Larry Flynt Publications sued 635 BitTorrent users in Texas, and Pink Visual, a separate porn studio, is trying to persuade other porn studios to also file copyright complaints, according to the blog,

Bork's rentals were all pretty tame, but his nomination was rejected. In the United States, a law called the Video Privacy Protection Act, passed by Congress in 1988, was created to prevent the "wrongful disclosure of videotape rental or sale records." The law was a response to the release of Robert Bork's video-renting history during his Supreme Court nomination.

Whether or not that's a good idea depends on your personality, your ex's personality, the nature of your relationship, and a host of other factors. After all, that's why breaking up is called "ending a relationship." In most cases, the relationship...ends.
Yes, you can be friends with an ex. Can you ever really be friends with an ex? For many people, the idea of staying friends is untenable. Scientists have looked into post-breakup friendships, and some of the research has interesting implications for these...

A Shawna loves animals and cats named Tyler. What are the characteristics of a Shawna?
Some characteristics of a Shawna are that she is a natural blonde but keeps her hair dark, a Shawna is usually a wanna be ABG with green eyes.

Getting into the action now are creators of such titles as "Tokyo Teens" and "Pornstar Superheroes." Three adult-film producers will soon begin sending subpoenas to Internet service providers, or ISPs, across the United States in an effort to learn the identities of people they claim shared their movies without permission over the Internet, Kenneth Ford, the attorney representing the filmmakers, said today."These companies can track your information and create detailed records about you. Copyright Group, has more than a dozen clients and has indicated it will file lawsuits against as many as 50,000 people. Dunlap, which has worked the copyright cases under the name U.S. But none of Dunlap's clients are from the porn sector and the firm goes to great lengths to protect data, according to Thomas Dunlap, one of the company's founders. The Washington D.C., law firm of Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver in January began filing copyright suits on behalf of independent film studios. Once they get it there are very few protections in place." --Justin Brookman, privacy expert Chasing down and filing lawsuits against individuals for illegal file sharing has received a lot of attention this year.

Her accomplishments include who sexy modeling of lingere items for the discriminating buyer and sometime want to be naughty buyer. Who is Cody Milo and what are her accomplishments?
Codi Milo is a professional model from California.

He was a leader we needed and I would be remiss if I didn't thank him for his service.' In opening the day's proceedings Clair had begun by acknowledging the debt the nation owed to Giuliani for his actions post 9/11, saying, ‘Mr Giuliani has a lot to be proud of as America's mayor post 9/11.

What are some facts you were taught in school that are no longer true? Do you call little donut balls "munchkins," "timbits," or "donut holes"? About
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C 2019 Answers Will Equifax really pay $125 to every American affected by its data security breach? Can you ever really be friends with an ex? How come lemonade mixes use artificial lemons, but furniture polish uses the real thing? What Were The 5 Biggest Archaeological Discoveries Of The Last Decade?

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What were the top selling toys of the 1970s?
Come holiday season, many parents keep a close eye on toy trends to find the perfect gift for their child. What were some of the most hotly desired toys and gadgets from 1968 to 1977? The brand name has nearly become synonymous with toy cars since Mattel debuted the line in the late 60s, but a lot of that success comes from how they differed from Matchbox, as their...

But there are really three different key components here. One is a sector of workers whose health and well-being rely on a workplace-specific set of sexual safety measures -- ones that work. Next, at the heart of Prop 60's campaign, is a sex-negative HIV organization run by "the most hated man in the [AIDS] business." And finally, a proposition that formalizes the online harassment of sex workers -- allowing online trolls to be digital vigilantes, granting them the power to punish sex workers by fining and outing them.

Several free internet website hosts use different approaches of enforcing their advertising and marketing banners on your net site. This occasionally causes mistaken and/or incomplete indexing of your net web site. If you have repeatedly had hassle with acquiring your free of charge website site indexed, change to a shell out net hosting supplier. • Are You Employing No cost World wide web web site Hosting?

What Were The 5 Biggest Archaeological Discoveries Of The Last Decade? Now, a similarly exciting first look at the rebooted Tomb Raider franchise proves Alicia Vikander's Lara Croft is set to become Jones' worthy successor... As much as we might wish to forget Shia LaBeouf swinging from vines amidst a family of monkeys, the reality is that Harrison Ford's scruffy-faced adventurer made archaeology cool for generations of young boys and girls.
Can you believe it's been nine years since the last Indiana Jones film came out?

The couple are members of a total tally of 11. Among the expenses for which Judith argued - a total sum of $63,000 since August - are the continued care of her 87-year-old mother (an expense to which Guiliani has agreed), the cost of her personal assistant (whose existence Giuliani disputes) and membership of country clubs.

Will Equifax really pay $125 to every American affected by its data security breach? Can you ever really be friends with an ex? Does any country own the moon? Does everyone see colors the same way? What are some facts you were taught in school that are no longer true? What Were The 5 Biggest Archaeological Discoveries Of The Last Decade? About
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C 2019 Answers Do you call little donut balls "munchkins," "timbits," or "donut holes"? How come lemonade mixes use artificial lemons, but furniture polish uses the real thing? About
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What is cloud seeding?This question should be removed as it will never generate an age appropriate answer.
The content of this question is not all ages appropriate, as Shawna Lenee is most famous for X-rated movies. What is Shawna Lenee most known for?

He sees big-budget porn making a comeback, VR-connected male masturbators and sex robots with holographic faces that allow you to choose your own bedroom adventure. Sex robots haven't completely materialized, but we're well on our way to anatomically correct automatons, and while our sex toys aren't tethered to our VR headsets, we've done that too. Oh, and Ron, didn't you spend more than ten years acting in and producing big-budget adult films? His vision isn't so far off from the one being pushed by futurists, analysts and the media.

Up to 20 team members perform a perfectly choreographed set of actions to get the car back onto the track as quickly as possible, often completing their work in two seconds or less. For pit crews, consistency is more important than breaking records—but...
As of 2019, an F1 pit stop typically involves a tire change and a front wing adjustment. Currently, Red Bull Racing holds the record for the fastest pit stop at 1.88 seconds. What happens in a Formula One pit stop?

Internet Protocol addresses are collected, and each defendant is initially listed as John Doe. Copyright owners typically don't know the identity of an accused illegal file sharer, when first bringing a complaint. To learn the names of the accused, copyright owners need a judge to issue subpoenas to ISPs, who are then compelled to turn over customer records.

A bunch of our buddies came out to Gstaad Bar to party with us, so big thanks to YOU if you came. If you didn't, we'll be having more 404 meet ups in the near future, we might even be breaking out of NY, who knows?! Mike, you owe me two drinks! Psst...check out the photos from our 200th episode celebration last Friday! Anyway, check out our Flickr set for photos from the night.

He carried a cassingle for his 1996 rap collaboration "Freak of the Week" and talked excitedly about the 1980s like they were yesterday. -text c-gray-1" data-behavior="Dropcap"> When I met porn superstar Ron Jeremy for the first time, he was driving a Saturn Ion and sporting a flip phone. Ron was living in the past, but that didn't stop him from predicting the future -- or something.

On the surface, The Condoms in Pornographic Films Initiative seems like a yes-or-no decision about requiring California porn performers to wear condoms while at work, as it were. To the ordinary voter, this seems like a no-brainer: Of course we want these people to have safer sex.

Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver is the law firm that has generated lots of headlines this year by filing copyright suits on behalf of independent filmmakers, including Voltage Pictures, makers of this year's Academy Award winner for Best Picture, "The Hurt Locker." Apparently, Ford wants to be to the porn industry what Thomas Dunlap is to indie films.

This Master Connected with Lebron Adam Field hockey Shoes and boots usually are accomplishing excessive gross sales each and every year. He had also been at this time endorsed in the state as a general extended NBA pornstar. They are nicknamed ""King James"" in addition to seemed to be branded, correct three-times within a row, ""Mr. That taken place though he / she seemed to be however with School that's wonderful. As soon as is usually were being 17, however seemed to be determined for the reason that the leading draw up collection with the NBA with 2003 NBA in addition to evolved into some sort of workforce member of this Cleveland Cavaliers. Basketball"" in the course of his or her School taking part in vocation. That skilled gambler would be the most youthful skilled gambler that's realized a whole lot in the NBA. He / she seemed to be also privileged that has a whole variety in addition to non-public name. LeBron Adam is usually a skilled baseball gambler interior north america of which represents for the Las vegas Warm. On account of each one of his or her achievements, he / she seemed to be enquired to help brought in some sort of mult-million $ shoes manage Nike. He / she seemed to be often called the most beneficial NBA Fresh on the season in addition to seemed to be accepted for many people famous honors for a few unique a long time.zhengjieg blogspot blog

If the adult-film industry seeks to adopt Dunlap's strategy, this could raise the fear factor to a new level with some file sharers. While being named in a federal complaint for allegedly downloading a mainstream or indie film may be threatening on a financial level, being accused of downloading certain brands of porn could prove to be much more stigmatizing for some.

Her attorney Clair said, ‘It's going to be no comment.' Asked by what she thought of the assertion that her husband had been ‘painstakingly honest' in his disclosures she remained silent.If you buy something through one of these links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Share Tweet Share Save Popular on Engadget
Lawmakers urge the FCC to seek public input on T-Mobile / Sprint merger
View YouTube Originals will be free to watch starting on September 24th
View Nintendo will replace a newly purchased Switch with newer model
View Amazon sent 20 order confirmations to the wrong people
View Google pulls 85 Android apps with particularly obnoxious adware
View From around the web In this article: Porn, Pornstar All products recommended by Engadget are selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company. Some of our stories include affiliate links.

The only thing all three of AHF's campaigns -- Truvada, condoms in porn, online hookups -- seem to have in common is the notion that promiscuous people are spreading disease, vis-a-vis the evils of modern technology.

Judith, who married Giuliani in 2003 after he left his second wife for her, filed for contested divorce in New York City on April 4, a week after his trip to New Hampshire where he was also filmed visiting Ryan's hospital by a local news network.

What is the greatest year in movie history? Smashing into the box office on June 11... There's an argument to be made for any year, but here's our answer for why it's got to be 1982. the Extra-Terrestrial Not much can be said about Steven Spielberg's timeless story of a young boy who befriends an alien from outer space that hasn't been said already.
"The greatest year in movie history" is a hotly debated topic, especially with excellent years in recent times.

In it, pornstar Lisa Ann, as Palin, "will be nailing the Russians who come knocking on her backdoor." One thing's for sure, Justin is superexcited. I'm sure that at least 10 seconds of the film will include some factual information about the veep candidate! He's not sure whether to laugh, cry, or lock himself in a dark room with a box of tissues. Swing voters, you might want to wait for this little doozy before making a decision. Like the Wall Street bailout plan, the film has been fast tracked, it will be pushed through before the elections. Sooo, it's official, Larry Flynt has confirmed the rumors that an adult film chronicling Sarah Palin's life is in the works.

In terms of magnitude, the largest earthquake ever measured in the United States occurred on March 27, 1964, in Alaska, registering a whopping 9.2 on the Richter scale. Note that when discussing the biggest earthquakes in history, there's a minor issue: Charles Richter invented his magnitude scale in 1935, and earthquakes prior to that are assigned magnitudes based on... If you're looking for more information, here's a breakdown of the largest U.S. earthquakes by magnitude. What are the largest earthquakes to ever hit the United States?

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With Jeff back in the studio, we sit down for a lengthy chat about New Orleans, our trip to the sun, why Disney stomps all over Sublime, Walmart's own Geek Squad, iPhone gaming, and other sleazeball topics you've come to expect from the 404.

Sublime video mash-up, courtesy of listener Jon Kavalos UK pornstar goes wayyy too far with surgical implants Wal-Mart to open up their own mobile repair team Mobile gaming sees dramatic improvement in the new iPhone Share your voice
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Lawmakers urge the FCC to seek public input on T-Mobile / Sprint merger
View YouTube Originals will be free to watch starting on September 24th
View Nintendo will replace a newly purchased Switch with newer model
View Amazon sent 20 order confirmations to the wrong people
View Google pulls 85 Android apps with particularly obnoxious adware
View From around the web If you buy something through one of these links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Some of our stories include affiliate links. In this article: ces, ces2017, culture, entertainment, futureofsex, gadgetry, gadgets, hologram, porn, pornstar, robots, RonJeremy, sex, SexRobot, teledildonics, video, virtualreality, vr, VRporn All products recommended by Engadget are selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company.

He, surprisingly, portrays a nebbish teenager who doesn't know how to talk to girls, yet scores with them anyway. id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body">
Justin was late, again, and the boys recap Friday's 200th episode meet up. You'll never get ahead in life if you're always tardy Mr. We also gear up for new Apple laptops, send SMS messages to elephants, and prepare for Larry Flynt's latest. Graciously, The 404's worst student offers a scathing recap of Michael Cera's performance in the worst movie ever.

Put that in your warp pipes and smoke it, PSPhaters! -text c-gray-1" >I think the time is ripe for us PSPowners to possess the gumption and shout a collective "neener neener" to all those doubters and detractorswho said our console would never get any action. Despite the notion that porn starlets would stillrather have you pay more attention to them than Madden 2006, its now officially confirmed that the PSPhas been in the presence of attractive female breasts more than the DS. Apparently the PSP is the console of choice on porn sets, as revealedby an article from GameDaily.

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