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Can you use whatsapp in nokia 2700 classic

por Virgil Demoss (2019-08-21)

Please support whatsapp my phone nokia 2700 classic

How do you connect Nokia 2700 classic mobile to PC?
sir kindly say how can i use mobiles camera to pc my mob nokia 2700 classic

Can Nokia 2700 classic can use Android?
change softwere to os to android 4.1 ok

How do you open gprs and mms of nokia 2700 classic?
just use pliers and screwdriver to open it . :D

Can nokia n8 can use whatsapp?
Yes you can download whatsapp from ovi store.

Can you use whatsapp on nokia c2-03?
Yes, because now in any mobile their is a Whatsapp.

Will whatsapp work on bada 2.0?
Unfortunately, Whatsapp is only made for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Nokia smartphones. If you really want to use this app, either upgrade from Samsung Bada to Samsung Android or go grab an iPhone, BB or Nokia smartphone.

What is the phone they use on the apprentice?
Nokia Classic

Is the Nokia Lumia 520 good?
yes because you can download skype for free and also you can use microsoft word and excel,instagram,whatsapp and it also has a suitable size

How we can use whatsapp?
You can use whatsapp on your mobile, lappy etc. Whatsapp clone of rebrandone is amazing to chat free and share with your friends.

Can i use whatsapp on hp slate6tablet?
Yes you can download and use whatsapp on HP Slate 6 tablet.

What are the effects of whatsapp?
You have to need net data pack to use whatsapp and only use in Andoide Mobile, smart phone. Also you can send anything without any charge. There are free whatsapp, find it here About worldwide free download of Whatsapp and free Whatsapp info

How do you use Whatsapp on Windows Computer?
There are some Android Emulators who can help to use whatsapp in any windows computers

How do you put music onto a nokia 2730 classic?
You can either use a USB cable to transfer songs from a computer or use the BlueTooth to transfer songs from other cell phones.

Does whatsapp use Internet?
Yes, you need internet on your mobile to use whatsapp for free messaging and sharing. Apps such as facebook messenger, whatsapp Clone, Line etc. are really nice to get connected with friends.

Is whatsapp free abroad for blackberrys?
Yes, I have a lot of friends that use blackberry and they've got Whatsapp

Can you download whatsapp on bada 1.2?
Whatsapp is a mobile messenger that replaces SMS. Whatsapp is available for iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows Phone. Samsung Bada 1.2 users can also download and use the application.

How can you run WhatsApp on a PC without pairing it with any phone or using any emulators?
You can use "bluestack" software to run whatsapp on PC.

How to use wifi in Nokia 6120c how?
there is no facility to use wifi in nokia 6120c.

What can you get free games for Nokia E7?
Nokia is simple use instrument no complication in use.

Which mobile phone set has largest sms memory?
Dear only nokia phone have largest message memories if you select the message memory to external memory not on phone i mean you should change the message memory from cell phone to memory card in sms settings and then you can save unlimited messages untill your mobile speed goes down i have nokia 2700 classic its good i have saved more than 2000 messages in card and cell phone and now i am looking for...

How do you add yourself on whatsapp?
In order to add your on WhatsApp, you just need to download the app onto your phone. You can use the app on the iPhone, Android phone and Windows phones.

How is whatsapp created how does it works and how does it make money?
The Whatsapp makes use of the Android operating system and the company makes money by charging each user a yearly charge of $1.

Is 100mb of data on an Iphone 4S enough to use ONLY instagram and whatsapp each month Whatsapp for regular use and instagram for use every couple of hours?
Generally, 100MB of data on an iPhone 4s would not be enough to use even if you were only using Instagram and the Whatsapp each month. These apps regardless of regular use or using every few hours would consume a large amount of data, especially if you plan to upload pictures.

Can you use Skype on nokia n70?
i am use skype in nokia n70 but note video calling whay

How do you View sms on PC from mobile in use?
use a PC suite .for eg. If you have nokia phone use nokia PC suite

How you can download Whatsapp for Samsung Wave 2 for free?
WhatsApp is a totally free messenger applications and you can surely use it for free. Just download it from official Google Play Store and get used to it.

Which cell phone does Aamir Khan use?
Nokia 1200 and Nokia 6610

Did Nokia have Android OS?
No, Nokia only use Symbian and Windows phone.

How can convert music on Nokia n95 ngb?
Use Nokia Music Manager. You can download it from internet or install it from disc included with this nokia.

What Nokia cellphone does brooke hogan use?
I believe it's the Nokia E90 Communicator.

Can you use songs as your ringtone in Nokia 6303?
Yes, you can in any Nokia mobile phone.

Can you use Nokia sim in Samsung?
Yes you can use a nokia sim card in a samsung just u cant cahange your battery!

Can you use Facebook in Nokia C1-01?
the answer is yes. you can use facebook with nokia can use it by opera mini browser or facebook software.

How do you download your facebook profile pic to your whatsapp group links profile picture?
In order to use your Facebook profile pic in WhatsApp you must save it to your phone's photo gallery. To do this log into Facebook from your phone and go to your photos. Select the photo you want to use and hit the three dots. A pop up box should appear and list the option to save photo. Select save and the photo should be saved to your phone. You can then pull it up...

How do you increase the sound of Nokia e66-1?
You should use the Volume Rocker (Find it on your manual). If it is too quite at max volume, consider an upgrade to a BlackBerry Passport or Classic. They are expensive, but worth the money, and the speakers are like 'real' speakers.

Can you check your text messages away from your cell phone?
If u have nokia, use nokia suite.

Can we use Skype in Nokia E52?
i have a nokia e52 i want to run video call on it how it is possible

Can i use Nokia N8 us video chat?
yes i can do video chat in nokia n8

Can you conference call on nokia C2 03?
how to use conderence call on nokia c2-03

How can you use kd player in Nokia 7210?
first contact Nokia, then explain to them what 'kd player' is

What mm size earphones does a nokia e71 use?
2.5mm headphones the nokia e71 need

Can you install Skype in your Nokia 6120?
no. u cant use skype in Nokia 6120 C

How can you use nokia x2 00 as a webcam?
There are many free software downloads that will allow the Nokia X2-00 to be used as a webcam. These include, but are not limited to, AirProSoft Nokia Video Converter, Daniusoft Nokia VideoConverter and Aneesoft Nokia Video Converter.

Can you use whatsapp on phone without simcard?
Not on the iphone 4 in germany. with out a simcard the app does not work.

Can you use internet on laptop by connecting Nokia Asha 200 with laptop via usb?
how use internet in laptop via nokia asha 200

What is the best Nokia phone?
Nokia 5800 touch screen it is really good and is good and easy to use

Xksstel x12 china mobile PC softwear?
Use nokia PC suitem nokia is best

How can connect internet Nokia C5 mobile to laptop?
i has nokia c5 mobile and i has a loop sim card conection i want to use my nokia c5 conect to laptop.

What is better Nokia phones or Ericsson phones?
nokias are better to use and they are one of the best companys ever NOKIA

Can your Nokia Lumia 520 use Google play?
No. The Nokia Lumia 520 is running the Windows Phone OS. Google Play is designed for devices running the Android OS. As so, the Nokia Lumia 520 cannot use Google Play.

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