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Is it I am a friend of Bob or I am a friend of Bob's

por Tamie Matra (2019-08-21)

67651427_507006146732408_784120888075511I am a friend of Bob.


I am Bob's friend.

Either is correct.

What the cost of prescription drugs?
bob is in charge of the the bobtown bobs and the bobs meet bobby bob

Who was Robert Sheldons best friend In the outsiders?
first of all the name is BOB Sheldon not Robert. Bobs best friend was Randy. These two were bigtime Socs.

What is a electric whisk?
It's a thing you cook with!!!!! Bob ate Bob but Bobs OK It's a thing you cook with!!!!! Bob ate Bob but Bobs OK

What is the plural of bob?
The plural of bob is bobs.

How can you grow your bobs?
wat is a bob LOL

Is it Bob's house or Bobs' house?
Bob's house unless there are more than one bob or his name is bobs.

What does bob plus bob equal?
2 bobs Well the mathematical theory is that Bob+Bob = 2Bob But the common sense theory is in fact Bob+Bob = BillyBobJoe

What are the characters in the Christmas carol and their relationship with Scrooge?
Fred , his nephew Fan, his sister Dick wilks, former friend and apprentice Mr Fezziwig former employer Jacob Marley, last friend and business partner Bob cratchit, employee Tiny Tim, bobs son Belle , former fiancee Mrs cratchit, bobs wife Mrs dilber, housekeeper

What is stompin bobs password?
password of Stompin bob is CLubPenguinStompinbob

What happened to bob of bobs discount furniture?
he went to your town

Who does the voice of bob on the cartoon bobs burgers?
Brian Stanton

How do you get bobs?
It's easy- just have kids and name em' Bob!

Who is sponge bob's best friend?
sponge bobs best friend is Patrick star

What is billy bobs full name?
Billy bob is a full name. :P

I remember now - it's a bobs set?
Your mums a bob set

When was spong bob found?
bobs are people who that eat your moms flesh bih

Why does dickens have bob raise a toast to Scrooge?
To highlight the loyalty of bob to Scrooge and to bring out the feeling of dislike by Bobs family for the way Scrooge treats Bob

Is bob a noun or 카지노사이트 a pronoun?
The word bob is a noun (bob, bobs) and a verb (bob, bobs, bobbing, bobbed).The noun bob is a word for a thing. The pronoun that takes the place of the noun bob is it. The word Bob is a proper noun; usually a nickname for Robert. The pronouns that take the place of the noun Bob is he or him. Examples: noun: She wore her hair in a bob. She liked how easy it...

Is Patrick star sponge bobs friend?
yes they are friends

What does bob mean?
In England, Bob means abbreviation of Robert. In Germany, Bob means famous, bright fame. Bob can also mean to move up and down; the flaot bobs on the water

What does Bob Cratchit toast to scrooge?
Bobs toast was "To Mr Scrooge. Founder of the feast"

What do girls bobs look like?
short, above the shoulder length cuts, usually with bangs. the bob was a famous haircut in the first half of the 20th century. girls bobs.... idiot.

Who is spounge bobs best friend?
Despina Antonas & Patrick Star

Where is the best place to get a pixie bob?
A rescue/shelter, but from a breeder, Special Agent Pixie Bobs!!

What is bobs last name in the outsiders?
Bob Sheldon. You can look it up on Wikipedia, smart one.

Name the mosquito that transmits meningitis?
Bob is a mosquito. So stay away from all BOBS

Who did johnny and ponyboy seek out for help after bobs death?
After they kill Bob, they go to Dally for help.

What did Tom do to Bob in 'To Kill a Mockingbird'?
Nothing. He was wrongly accused of raping bobs daughter.

What should you name your ship?
bob (because the boat bobs up and down) or deep blue

Who is bobs real name in Good Luck Charlie?
Eric Allan Kramer is Bob Dunkin.

What is billy bobs wife's name on 18 kids and counting?
First, the husband's name is Jim Bob not Billy Bob, and his wife's name is Michelle.

Who is the voice of Sponge Bobs Dad on Sponge Bob Square Pants?
Tom Kenny, who also does Spongebob.

Why is ice fishing house called bob house?
Because it bobs in the water if go threw the ice

Who does Johnny stab in The Outsiders?
He stabs Bob to save Ponyboy from being drowned by the socs on Bobs gang.

Is Gwen Bobs girlfriend in harvest moon save the homeland?
Yes, if she does not become interested in you, Bob will be her love interest.

What did Scrooge give to bob cratchit?
A prize turkey and then on boxing day he stated he would raise Bobs wages

What is green with a B on it?
baby bobs bib( the bib has a b on it 4 bob) right after he threw up (on his bib)

What do you think Pony means when he says Johnny didn't have anything to do with bobs death?
Bob had it coming because of his actions.

Where did bobs best friend lilly die?
died in burger king as a fat lard

Who is Sponge Bobs worst best friend?
Patrick Star, in actuality patrick is no one's friend, he's the worst character on the show.

What is the naming part of a sentence His friend plays the drums'?
Becky says, "his friend plays the drums." who's friend? Joe's friend, Bob. 'His friend' can now be replaced by Bob. Bob plays the drums. Bob was being "named" by Becky because they don't know each other. Becky said Joe's friend, Bob, plays the drums. or his friend plays the drums. Bob, (his friend), is the subject. "His friend" is the naming part.

How long pixie bobs tails?
Well, I have a pixie bob cat that is about 9 months and she does not have a tail. Pixie bob tails can be full length, 1 inch, and maybe no tail.

What does the little boy mean to bob cratchit?
The "little boy " was Tim Cratchit Bobs youngest child who was quite ill

What was Bob Marley last words?
Bobs last words where "money can't buy life" said to his son Ziggy.

Who did johnny and pony boy seek out for help after bobs death?
After they kill Bob, they go to Dally (Dallas Winsten) for help.

Does Carl and Miriam Ruark follow Jim Bobs and Michelle religion?
No they don't not follow Jim bob and Michelle's religion

Why is a spherical bob preferred to bobs of irregular shapes for use in the simple pendulum experiment?
it is less ffected by air resistance

Was Hayley Williams in bobs airplanes video?
Why was she because she sang airplanes with bob! So it figures she would be in it!:) hope this helps

Why did Bob Cratchit give a toast to Scrooge'?
It was Bobs way of showing rspect and loyalty and of course in a manner of speaking thanks for his position

What does Cherry say about Bobs personality?
She said that bob was a sweet and gentle person most of the time, but when he's drunk he gets in a mood.

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