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Latin word of best friend

por Eve Dickey (2019-08-21)

48402272141_21a2965070_b.jpgAmicissimus for a male friend.

Amicissima for a female friend.


Amicus carissimus for a male friend.

Amica carissima for a female friend.

These mean dearest friend.

What is Latin for the word best?
The Latin word for best is... optimum.

Best friend in Latin?
Best friend (male) = Amicus optimus Best friend (female) = Amica optima

Latin word for friend?
There are many possibilities when translating the English word "friend" into Latin. A few possibilities are amicus, comes, intimus, necessarius.

What is the latin translation for the word best?
The Latin word meaning Best is Optimús.

What is the latin root word for socio?
Companion, Friend

What is the Latin word for storm?
tempest Tempest is English. Best Latin word is 'Tempestas'

How do you say friend in Czech?
The word friend is said in the Czech language as pritel. This word in Latin is said as amicitia and in Spanish as amigo.

What does the Latin word amicus mean?
A (male) friend or ally

What is the old french word for friend or old friend?
"un ami" is a friend - "un vieil ami" is an old friend. feminine: "une amie / une vieille amie" the word "ami" comes from the Latin word "amicus", friend.

Is best friend an adjective?
No, the word friend is a noun, and the compound form 'best friend' is also a noun (a person). But the word "best" is an adjective, the superlative form of "good."

What is the Latin word that means best?
best - optimus

Latin word for the English word best friend?
Amicus optimus/amica optima. These are the VERY literal translations. I'd argue that amicissimus (for a male friend) and amicissima (for a female friend), both the superlative versions of amicus and amica respectively, are better. Cicero uses "amicissimus" when dedicating his treatise De Amicitia to his very good friend, Atticus.

What is the best word for loved?
'' FRIEND '' is the best word for loved.

How do you say You are the best friend in the world in latin?
Amicus es in mundo.

Brazilian word for best friend?
Best friend means "melhor amigo" in portuguese. best = melhor friend = amigo

What word comes from the latin volens meaning person who wishes the best for others?
The word benevolent was derived from the latin word volens.

What is the Latin word for faith?
fides To add to this: The Latin translation of faith is first dependent on the context in which the word is used. For example, first there is faith in a friend as a matter of simple trust. The Latin for simple faith is fides. Second, there is fiducia--hence, fiducial. A fiduciary friend is one on whom one can rely. "A friend in time of need, is a friend in deed." Religious faith is expected to...

What word means best friend without sexual feature?
"Best friend"

Is best friend one word or two?
The correct way to write it is best friend. So your answer is two words. An example sentence is: I would like you to meet my new best friend.

What is the German word for best friend?
The German word for best friend is: Bester Freund (male) Beste Freundin (female)

How do you say i love my best friend in latin?
Amicum optimum meum amo (if your friend is male). Amicam optimam meam (if your friend is female).

Is best friend common noun?
Yes, the compound noun 'best friend' is a common noun, a word for any best friend of anyone. A proper noun for best friend is the name of the friend.

Is best friend a common noun in the sentence - Sofia is your best friend?
Yes, the compound noun 'best friend' is a common noun, a word for any best friend of anyone. A proper noun for best friend is the name of the friend, Sofia. The word "friend" in the sentence "Sofia is your best friend" is the only common noun. "Sofia" is a proper noun, "is" is a present-tense verb, "your" is a possessive adjective, and "best" is a superlative adjective.

What is the word for best in latin?
Optimus, -a, -um.

What does the word ULTRA translate to from Latin?
The best English translation of Latin ultra is "beyond."

A ten word simple sentence about your best friend?
My best friend and I love to hang out together.

What is the Romanian word for friend?
The Romanian language words for "friend" are prieten (Slavish origin) or more rare amic (Latin origin).

Is best friend an abstract noun?
No, the compound noun 'best friend' or any 'friend' is a concrete noun, a word for a physical person.

What is the root of the word amiable?
I think it comes from the latin word for friend or the like which was 'amicus' (though the I should have a long mark on!)

What is the Latin translation for the female friend in Latin?
A female friend in Latin is amica (-ae, f.). (Since Latin has no articles, this will also do for "the female friend").

What lunguage does ami come from?
ami is the French word for a (male) friend - it derives from Latin (amicus)

How do you say i love you best friend forever in latin?
Te amabo, optime amice, in perpetuum.

How do i say my friend in Welsh?
The Welsh word for friend is ffrind. The Welsh word for best friend is ffrind gorau. ANOTHER ANSWER: fy ffrind or fy nghyfaill. (my friend).

What is a word for friends as close as family?
1. Family 2. Best Friend 3. Best Friend Forever

What is a good sentence with the word candid?
My friend told me a candid information about my best friend.

What is the Maori word for best friends?
hoa means friends Actually 'hoa' means friend and 'tino hoa' best friend.

How many syllables does best friend by heart have?
"Best friend by heart" has four syllables. Each word is one syllable each.

What does journal mean in Roman?
There is no Latin word "journal". But if you mean the Latin word for journal, it is "ephemeris".

What does the word homie mean?
it means your best friend

A sentence with the word affliction?
my best friend has affliction

What word describes diamond?
A girl's best friend

What is the french word for best friend?
Meilleur ami

Is best friend one word?
No, it is two words.

What is the latin word for class?
Our meaning of class (as in class at an educational institution) did not exist in Latin. Medieval Latin, however, introduced "Classis" (originally "fleet" in Classical Latin), as the word for class. If you mean social rank, though, "ordo" would be the best rendering.

What does Amicus est iritus mean?
Well... Nothing, really. 'Amicus' is Latin for 'friend' or 'supporting', as used in 'amicus curiae' - 'friend of the court' 'Irritus' is Latin for useless, ineffective, or something done in vain. ('iritus', with one 'r' isn't a Latin word.) The Latin 'est', for 'is' would normally follow the noun and verb... So, 'Amicus irritus est' might be taken to mean that a 'friend', or the friendship they offer is ineffective or worthless.

Another word for best friend.?
blood brother, 카지노사이트 friend, mate, ally, supporter, amigo

Translate the word best friend into korean language?
chinhan chingu - 친한 친구 :D close friend : 친한 친구 best friend: 가장 친한 친구

What is No better friend no worst enemy in latin?
non melior amicus, non nequior hostis no better friend, no worse enemy or optimus amicus, pessimus hostis the best friend, the worst enemy

What is coins in Roman?
The Latin word for coins is "nummi" . The Latin word for coins is "nummi" . The Latin word for coins is "nummi" . The Latin word for coins is "nummi" . The Latin word for coins is "nummi" . The Latin word for coins is "nummi" . The Latin word for coins is "nummi" . The Latin word for coins is "nummi" . The Latin word for coins is "nummi" .

What is the root for the word legislate?
The Latin word legis The Latin word legis The Latin word legis the latin word legis apex The Latin word legis

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