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Mega Millions Winning Numbers $12M: California Lottery Winner's Ticket Unclaimed

por Jannie Stoneman (2019-08-23)

Who wants to be the July 23, 2013 Mega Millions jackpot winner? Content articles match all six Mega Millions winning numbers on Tuesday, they're worth an estimated $13 million dollars! The annuity option will be paid out in 26 annual installments, an individual could take the greatly reduced cash option of $9 million, according to New Jersey Lottery officials on Monday, July twenty-two. Both options are before taxes, but that OK. Will be able to still locate a lot of things devote millions of dollars from!

If not a soul wins matches all six Mega Millions winning numbers in the Tuesday, June 11 drawing, the next mega888 new link just may reach $27 million or higher by period the Friday, madden mobile slot receiver June 14 drawing comes around!

There were also four Match 5 + 0 winners for last night's drawing. The winning Mega Millions tickets were sold by the California Lottery, Louisiana Lottery, Maryland Lottery, and the actual York Lottery commissions. All four lottery winners matched five out of six Mega Millions winning numbers, however the gold Mega Ball number for the purpose is normally for $250,000.

But keep in mind even should you be chances are bleak, you'll find things may do develop your risks. With a little strategy, you might just win the jackpot. There are a few tips consume a lot of consider to help you "own" the lotto jackpot.

Now Georgia Lottery players can maximize their winning with a brand new feature on the Mega Millions game. For the next $1 per play winning tickets excluding the jackpot prize are multiplied by two, three or four times to prize share. During each Mega Millions drawing a Megaplier often be randomly gathered. If you have a winning ticket with the Megaplier feature added shipped to you the corresponding Megaplier winning prize. Winning tickets with 5 out 5 numbers whilst Megaplier feature wins $1 Million.

Additionally, your current twenty-three (23) Match 4 + 1 winners which receive $10,000 each. Each third-tier lottery winner matched four associated with five white Mega Millions winning numbers, AND the gold Mega Ball number for the June 7 drawing.

The most recent Mega Millions winning numbers for Tuesday, June 11 were 15, 40, 45, 50, 53, the Mega Ball number is 28, mega888 ios download and the Megaplier is X 4. There were no Mega Millions jackpot tickets sold. Seen the article Mega Millions winning numbers: Did anyone win the Mega Millions jackpot June 16? for madden mobile slot receiver more guidance.