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Mega Millions Lottery Winning Numbers Worth $355 Million

por Dominik Grieve (2019-08-25)

Did you play the lotto yesterday? Millions of dollars are out there to be won. Surrounding the country individuals are placing their hard-earned cash for opportunity at winning big-- New Jersey, Maryland, New York, Ohio. Whether you believe gambling is "acceptable" or not, have got to admit that always be a large number of society today. I can't drive past that billboard on Route 22, heading toward the Lehigh Valley Mall without look at what the numbers are as much! Ohh, to win big on a rainy day!

Arnel "Art" Antonio of Los Angeles County also collected his $227,955 prize, this time at the Van Nuys District Office. In a press statement, Antonio said that his winnings represent what he lost in retirement investments in the past two to three years. "In that regard I'm the same as anybody else, I guess," said Antonio. Hey, at minimum you got some of it back.

The next Powerball drawing is scheduled for July 6, 2013 at 10:59 p.m. EDT. Saturday's estimated jackpot is a whopping $70 million annuity, or $41 million for mega star casino one-time cash lump-sum price. Both options are before taxes. Powerball winning numbers are drawn live Wednesday and Saturday evenings at 10:59 s.m. EDT in Florida. The Powerball game is played in 43 states plus the District of Columbia and also the U.S. Virgin Islands. Tickets cost $2 each.

If a single wins matches all six mega win casino bonus Millions winning numbers in Tuesday's drawing, the next mega888 new link will reach $15 million coming from the time the Friday, July 12 drawing rolls all-around!

On January 13, 2009, Janet Alnwick of Nassau County Houston purchased her lucky ticket Mega Millions lottery ticket at a 7 Eleven store. Guidelines and meal plans worth 22 Million. She was since it is one in order to complement that jackpot's numbers.

Additionally, had been twenty-four (24) Match 4 + 1 winners for $10,000 each in the Sept. 21 drawing. Three (3) men and mega win casino bonus women Powerball winners bought Power Play types of an extra dollar and have their prizes instantly increased to $40,000. Each winner matched four via five Powerball winning numbers, AND mega win casino bonus the red Powerball number for your third-tier pay back.

Balanced wheeling is a technique of combining numbers huge groups. Products and solutions are able to play half the numbers in your game, your chances of getting the winning numbers are considerably improved. You can also wheel considerably 49 of your favorite data. To guarantee an important prize, the balanced wheel pushes all of the winning numbers to add up. You should play lotto wheel five if in comparison to constantly win in lottery.