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por Marisol Jenks (2019-12-27)


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Video games are a common trending topic on Pornhub, too. Turns out you're not alone, according to an in-depth report from Pornhub that sheds an awful lot of light on a topic few are willing to speak publicly or honestly about. Still, no game drew more Pornhub interest this year than Fortnite. As kids get older, however, they will want more freedom both at home and online. Surely my 95 theses to start the year will be the greatest thing you read today. There are too many intriguing tidbits to stuff into this summary, so check out the full report for a fun, illuminating and surprisingly SFW-ish read (no pornographic images, just charts and figures). Either I ran out of time or interest, or I’m legally not allowed to share my final 23 nuggets of word vomit. Want to check out someone's boobs without people knowing who you are? "Then again, don’t underestimate the man who overestimates himself." i.e. fake it til you make it, crypto kidz.

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