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The Dirty Truth on Mix Chat Room

por Armando Foll (2020-01-01)

Why you should talk your heart?
1. To get rid of anxiety
2. We all need someone at some point in our life to talk to about our worries.
3. To move on from dumb heart breaks(Laughing MY BUM OFF)
4. To be happy, feel light and carry our life in a good direction.
Why we should be careful what we chat to about and why its important?
1. About your real life problems.
2. Any secret which could destroy your life or gives the other online person the ability to affect your life in real life.
3. your personal details(This Website is only to talk to each other anonymously.
4.I cannot stress enough about 3rd point why it is important to not give out your personal details as it could be used against you so strictly don’t give your personal details.

What makes us unique from rest of the websites!!
Chatroomcrew allows to experience the Pakistani Gupshup feeling while being in their countries and sitting in their homes and talk to anyone around the world. Pakistan home language is urdu so it will be good if you want to learn urdu language. Everyone is most welcome home. Please do not share your personal details or advertise any other website as that will result in automated banned. Hopefully for the service which we have introduced "Pakistani Chat Rooms" everyone will enjoy and take full advantage of the time.

How Chatroomcrew allows you the opportunity to be part our team
Want to become Radio Operator then why not apply for becoming chatroomcrew’s RJ now. Visit our Forum to leave feedback and let us know how we could improve our website. This platform is built for timepass and to overcome anxiety by talking to unknown people. Please make sure that you do not share your contact details aswell as your photo’s as this would be against the policy. Te Radio system gives equal opportunity to females and males to become radio operator and run their show and talk about gaming, dating advices, life advices, urdu sharoshari(poetry) and crack jokes. This is the best opportunity to be part of the chatroomcrew which gets traffic from all around the globe such as Pakistan, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, India and from many more countries so why miss out when the Pakistani chat room irc system allows you to be part of the team without having to sign up or type any conditional information which you would not prefer to put on.

For your information about the chat room itself!!!
Pakistani Chat Rooms

ChatroomCrew is a upcoming platform for online chatting after yahoo chat rooms are closed all the users are welcomed here the website is very easy to you as you don’t have to sign up neither waste time on verifying your email etc. if you wish to register your nick within the irc the basic command is /ns register password email this command would register the nick with your name on the database which means only you have the right to use it. do not share your password with anyone. once you revisit the website and wish to use the registered username, use the type the username before you press enter once you login it should ask you to sign in which you just sign in by using the following command – /login Password

Best ever karachi chat room room for pakistani community

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