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How do I get my HP printer online?

por Janis Dunlap (2020-01-02)

On the off chance that you are attempting to print something in Windows 10, and it isn't printing, roku activation code the issue can be that the printer isn't online and the status of the printer is Offline. You won't have the option to print till your printer is not online again. To turn your printer online, you simply need to turn on the printer and wait for a few seconds for the printer to change its status from offline to online.
Sadly, turning your printer from offline to online isn't that simple. The printer may remain offline regardless of whether the printer is connected with the PC and is turned on. There can be numerous reasons why Windows is not detecting the printer and showing offline. Here are a couple of the answers to how to get the HP Printer online.
Method 1: Check HP Printer Connection
When your printer is offline it means that there is some error in communication between computer and printer. Below are some steps to get the HP Printer online:
Turn OFF the printer from the power supply and turn it ON back again.
Check the connection of the printer.
If the connection is with USB Cable Method 3: Printer Driver Updating
Updating the printer's driver can also fix the HP Printer online issue.
Press Keyboard key+R and type "services.msc" < Enter
Select Print Spooler Service < Right Click < Stop
Type "Printi.exe" on Windows Keys+ R and hit enter
Now you see 'Printer Server Properties' < Check what is the reason for error
Now, remove the drivers and printers and select yes.
Go to < services.msc < Print Spooler < start
Now, on the manufacturer website < Download < Install the latest printer drivers
Method 4: Print Spooler Service Restart
Windows key +R Open the Run application
In the screen type < services.msc < Hit Enter
Click OK < Now in the Service utility window < Check the status running or not.
Now in the print spooler screen < choose <"Start"
Double-click on Print spooler service < start type < Automatic
Restart the service again
Click on < Apply Followed < OK
Now, try again and add the printer and see if the HP printer is back online.
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