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Gambling Or Casino

por Katrice Booth (2020-01-02)

More often than not, casino gaming is often equated with the dark side of gambling. You are all to familiar with the image of the gambling addict, bankrupt and still hopelessly wasting every little cent he has in games. And this often the example give to show what happen when you indulge to much in judi casino gaming.

However, casino gaming isn't that all bad. Not all that play in the casinos would end up becoming addicts. But to be sure, there are things that yourself can do to avoid becoming too over obsessed with playing.

The first thing that you need to understand is that, contrary to popular belief, you need not spend all day to become addicted to the casino. In fact, even if you play only once or twice per week, you can still end up being considered an addict. It is often not how long you played, but more of how much you actually spent playing. At worse, your one day run may be equivalent to your entire month's salary.

Many casino addicts often defended their actions by saying that since they have money, they can spend it in any way they want. This is, however, a clear sign that something is indeed wrong. Another sign that a casino gamer may indeed be on the verge of becoming one is that he become very secretive about his activities. While being secretive can be quite normal, the gamer may become enraged and confrontational when asked about it.

As have been said before, problem gamblers have the tendency to play even with the last bill they have. And sadly, it doesn't end there, as he will try to find other ways to get money. As such, you can expect to find him in large debts and still nagging for someone to lend him a few bucks. And again, he easily gets angry when no one lends him.

Treating someone with a gambling problem can be quite tedious, not only for the patient, but also for those around him. The first thing that is required for treatment is separating the gambler from the casino. However, this is not as easy as simply locking him up in his room. Like other forms of addiction, the gambler may suffer from withdrawal syndrome and may become very depressed. Thus, he needs to have a constant companion to cheer him up and prevent him from doing unexpected things. He will also be required to attend sessions with a psychiatrist to facilitate treatment. In some extreme cases of addiction, the patient may be asked to take medication, such as anti depressant drugs.

But of course, it is easier to prevent addiction than cure it. And the best way to prevent such addiction from starting is discipline. You need not stay away from the casino but rather play in moderation. You can start by bringing only a suitable amount of cash, and by suitable, it means an amount that is not too large. Also remember to have a good sense of money management, you should keep track of how much you spend. Last but not the least, you should know when to stop playing.

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