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Episode 9 : HFY

por Gus Bennet (2020-01-04)

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You should ask yourself first if this is what you want knowing that, your broadcasts can be seen by everyone, including your neighbors, relatives and even your children. First he would try to incorporate Momentum into his routine. That approach to fighting would take some getting used to, but it was undoubtedly more effective than the first approach. A flurry of punches was launched in his direction and landed all across his upper body and face, he'd known this approach to fighting. A very whimsical half power but double speed approach with limp limbs that while not damaging by itself causes damage in an entire area as opposed to a localized point; it also happened to be incredibly painful. Standing up and hauling the entire platter back a good fifty minutes later the Namekian simply enough was back to the point he could walk without feeling like a bundle of wet noodles. And that is exactly the point of spending your time and financial resources on the online training. He'd have to work all of this into his system in their next training session, so if anything he was eating latent muscles that tasted extremely good. Bringing it into the training facility two grabber arms would fetch the platter and store it in an alcove in the wall that was dimly lit with an orange glow.

Drawing a fist back his arm glazed over in an aqua glow before he slammed it forward. Coming back to him were the memories of running from a giant dinosaur, and with it the feeling of triumph as he smashed it right upside the jaw and knocked it unconscious- or did he kill it? Immediately the mirrored copy blurred as it was sent sailing upwards to smash into the wall, deflecting off and falling back onto the ground. Though that only applies if he would be able to keep blocking or deflecting the blows. Colliding in another flurry of blows Bass made his move. Charging forward again he collided with the figure, a flurry of blows opening up but cut short as Bass utilized the moment of a dodge to strike again. The idea that a dodge could turn into a punch in the same motion, or a punch could turn into a grapple to render attacks without enough power behind them of their own to actually put out damage. Fifty years ago, a woman’s behind was smoothed into a non-sexual surface by a maddening rubber garment that was optimistically called a ‘roll on’ girdle.

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