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Victoria Krichauff

Resumo da Biografia Many people want to get an erotic massage due to its physical and emotional benefits. However, the majority of them is afraid to make the first step because of safety issues. Giving access to your naked body to a person you don’t know may seem exciting and scary at the same time. Is erotic massage safe? Or should you take precautions? Let’s find out. 1. Certification One of the possible problems you may face with a massage is strained muscles. After all, the masseur applies serious pressure on several parts of your body. Without the right expertise, such masseurs may hurt your muscles and take all the pleasure out of the massage. In order to make sure you are getting a safe massage, you should opt only for respectable parlors. Top-notch massage parlors make sure all of their masseurs are certified to provide you top-quality 100% safe massage. 2. STDs and Infections An erotic massage involves plenty of skin-to-skin contacts. If you opt for a happy ending massage, the amount of such touching increases. Is it possible to contract STDs or other unpleasant infections from such a massage? In order to prevent such problems, all men are required to wear condoms. All parlors should provide their clients with condoms so they don’t have to worry about buying them elsewhere. Top-notch parlors make sure their masseurs go through regular physicals and never come to work if they are feeling ill. Erotic masseurs visit clinics regularly and do blood tests to ensure their absolute health. Such screenings are required at all respectable parlors. 3. Privacy Another important component of feeling safe in a massage parlor is privacy. Massage parlors are often located on busy streets in order to ensure the visitors’ safety during night hours. Top-notch parlors don’t have signs or door plaques showing what’s inside. So no passerby can understand where a client is going. In a respectable parlor, you have to call and make an appointment. This way the staff can ensure your total privacy and eliminate the chances of you meeting other clients on your way to the massage table.