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NRL ask Dogs to explain phone use in shed

"Emile Marsden" (2019-10-22)

The NRL have asked Canterbury to explain why a Bulldogs staff member was seen using a mobile phone in the team shed during Thursday's loss to Parramatta.

The Bulldogs staff member was seen on the Fox Sports broadcast holding a mobile phone and showing it to Brett Morris as he rode an exercise bike after being sent to the sin-bin.

Under NRL integrity rules, only select staff members are allowed to use phones in team dressing rooms on game day.

It's understood that particular staff member was not authorised to use a phone and she was using it to show the Bulldogs winger a stream of the match while he served his 10 minutes in the bin.

The NRL last year instituted a game-day ban on phones being used in sheds to prevent information leaking to betting agencies or tweedehands fietsen bookies.

It has not been suggested the Bulldogs staff member was in contact with anyone.

An NRL spokesman said the governing body would be raising their concerns and asking about the circumstances in which the phone was used.

"The Bulldogs have advised the NRL that the device was used to show the match but we will follow up with the club in due course," the spokesman said.

The Bulldogs were contacted for comment but declined to reply.