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What living organisms move threw ecosystems - Answers

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What kinds of living things move?
all living organisms move like plants,animals and hello.

How do living things and non living things differ?
living organisms respire and have the capability of locomotion. But the non living organisms can neither respire nor move.

Do viruses move?
Technically, viruses are not living organisms. They do not possess a means of locomotion. Only living organisms are known to actively migrate or move under their own power.

Why are virusus considered non-living organisms?
They do not have the ability to move by themselves nor are they capable of surviving outside of another living organism is why they are not considered living organisms.

Besides matter what else do living organisims move through ecosystems?
- In a Food Chain Producers To Consumers or Biochemical Cycles

What are 2 living things that don't move?
The previous answer was incorrect. All living organisms move. Even coral. Living organisms require seven characteristics to be classed as 'alive' This can be remembered as Mrs Gren. Movement, Respiration, Sensitivity, Growth, Reproduction, Excretion and Nutrition.

Why do living things move from one place to another?
living organisms move from one place to another to find food,to find shelter, to find mates,and to escape from preditors

Why are muscles cells called the motors of living organisms?
Because they burn fuel and make you move.

What qualities define an object as living?
All living organisms move, reproduce, can respond to stimuli, grow, respirate, excrete, and need nutrition.

Cells are alive but not all living cells are organisms Why?
because some cells move and some dont

Characteristics of a living or nonliving object?
Living Organisms are Conscious, non-living are not. Living can reproduce, non living cannot. Living can metabolize organic materials and grow, non-living cannot. Living organisms can move on themselves, non-living cannot. Living react to external environment (both biotic and abiotic), non-living cannot. There can be so many. These are the top 5.

How do multicellular organisms move?
Multicellular organisms can move in different ways depending on their size and shape. The term multicellular refers to most living things on the planet so the question cannot be answered without generalising.

Name the two characteristics of living organisms that distinguish them from nonliving things?
Ability to move independently and ability to reproduce.

How do these important material by living things move into their bodies and to the parts of the organisms where they are needed?
Well, by ingestion, digestion, and circulation.

Does dirt move?
Yes listen to "High Speed Dirt" by Megadeth! I'm just kidding. Dirt itself, doesn't move, but the organisms living inside dirt may move with it.

Equatic ecosystems are primarily determined by what characteristics of the overlying water?
The aquatic ecosystems are primarily determined by the ability of water to move or not.

What variables are in the rainforest?
Plants and animals wich are abiotic and biotic factors are vaiable in a rain forest. FYI abiotic factors are nonliving organisms and biotic factors are living organisms. An example of an abiotic factor is water because water can not move on it's own unless you move it. An example of a biotic factor is humans because we breathe, and all living organisms breathe

Name some living things that don't move?
Most plants, lots of adult sea organisms (like clams).

How does the water cycle move through living things?
Living organisms breathe and perspire releasing oxygen into the air which is part of the water cycle. Evaporation (from plants and organisms). There's also evaporation from oceans, lakes, streams, etc..but that is another type.

How does water move through ecosystems?
through a procces called evapuration

Characteristics that are always present in living organisms are?
All living things reproduce, feed, move, use their senses, produce waste, respire and grow. If they they can't do even one of these things they can't be classed as living!

What might happen to organisms living fast moving river if a dam is built on the river?
3 options it will move, adapt, or die.

What is the difference between and plant and animals?
Plants are living organisms that have the ability to absorb water and inorganic substances through roots and convert it into food using chlorophyll. Animals are also living organisms that can move and function, with some getting either energy from plants.

What are four characteristics that separate living organisms from non-living organisms?
They Move They Reproduce They are Sensitive They take in Nutrients They Excrete They Respire (breathe) They Grow You can remember it by using the first letters of each word, like this: "Mrs Nerg" - Move, Reproduce, Sensitive; Nutrients, Excrete, Respire, Grow or you can use "Mrs Gren" and remember Move, Reproduce, Sensitive, Grow, Respire, Excrete, Nutrients Living organisms have characteristics of life that non-living organisms do not have. These characteristics are: 1) Responds to...

How does climate change affect natural habitats?
Climate change can cause various effects. It causes living organisms to move from their natural habitat.

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