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Top Features of Pokerstars Rakeback

por Carlton Hatter (2018-10-26)

www.roomlive.netDid you know that Pokerstars Rakeback is one of the few rakeback programs that is loaded with so many features that range from early buy in to prizes for new players? The best part about it is the real money games and privileges to a VIP member only on account of his bets and rake generated for the poker house.

Pokerstars Rakeback: Best Features

PokerStars rakeback has gained immense popularity because it is feature rich and enables a player to bet and win amounts that may not be possible otherwise. Some of its other features that make the program so interesting are:

Begin free play: In case a person wants to try out poker and get a feel of the game, the website lets you download their game software, which enables a rookie to play poker in the Texas Holdem format for free. This helps you learns the game via a hands-on approach. Although this would not generate Pokerstars Rakeback for you, you would still know what to do when you play with actual money or with play money for that matter. With the download, players will also get the option to enroll in the Rakeback program for free.

State-of-the-art systems: The software and systems used for simulating the poker experience at Pokerstars is commendable. However, after enrolling in their Pokerstars Rakeback, you are free to customize certain things for yourself, such as different tables, designing themes or chatting with other players. Once you have registered for Pokerstars Rakeback, you also gain access to information and statistics about your game, your wins and Poker88 money earned.

Safe and secure accounts: Whether you have enrolled in the Pokerstars Rakeback program or not, security is always the primary concern for the poker house. With millions of game and real money changing hands every day, the poker house uses one of the most advanced encryption technologies to track and transfer funds. Members also have the option of having their money kept in segregated accounts.

www.roomlive.netQuick deposit and faster cashouts: The overall format of the game enables quick deposit of money via plastic money, e-wallets and wire transfers. This is also true for the cashout plan, where a person gets to withdraw his earned money whenever he wants. Being a member of Pokerstars Rakeback allows you to have even faster transactions due to higher bankrolls.

Once you enroll for the Pokerstars Rakeback program and become a VIP member, you can start playing with real money. It will also help you accumulate Frequent Player Points, which provide you with better schemes.

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