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Report on PokerStars' Caribbean Adventure

por Loren Greig (2018-11-15)

www.qqpokerraja.orgAn unknown poker player from Canada, Poorya Nazari, has moved to the top of the table listing the largest cash winners in poker in 2009. Nazari is from Toronto, Canada and graduated from college last month.

The PokerStars' Caribbean Adventure's main event was held in the Atlantis Resort, with over 1300 people taking part, most of who qualified via online tournaments, many from PokerStars itself.

Nazari admitted to being shocked by his huge win, commenting, "It was only today I started thinking about winning. At one point yesterday I was down to virtually nothing but I got off to a good start today and at that point I thought I might have a shot."

The highest place achieved by a PokerStars professional was 4th place, awarded to Alexandre Gomes, qq Poker Online along with a tidy sum of $750,000. Many famous people from all walks of life played, including tennis superstar Boris Becker, and a grand total of 26 professionals from PokerStars.

Many other top players also graced the field, including last year's winner Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospellier, three former world champions: Joe Hachem, Greg Raymer and Chris Moneymaker, the multiple bracelet winner Daniel Negreanu and Peter Eastgate, sponsored by PokerStars, who made headlines when he became the world's youngest ever WSOP champion, winning a cool $9,000,000 in November.

The final table began to dwindle quite quickly, with four players being eliminated within the first three hours, winning a total of almost $1,500,000 between them. Alexandre Gomes was next to go, with Benny Spindler's quads beating Gomes' full house. It took another four and a half hours before Benny Spindler finally went out and claimed 3rd place, earning over a million dollars for his efforts.

Four hands later, Nazari beat Tony Gregg into second place when he was pushed all-in pre-flop with Qf 7`. Nazari had Ac 10f, with the board being dealt 10` 6c 5c 3` 9f, handing Nazari the $3,000,000 top prize.

The standings on the final table, and the money awarded was as follows:

1. Poorya Nazari - $3,000,000
2. Tony Gregg - $1,700,000
3. Benny Spindler - $1,100,000
4. Alexandre Gomes - $750,000
5. Pieter Tielen -$550,000
6. Dustin Dirksen - $400,000
7. Daniel Heimiller - $300,000
8. Kevin Saul - $234,000

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