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Videos of Shark Attacks

por Emil Meyers (2018-07-06)

free lesbian pictures videosVideos of shark attacks on the Internet are countless. They are made for various reasons. Most of them are real scenes, the others are fictional ones.

Shark attacks are sensational incidents especially when humans are the victims. Around the world, there are instances that sharks attack people. Deaths are reported with many injuries. Year after year, attacks of sharks were reported to the public. Some media outlets sometimes sensationalized these shark attacks. Real shark attacks, in rare incidents, were caught on video. More vivid are the videos of fictional shark attacks in films.

Records show that there is a decrease in shark attacks of humans. The number of victims is decreasing every year. Fatality rate is lowered.

There are approximately 360 shark species. Among the various shark species, four of these species were involved in famous attacks to humans.

There is no truth to the believe that all sharks are involved in unprovoked attacks of people. The great white, tiger, oceanic white tip and bull sharks were the species reported to cause deaths on attacks. Other species were reported to have also attacked people. Those attacks were insignificant compared to the already mentioned four species.

The production of videos showing shark attacks is easy nowadays given the latest video technology. Video cameras are handy and portable now that can be brought anywhere.

Videos featuring attacks by different shark species are available online. Individuals who like to watch video of shark attacks can easily access these videos. A wide selection of shark nikki fritz lesbian videos videos is in the worldwide web for those enthusiasts to watch.

hot lesbian action videos are made by either professional crews or those by amateurs. Amateur videos are mostly for private viewing only. Video clips specially done for media outlets are shown on television news channels. There are also shark attack videos made for scientific studies.

Favorite Shark Attack Videos

One of the favorite shark attack video is a scene showing a surfer being attacked by two great white sharks. The two great white sharks is vividly seen hitting the surfer. The surfer was able to survive the attack with minor injuries.

The video of two Florida men exchanging windsurfing equipment with kayaks. They paddled their kayaks with fishing rods on hands. They baited a shark and pulled the fish onshore. The first man tried to unhook the shark. Right after the first failed, the second man was caught by the shark. The hand was yanked by the shark.

A video shows the horrific scene when a 16-foot great white shark attacked a group of swimmers in Chile. The screams of a lady is heard as her leg was bitten off by the shark. Red blood replaced the blue color of the water. The lady escaped further injuries, and death, when she was rescued to safety by her companions.

One of an all-time favorite is a video of a shark being attacked in a Seattle aquarium. There was a mystery on why sharks are being found dead on the bottom of this particular aquarium. The octopus were eating sharks.