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He Will Also Invade The Beautiful Land...The U.S.-Israel Strategic Alliance - Part III

por Fay Schweitzer (2018-08-06)


The Wests fascination with the Holy Landthe Beautiful Land or Glorious Land (Daniel 11:41)be it for hidden/material or prophetic/spiritual treasures, has climaxed at the apex of the modern era in Americas most recent intrusion into Iraq.

The last Caliphate, the Ottoman Turks, collapsed at the close of World War I. On December 11, 1917, British Field Marshal, Edmund Allenby, dismounted, and walked through Jerusalems Jaffa Gate, in honor of the three great religions as the Allies eventually wrested control of the Levant from the decrepit Ottomansthusly, was this member of the Axis Powers dismembered.

By December, 1917, Allenby had moved upwards from Egypt and captured Jerusalem. As the first Christian conqueror of the Holy City since the Crusades, Allenby ordered his troops to dismount as a mark of respect when they entered the city. (PBS, Lawrence of Arabia).

Jerusalem The Endless Crusade is a perennial struggle between Jews and Gentile World Powersas well as a spiritual tussle amongst three of the worlds great religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

The ascendancy of the West in the modern era commenced in earnest with the discovery of the New World. Guns, Germs, and Steel (PBS Special, 2005) converged to give the West world dominance, which it owns to this daythat now includes the Middle East!

It can be further stated that The Coming of the West into the Beautiful Land in the Modern Era began many centuries prior to the British Empires flying machines over the skies of Jerusalemcausing the astonished Turks to drop their weapons and fleeAllenby capturing the Holy City without frying a shot!

The process of European penetration was gradual and complex (the Venetian traders in the early Thirteenth Century; Vasco da Gama et al.); but there were, nevertheless, clearly identifiable turning points. In the sixteenth century, for example, the Ottoman Empire voluntarily granted a series of concessions called the Capitulations to European powers - concessions which gave the Europeans decided advantages in foreign trade in the empire. Another turning point was the invasion of Egypt in 1798 by Napoleon Bonaparte. Hoping to cut Britain's lines to India and cripple its maritime and economic power, Napoleon crushed the Mamluks (who governed Egypt under Ottoman suzerainty) and briefly occupied the country. By defeating Egypt, then still part of the Ottoman Empire, Napoleon exposed the inner weaknesses, both military and administrative, of the sultans, shattered the myth of Ottoman power, and inaugurated more than 150 years of direct political intervention by the West.

Europe's worldwide nineteenth-century search for raw materials, markets, military bases, and colonies eventually touched most of what had been the Arab empire. In 1820 Great Britain imposed a pact on Arab tribes on the coast of the Arabian Gulf; in the 1830s France occupied Algeria; in 1839 Britain occupied Aden, at the strategic entrance to the Red Sea; and in 1869 Ferdinand de Lesseps, with the backing of the French emperor, completed what would become, and still is, one of the key shipping arteries of the world, the Suez Canal. (The Coming of the West, Islamic City)

The British and French occupied a growing sphere of influencecolonialismof the region under the Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916 until the end of World War

Part II of the U.S.-Israel Strategic Alliance designates the leadership of the West shifting from its Eurocentric colonial base in the Middle East, to its present aegis under what has become the military and ideological arm of the West: The United States of America. The projection of commercial, socio-political, and military power throughout the region by the USAworking in concert with allies in the area (viz., Israel) since the Suez War of 1957clearly places America as the force de jure in the Glorious Land. This preeminent posture is driven by Americas insatiable quest for below-market oil prices which enables the West under its American leadership to sustain its extraordinary consumptive economy.

Securing the regions treasures enabled the West to win the Cold War. Now, frustrating American dominancepolitically and geographicallyis a resurgent Islam determined to expunge the West from these Holy Lands through Fatwa and Jihad.

We will continue to elaborate upon the Wests leadership vis-vis America, in the context of her catalyst for the present incursion into the Beautiful Land. Juxtaposed to the European colonial model, the Wests intrusion is led by the ever-present and anticipated hand of her Executive: The Presidency of the USA. Part II of this series demonstrated that the personification of the Wests leadership is domiciled in its President.

Policy and ideologyespecially as it pertains to the Middle Eastis specifically relegated to the office of the Chief Executive. No other nation on the planet can claim such sweeping political prejudice committed to such a singular position. In particular, as Commander-in-Chief of her Armed Forces, and their/his arsenals of destructive capacity, the President of the United States of America leads this most powerful military manifestation ever amassed upon the face of the earth; and, projects that might faster and with more lethal force than any other person upon the globe.

Furthermore, it is the Presidency of George Walker Bush, more than any other Presidency, who has made the issue of MILITARY VICTORY the definitive expression of his administrationHE WILL SETTLE FOR NOTHING BUT COMPLETE VICTORY!

We will confront this mortal danger to all humanity . . . We will not tire, or rest . . . we will see freedoms victory . . . we must stop them . . . we will never back down, never give in, and never accept anything less than complete victory . . . there is no peace without victory . . . we will keep our nerve and we will win that victory!

"The militants believe that controlling one country will rally the Muslim masses, enabling them to overthrow all moderate governments in the region, and establish a radical Islamic empire that spans from Spain to Indonesia . . . they are fanatical and extreme . . . utterly committed . . . As Zarqawi has vowed, We will either achieve victory over the human race or we will pass to the eternal life . . . we must stop them before their crimes can multiply!" (Excerpts from Bushs speech at the National Endowment for Democracy, Washington, D.C.) website )


So, who says who is mad? Ultimatelycutting to the chase hereMe thinks the whole worlds gone mad, except thee and me, and sometimes I think thee! (Famous Quaker quote).

Bush and Osamaand let me disabuse you of their ignoranceknow perfectly well what drives the West and Islam in this clash of cultures. Each is a master of propaganda where half-truths prejudice their audiencesyet, oddly enough, the truth is out there.

Leaders in the U.S. are loathe to admit that America is at war with Islam; however, many in Islam have no reservation in defining the current struggle as a war upon Islam by the West, and, in particular, the USA.

The war is fundamentally religious . . . under no circumstances should we forget this enmity between us and the infidels. For, the enmity is based on creed. (Statement by Usama Bin Ladin, AJSCT, 3 November 2001).

I pondered how this struggle, this War on Terror, this war against the crusader invaders, etcetera, could be framed with clarity, and without bias------frankly speaking, it's impossible; for there are simply too many interpretive variables in the current alignment of protagonists. However, since numerous historians and pundits lay claim to whats driving this conflictwe must give appraisal to those whose interpretations mirror reality, while eschewing those blandishments which enhance the ever-present agendum designed to serve a selfish purpose.


First of all, Osama bin Laden has, more than any other antagonist facing the armies of the West, led by the USA, encapsulated all that the Western leadershipespecially President Bushloathes, abhors, and despises.

It is Osama who makes for Western jokes, while an ever-intensifying propaganda for the soul of Islam is waged by the jokesters who know full-well that were not dealing with Burt but the makings of Saladin who galvanized the disparate Moslem tribes under one banner and defeated the original Crusaders. Indeed, if the West can split Islammaking Osama into the caricature of a mad-bomber; caring not for life and limbthen, our discrediting will pay off in bigger dividends for the same Merchants of the Earth who are growing rich from this incessant struggle.

Osama has proclaimed that Jihad (a Holy defensive War against the USA and the Jews) is the SIXTH PILLAR (de facto) of Islamand, consequently, any Moslem who does not take up arms against the infidel (the decadent Western invaders) is disobedient to Allah, a heretic, and is Moslem in name onlyin point of spiritual fact, WORSE THAN AN INFIDEL!

I must say that my duty is just to awaken the Muslims; to tell them as to what is good for them and what is not. What does Islam say and what do the enemies of Islam want. Al-Qa'idah was set up to wage a jihad against infidelity, particularly to counter the onslaught of the infidel countries against the Islamic states. Jihad is the sixth undeclared pillar of Islam. [The first five being the basic holy words of Islam ("There is no god but God and Muhammad is the messenger of God"), prayers, fasting (in Ramadan), pilgrimage to Mecca and giving alms (zakat).] Every anti-Islamic person is afraid of jihad. Al-Qa'idah wants to keep jihad alive and active and make it a part of the daily life of the Muslims. It wants to give it the status of worship. (Interview with Osama bin Laden published in newspaper Ummat Karachi, 28th September, 2001)

Even sothere are six Osamanic pillars kept before all Moslems for them to hear, see, experience and ever-hate the policies of the USA:

U.S. support for Israel that keeps Palestinians in the Israelis thrall.

U.S. and other Western troops on the Arabian Peninsula.

U.S. occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.

U.S. support for Russia, India, and China against their Muslim militants.

U.S. pressure on Arab energy producers to keep oil prices low.

U.S. support for apostate, corrupt, and tyrannical Muslim governments.
(Imperial Hubris, Why the West is Losing the War on Terror, Anonymous, Brasseys, Inc., Washington, D.C., p. 241).

The above six axioms of Osama bin Laden makes him the charg des affaires of Islamic Fundamentalism. Osama overtly defines Islams present Jihad as the cause cre against the Crusaders of the Westand, in particular, against the King of the West: The President of the United States of America, George Walker Bush. Osama has, due to the propaganda of the West, become the focalpoint of frustration and the Stalin-Hitler-Tojo-Mao-Mussolini archfiend of elite and redneck, of preacher and politician, of media pundit and military strategistall united in their wrath upon the absolutist whose weapons are terror and whose cause is evil.

Probing the depths of Osamas psycheand reading a score of writings* relative to his discoveryconfirms one solitary fact: Here is no simpleton, baffoon, nor madman plagued either by schizophrenic demonic hosts or obsessed with an overweening sense of his own proprietyno, no, no! If ever a more genuine, committed, ardent follower of Islamwhose submission to Allah is beyond reproach and whose steps follow those of the Prophet Mohammedcould be found, it would most definitely find its vessel of choice in this singular figure: Osama bin Laden!

Shocked? Dont beOBL, in point of fact, is NOT on Islams fringe as many in the West would have you believe. OBL is smack dab in the mainstream of Islamic tradition, thought, word, and deed!

In his book, Imperial Hubris, the authorAnonymousencapsulates OBLs hatred toward the West, the USA, in stark terms:

Leaving aside political-correctness concerns will allow us to recognize and candidly discuss the genuine and growing substantive, not just visceral, hatred for America among the worlds 1.3 billion Muslims. Because Muslim leaderswith bin Laden in the vanrepeatedly have told us that they hate Americans for what we do and not for what we think, look like, or talk about, there can be no valid charge of racism or Islamophobia in such a discussion. We regret to tell you that you are the worst civilization in the history of mankind, bin Laden explained in his October 2002 letter to Americans. You ransack our lands, stealing our treasures and oil . . . . Your forces occupy our lands . . . You have starved the Muslims of Iraq . . . . So what is left on the list of the most heinous, evil and unjust acts that you have not done? (Ibid. Page 256)


Without equivocation, there is but one person in all the West who has definitively defined our implacable foe and placed upon him a most outrageous face. This one has described without compromisewith, if you would, unmitigated gallthe dastardly characteristics of a fiendish enemy who must be stopped!

To do thishe has embarked upon a calculated strategy and plan for total VICTORY over The Bastard of Islamfor this is no child of Mohammed, but the evil distortion of a peaceful religion! No oneabsolutely no voice in the Westhas had such a calculated impact in announcing the parameters of the battle . . . the Commander-in-Chief leads the charge!

Yet while the killers choose their victims indiscriminately, their attacks serve a clear and focused ideology, a set of beliefs and goals that are evil, but not insane.

Some call this evil Islamic radicalism; others, militant Jihadism; still others, Islamo-fascism. Whatever its called, this ideology is very different from the religion of Islam. This form of radicalism exploits Islam to serve a violent, political vision: the establishment, by terrorism and subversion and insurgency, of a totalitarian empire that denies all political and religious freedom. These extremists distort the idea of jihad into a call for terrorist murder against Christians and Jews and Hindus -- and also against Muslims from other traditions, who they regard as heretics.

Many militants are part of global, borderless terrorist organizations like al Qaeda, which spreads propaganda, and provides financing and technical assistance to local extremists, and conducts dramatic and brutal operations like September the 11th. Other militants are found in regional groups, often associated with al Qaeda -- paramilitary insurgencies and separatist movements in places like Somalia, and the Philippines, and Pakistan, and Chechnya, and Kashmir, and Algeria. Still others spring up in local cells, inspired by Islamic radicalism, but not centrally directed. Islamic radicalism is more like a loose network with many branches than an army under a single command. Yet these operatives, fighting on scattered battlefields, share a similar ideology and vision for our world. (NED, October, 2005)

No need to belabor the Presidents stock speech which hes apt to give wherever the opportunity avails.


Folks, you might wonder why the American Left has NOT quoted extensively from Imperial Hubristhink no further . . .

Killing in large numbers is not enough to defeat our Muslim foes. With killing must come a Sherman-like razing of infrastructure. Roads and irrigation systems; bridges, power plants, and crops in the field; fertilizer plants and grain millsall these and more will need to be destroyed to deny the enemy its support base. Land mines, moreover, will be massively reintroduced to seal borders and mountain passes too long, high, or numerous to close with U.S. soldiers. As noted, such actions will yield large civilian casualties, displaced populations, and refugee flows. Again, this sort of blood-mindedness is neither admirable nor desirable, but it will remain Americas only option so long as she stands by her failed policies toward the Muslim world. (Ibid. p. 242)

Folks, were not talking Viet Nam this time aroundbe clear, be VERY clearthose whove been immersed in the mind if Islam (Anonymous) understand precisely what the Israelis understandwithout total war, there cannot, will not ever be total victory over terrorism over Osama and his ilkeverwithout TOTAL WAR!

And, that is what this President intends to delivermake no mistake about it.


Yet, the brilliance of Anonymous and his synthesis of Islamic Radicalism, is clouded by his remedies to terminate endless war with Islam wherein he proposes that the US decouple its strategic alliance with Israel to avoid ceaseless confrotation with Islam to wit:

Does unvarying military, economic, and political support for Israel serve substantivevice emotionalU.S. interests, those that, by definition, affect Americas survival? Do we totally support Israel because it is essential to our security, or because of habit, the prowess of Israels American lobbyists and spies, the half-true mantra that Israel is a democracy, the fear of having no control over a state we allowed to become armed with WMD, the bewildering pro-Israel alliance of liberal Democrats and Christian fundamentalists, and a misplaced sense of guilt over the Holocaust? Like America or any state, Israel has a right to exist if it can defend itself or live peacefully with its neighbors; that is not the question. The question is whether U.S. interests require Americans to be Israels protectors and endure the endless blood-and-treasure costs of that role. Status quo U.S. policy toward Israel will result in unending war with Islam. (Ibid. p. 257) (My emphasis.)

His beclouding is not subject to a reasoned conclusion to win the War on Terror vis-vis Israels strategic alliance with the USA fueling unending Islamic hatred toward the USAbut that such an egregious presupposition could be suggested belies the vacuousness of the remark! To the contraryit is precisely, I affirm, the very aspiration of this Presidency, to solidify Americas strategic alliance with Israel in a FORMAL DEFENSE PACT to underwrite Israels security, while utilizing Israels strategic offensive-defensive abilities on Americas War on Terrornotwithstanding all the anger and resentment perpetrated upon the West by a Moslem world which will be incensed by such an agreement!

This Presidency has utterly no intention in listening to the likes of insolationist paleoconservatives like Pat Buchanan. Again and again, strategies for victory are decidedly pronounced by scores of neconservatives which dominate the halls of American foreign policy! Indeed, if you think for one minute that the War on TerrorBushs War on Terrorthe Neocon Dream Warhas any intention of listening to the gibberish of Anonymous or Buchanan . . . get a life, it aint goin happen!

Sure, Douglas Feiths Neocon HQ Office of Special Plans may be under investigation for spying on behalf of Israel (, but the inexorable march to full-out war in the Middle East vis-vis Irans nuclear designs is, as Condi Rice once said: Everything is on the table!

The FACT that the entire region is moving headlong into Osamas traditional Islamic ideology (including Hizbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Islamic Brotherhood, ad nausea, ad infinitum), has not gone unnoticed by the leadership of the Western World: George W. Bush.


It can be objectively ascertained that the Western presence in the Middle East has reached the zenith of its military and political expression. The invasions of Afganistan and Iraq, along with demanding that all despotic regimes in the region embrace Democracyand dont think for a minute thats not Western Democracyall the while prepositioning thousands of US troops on newly built basesbe they land, naval and airare but the initial tent setup. He has no intention whatsoever folding his tent and stealing away in the night! Againto the contraryhis full intention is to PLANT HIS TENT IN THE GLORIOUS LANDeven betwixt and between the seas and the Glorious Holy Mountain!!

For startersand perhaps much to the Buchanan-Anonymous chagrinWilliam Arkin (commentator for NBC) recently released a book entitled, Code Names. The book alledges that the USA has at least five bases in Israeland perhaps more. One of the bases spreads over 24 square miles about 14 miles from Israels International Ben Guiron Airport . . .

A new book published in the US, Code Names, by William M. Arkin, exposes information about a US military presence in Israel, including US Army bases at secret locations. It gives a long list of code names that describe milestones in strategic cooperation between Jerusalem and Washington. The books revelations about ongoing cooperation between the US Armed Forces and the Israel Defense Forces impart a new dimension to the saying by late Republican Senator Jesse Helms that Israel is Americas aircraft carrier in the Middle East, and that this fact alone justifies the military aid that the US grants Israel every year.

The book also sheds light on military ties between the US and most of the worlds countries, and