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The Etude ETR-100 Student Trumpet's generous bore makes it easy for a beginner to play while learning to form notes accurately. Equipped with a beautiful red brass lead pipe, it is nice-looking and crafted both for easy tone production and great projection.

The Etude ETR-100 Trumpet is built to be securely handled by small or inexperienced hands with a first-valve thumb saddle and an adjustable third valve finger ring. These enhancements also make the Etude ETR-100 more comfortable to hold, allowing novice performers to pay more attention to intonation.


Upon receiving after year warrant the 2nd valve where it is cold soldered separated, had to be re-cold-soldered. Next Issue: The 3rd valve guide has worn out. Visite site. Unlike other brands you can not go to a music store and purchase this item. All suppliers of this item say that it is an in house brand and after warranty they can not order the parts. Essentially the horn is now worthless. This was one of my students trumpets, I will let them use one of my Bach's until a replacement can be found. Would not recommend to parents as a first horn.

The Selmer TR71Trumpet is an instrument that, from inception through production, focuses on the needs of a beginner trumpet player. Combining a.459-inch bore with a red brass leadpipe, Selmer has made the Prelude trumpet a free blowing horn that allows the player to move between registers seamlessly. Stainless steel valves prevent wear and provide smooth action, and the yellow brass bell provides a warm tone.

Great Value

I was renting a Jupiter CEB trumpet for my daughter, and called the Sam Ash customer service line for guidance on an equivalent instrument to buy vs. renting. They guided me to the right instrument for a starting player, along with giving me a great price. The trumpet case was also much lighter but just as sturdy as the rental case.

Great option instead of renting

Why pay so much to rent a trumpet for a year when you can get the TR71trumpet. If you are looking at an entry trumpet for your child that won't break the bank than you have a winner here. Stainless steel values will help this trumpet last you the school year and right up until you next trumpet. Comes with case.

Beginner Bb trumpets are commonly designed with a larger bore to facilitate easy blowing for neophytes. It is built with cheaper materials. But basically, it conforms to the same quality as the manufacturer advertises.

Professional level trumpets are can easily cost you a lot. They are made with top-notch quality materials. They have interchangeable lead pipe system to serve the varying needs of each musician. This allows musicians to equip their instrument with their preferred parts.

Higher Pitched Trumpets

A C trumpet is not all that rare nowadays. It is tuned a whole note above the Bb model. It has a spot on the orchestra and does quite well alongside the Bb trumpets. The entry level for this type of trumpet costs a bit more up to double the price of its Bb counterparts.

There are also higher pitched trumpets a few more notes above C. You can easily find D/Eb, and E trumpets that play a great lead parts in the orchestra. For beginners, you might want to establish a good working skill on the Bb before you scale up the more complicated models.

A well maintained second-hand trumpet can take you a long way.

It would be great if you could have a professional musician to accompany you when you buy your first instrument. This way you can avoid buying stuff that does not suit you and your playing style.