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My OCD likes to keep things in order, so I opted for keeping everything in a color pattern, and the kids just know which ones are theirs now.

Want to make your own Chore Charts for Kids???

I just bought this yesterday and my son has already earned some magnet. We haven't set up a firm system yet on how many magnets at weeks end will get him some sort of reward. I'm thinking that we will use screen time as a reward as he is getting a new game this weekend and he will want to spend every minute playing it, so to avoid too much screen time we might get some chores out of him :P Only problem so far with this is that when no accomplishment magnets are in use at the beginning of a week, they do not fit on the extra board, but very minor issue.

I love this site and feel like so much of my inspiration is found here.


Begin by spray painting your piece of sheet metal with spray enamel (or you can leave it unpainted cuz it looks cute both ways!) Let dry.

Mod Podge scrapbook paper to the FRONT of your chipboard paper. You will need two pieces to cover the whole piece. Let dry.

Chore Icons

To make magnets you will need to cut circles around your chore clip art, and then mod podge them to the flat backs of the accent gems. Let dry. Once dry add magnet strip or small magnet to back.

When chipboard is dry, cut out your pattern from the back. Look at here now. You will then hot glue this to your piece of wood, making sure it is center. Also be sure to add hot glue to the chipboard piece and not the sheet metal because it will dry too fast to stick.

Add your ribbon to the back of your wood. I do this by turning the board over, marking the very center top, and then measure two inches on each side. Staple the ribbon on the inch marks and tie a square knot (right over left, left over right).

When sheet metal is dry, hot glue this to your scrapbook paper/chipboard in the center. Be sure to hot glue the paper and not the back of the metal or the hot glue will dry before you can put them together.