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Keeping your wrists straight can help relieve the pressure on your median nerve. Symptoms are more common at night, so wearing a splint in the evening may help relieve your symptoms before they start. Browse around this website. If you have issues with repetitive tasks at work, you can also wear wrist splints during the day.

Stretch it out

OTC pain relievers such as aspirin (Bufferin) and ibuprofen (Advil) may be beneficial. Not only can these relieve any pain you may have, but they can also reduce inflammation around the nerve.

Traditional treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome

More serious cases of carpal tunnel syndrome may require your doctor’s help. Your doctor may recommend corticosteroids to lessen your pain and inflammation. These drugs reduce the amount of swelling and pressure placed on the median nerve. Injections are more effective than oral steroids. This therapy may be particularly effective if your CTS is caused by inflammatory conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Your doctor may also recommend surgery to relieve pressure on the nerve. This typically involves making one or two incisions in the area affected and cutting the ligament involved. This will release the nerve and increase the space around the nerve. The ligament will eventually grow back, allowing more space for your nerve than there was before. If your CTS is severe, surgery may not clear up your symptoms completely, but it should help you feel better and help prevent any further damage to the nerve.

Common Aches and Pains

Which product you choose depends on the source of your pain. If you suffer from muscle soreness/stiffness associated with exercise or work, FREEZE is the product for you. It’s fast acting, portable, and works just like an ice pack to soothe muscles and joints.


The second herbal supplement I take once or twice a week is oil of oregano. I’ve written other articles about the curative powers of oil of oregano for skin conditions, fungal infection, and all kinds of viruses like the cold and flu. Oil of oregano is also excellent as a topical agent for pain and inflammation, but because of the smell and thick consistency, I take it internally for systemic inflammation and abstain from using it on my wrists. I prefer using creams on my skin unless I have some dermatitis—then I use the oil of oregano out of the bottle.

Why It Works

Ice reduces the swelling that squishes the median nerve. The stretching exercises mobilize the tissue lining the carpal tunnel so the nerve slides more freely and blood flows better, which improves toxin removal and nutrient delivery.

Taking frequent breaks can help prevent further inflammation. If you have a bad case of carpal tunnel syndrome, you may need to stop the offending activity altogether for a couple of weeks.

The splints, available in drugstores or medical supply stores, are designed to keep the wrist in a neutral position, that is, not bent or turned in one direction or another. This relieves pressure on the carpal tunnel and, in turn, on the median nerve. Splinting works best when started within the first three months of symptoms.

Bromelain, a protein-digesting enzyme derived from pineapple, combats inflammation in the carpal tunnel from inside your body. Use it during an acute flare to reduce pain and swelling.

Capsaicin cream.

This cream contains the same compound that gives hot peppers their heat. It interferes with the transmission of pain signals. Use the 0.025% concentration (the lowest) because the skin on the inside of the wrist is so thin and sensitive.

Prescription Drugs

Steroids. Both oral and injectable steroids are used in the short term to reduce swelling and pain in carpal tunnel syndrome. Prednisone is the most commonly prescribed oral steroid. It usually works within four weeks. You may also receive steroid injections into the opening of the carpal tunnel, with or without an anesthetic like lidocaine, which provides temporary relief. Injections seem to work best if you splint the wrist for several days afterward. Neither injections nor oral steroids should be used for long-term relief, however, because of potentially serious side effects.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The Carpal Tunnel Condition: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs when the Median Nerve that goes through the narrow tunnel of the wrist becomes compressed through repetitive hand movement, causing swelling and inflammation.