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The RCA DTA800Bworks well and has a smart antenna input, but the exclusion of analog cables seems stingy, especially considering that it costs more than some competitors' offerings.

There's nothing fancy about the DTT900. It allows your old TV to receive digital broadcasts, provided you also buy an inexpensive antenna.

At the Consumer Electronics Association's Entertainment Technology Policy Summit in January 2006, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein said many Americans did not know about the February 17, 2006, deadline for ending analog TV. Furthermore, he said, too many people were still buying analog TV sets, meaning more demand for converter boxes. And even if people found out what they would have to do, converter boxes might not do the job adequately. Tribune Broadcasting chief technology officer Ira Goldstone said just buying a converter box did not necessarily mean getting the latest technology. Bob Seidel of CBS said companies (especially in countries other than the US) might use cheaper tuners, and people would need new television antennas for proper reception. Circuit City Chairman Alan McCollough opposed converter boxes, saying people should just buy digital TVs, and television networks should offer only widescreen-format television programming as an incentive to do that.

Prototypes of the first converter boxes appeared at the NAB show in 200LG Electronics, which took over Zenith Electronics in 1999, showed its model connected to a Zenith TV from 1980, while Thomson Consumer Electronics used an RCA TV from 198for its demonstration. Both boxes shown used electronic program guides using Program and System Information Protocol (PSIP). The devices showed program details, V-chip ratings and signal strength. Thomson's model stored three days of TV listings, allowed parental controls, and could set a VCR.

Differences for cable customers citation needed

After that, taking away analog channels allowed faster Internet and more HD channels. An adapter from the cable provider was needed even for digital TVs if the company scrambled its digital signals to prevent piracy.

A digital transport adapter will allow viewing of basic channels, often as many as 99, but not premium channels. It will also not allow video on demand or pay-per-view. Simple DTAs only allow analog sets to receive digital signals using RF output on channel or 4, using coaxial cable. Other versions of the DTA are available.

GE Digital Converter

Offering a DVD-like picture, the Zinwell ZAT-970A supports 1broadcast formats. It comes with parental controls and the ability to set up locked channels. The Zinwell also gives consumers the choice to view television in wide or full formats.

Winegard RCDT09A

The Winegard RCDT09A is a compact box with front panel controls and a remote control. Its design allows the device to operate off battery power, making it one of the few portable converter boxes available. Its display offers basic information about scheduled television shows.


The DTVPal DVR from DISH offers consumers a wide range of options. In addition to working as a converter box, it also records up to 150 hours of television. It offers an extensive program guide, the ability to record two programs at once, and HD connections.

Tivax STB-T9

The Tivax STB-Toffers a built-in V-chip, close captioning, and a sleep timer. One-time offer. A Smart Antenna Port makes it easy to hook up, and it comes with a remote control. On-screen programming and the ability to set different aspect ratios provides convenience.

DISH Network TR-40 CRA

The TR-40 CRA from DISH network provides analog pass-through and a detailed program guide that includes several day's worth of information. An on-screen setup wizard walks users through the setup process and the device includes parental controls. A VCR event timer allows users to set the device to record a program when connected to a VCR or DVD player.

HomeWorX HW180STB

Offering a USB port and strong signal reception, the HomeWorX HW180STB is a solid choice. It supports multiple outputs and comes ready to plug in and watch. The included remote allows users to create a favorites list for easy access to their most-viewed channels.

Apex DT250

Antenna position is critical as it affects signal strength.

Unlike analog where the picture would get snowy, in digital it is all or nothing. Your description indicates your signal is marginal which is likely reason for intermittent freezing or loss of picture & sound.

What You Need To Do Before Installation

If you have determined that your RV's TVs do not have digital tuners, then you will need Digital TV Converter Box and one extra length of cable (length of cable depends on far the TV is going to be from the DTV Converter Box) for each TV. If you have a VCR that does not have a digital TV tuner, then you will need a converter box and extra length of cable for that as well (more on this later).

When purchasing the converter boxes, make sure that they include the option of Analog Pass Through. Analog Pass Through allows analog signals to pass through the Digital TV Converter Box when it is turned off. If you are hooked up to cable at an RV park, or if you want to watch a video or DVD the converter box should be turned off (not unplugged) so that the analog signal will Pass Through the converter box directly to your TV.