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Fashionable And Functional Coordinating Dog Collars And Leashes

"Maik Gilley" (2019-08-19)

1062Show your furry friend's personality with coordinating dog collars and leashes. The leash laws are in effect for the safety of both humans and their pets, but your dog doesn't have to have the same collar as all the other dogs in the neighborhood. Contrasting or matching leashes and collar sets give your pet a chance to make a fashion statement all their own.

Different Styles for Every Type of Dog

For the toy breeds, there are pastels, plaid and rhinestone dog collars with leashes to match, showing the world how special your animal is to you. Matching the style and color to their personality lets them put their best paw forward when out on the sidewalks with you.

Mid-sized pets can also have the cute collars the toy breeds wear, or something a little more suited to the owner's personality, as well as their own.

Have a larger, tougher breed? Maybe you want something to match that. For that you can find all sorts of "bad to the bone" collars.

All these options show both your pet and the world how much these furry friends mean to their families, by allowing their own unique personality traits to show through.

Classic leather, braided nylon, decorative or simple, each animal deserves their own style when it comes to dog collars and leashes. Putting a collar on your friend that anyone could get at the local pet store doesn't seem right somehow, when this animal is so special to you.

Let Your Dog Stand Out

People like to be fashionable and look their best, and our pets are a reflection of ourselves. With all the unconditional love and the happiness they bring, don't these creatures deserve to stand out in their own right? Standard, mass produced dog collars and leashes may be fine when you first get a new puppy, but when their personality comes out, and they are a part of your life, you may want something a little more unique for your pet.

Think Safe

When considering safety, reflective dog collars and leashes are the answer for twilight strolls, or after dark excursions with your pet. Sturdy leads keep them from darting out into traffic, or chasing after other animals they encounter along the way. There are even specialty training collars that will not harm the animal, nor choke them as some of the more common varieties do. No one wants to use pain and fear to train their animals, so calming collars and training varieties that are more humane are the perfect solution. Once the dog has an idea of the desired behavior when out walking, more customized, and fashionable accessories can be used.

With so many choices when it comes to dog collars and leashes, it would perhaps be best to take the time and find just the right one that matches your unique and special pet. Whether a studded leather look for a miniature ban cho poodle, or hot pink plaid for a German Shepard, every animal has their own quirks, and personality traits that can be reflected in what you choose for them to wear.

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