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'Star Trek' and lots of other movies free to stream right now

"Kelsey Sons" (2019-08-26)

Some of the ads are geared very much to local habits. This one will surely amuse New York: "To the person in NoLita who started listening to holiday music way back in June. You really jingle all the way, huh?'

Marvel fans should enjoy some animated features joining TubiTV. "Invincible Iron Man," "Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow" and "Planet Hulk" join the free service in March. For fans of Cyclops, check out "Disturbing Behavior" featuring a young James Marsden and Katie Holmes. They aren't playing superheroes in that movie, but it's relatively not terrible.

MGM Free movies are hard to argue with. TubiTV has some titles worth checking out in March. First up, "Dances with Wolves." The lead is played by the man better known as Superman's Earth Dad from "Man of Steel," Kevin Costner. The director is better known as the director of "The Postman," Kevin Costner. In all fairness, "Dances with Wolves" happened to earn Costner the Academy Award for Best Director.

Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One, launched within a week of one another in November of last year, have together shipped more than 12 million units cumulatively, accounting for steady jumps in hardware sales. But software hasn't followed.

Ben Fox Rubin/CNET These convenience stores let customers check in at turnstiles, grab what they want and walk out without having to stop at a register. The cameras perceive the store floor as a jumble of bubbles -- each representing a shopper -- vibrating and moving around, some of them clumped together.

The rise comes after a confounding period, which began in the holiday shopping season. At the time, customers were steadily buying new video game consoles, but overall software spending dipped more than expected.

"After six months of declines, software rebounded," Liam Callahan, an analyst at NPD, said in a statement Monday. He added that half of the spending on software went to new titles that debuted that month, compared with just 9 percent in the same time a year before.

id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body"> Normally during this time of year we stuff stockings; however, Sony has decided to stuff a box. According to, there will be a new PlayStation 3 bundle just in time for the holidays. This box will include the 80GB PS3 console, accompanied by the Ratchet we've seen it on the Netatmo Welcome security camera, the Microsoft Kinect (which Microsoft no longer makes) and plenty of other consumer products. But recent advances in machine learning have helped bring facial recognition to even more devices, from the iPhone X to Nest's IQ cameras and its Hello doorbell. 

Apple's never had an official presence at CES, opting instead to host its own flashy events to launch its newest products. While Apple often has executives roaming around the massive electronics trade show floor, it doesn't have a booth or host a press conference in Las Vegas. And it almost never releases news related to CES products, even though various companies will show off new speakers, cases and other products that work with iPhones and other Apple devices.

The retail giant is just one of many tech heavy-hitters pouring resources into AI, which allows computers and bots to perform higher-level tasks like decision-making and predicting customers' needs. Microsoft, Google, Apple and Facebook are also touting how the technology can change and improve our lives.

Others, like Kuri by Mayfield Robotics, can actually move around and claim to recognize faces, but we haven't had the chance to test them out just yet. It would be exciting to see new assistant robots at the show in January. 

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