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Great show at the Dubai Open, as every top ranked player will take part in the competition

"Andres Dupuis" (2019-09-09)

Angelique Kerber would be hoping that the story does not repeat per se at the WTA Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships later this few weeks, after she come into the semi-finals in both equally 2017 and 2018 just before running up over later winner Elina Svitolina.

She got an superb 2018 which saw her win titles out of both Sydney and Wimbledon, and she achieved a comfortable start to 2019 by progressing to the quarter-finals in Sydney ahead of the defeat to Petra Kvitova.

The US based player has enjoyed a stellar rise to the big time after leaping from 72 in the world to number 1 in the past 12 months and she is going to be taking part in Dubai after her incredible success at the Australian Open.

ITG tennis has produced a breakdown of the prize money from every Premier 5 competitions, and Dubai shows up on the top this season.

Petra Kvitova is the 2nd best tennis player corresponding to the WTA positions and she shall be present in Dubai this season.

Petra Kvitova would be a crowd favorite when she bids to get a secondary championship at the WTA Dubai, which begins on Feb 17..

Kvitova is not in a precise decent shape, as she lost the quarter finals in St Petersburg following her incredibile journey at the Australian Open.