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دانلود فیلم تگزاس 2

"Brandy Mauriello" (2019-09-14)

The Texas دانلود فیلم تگزاس 2 movie is an action, comedy and adventure film directed by Masoud Aviabi, produced by Sayyed Ebrahim Amerian and written by Hamza Salehi. This film is a Texas sequel and was released in Iranian cinemas in April. Texas می‌باشد is the third best-selling movie in Iranian cinema history with over 25 billion tomans. The film was released in April and replaced by Rahman in Iran, and was initially welcomed by the audience, which said that the second part of the series would be much better-selling than the first. At the very beginning when Rahman II was replaced, Saeed Soheili, the director of the movie Gen. Pig, reacted to this and condemned the country's cinema authorities for not giving the movie its own film.