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دانلود فیلم ژن خوک

"Madonna Morgans" (2019-09-14)

Saeed Soheili has had the experience of making many objectionable films, including Guidance Patrol, before this time, and this time he has gone on to criticize another of the problems of today's society with Gene Pig. One of Soheil's fringe and nouveau-rousing points was his threat to the Texas Guild to replace Texas, instead of Rahman, which did not reduce its footprint, دانلود فیلم ژن خوک but had little effect on Texas. Mohsen Chavoshi, a singer with a track record in filmmaking and a sidekick, sang a song called Halal Ken for the film, which was welcomed. The film is very interesting with Sina Mehrdad, who played a very good father in the series. The 28-year-old actor was born on December 12, 2010. He is the son of Saeed Soheili and Saad Soheili's brother. Sinai has changed her family from Soheil to Mehrdad. Reza Kishmish and Emad Cat are the main characters of the pig gene, with Hadi Hejazi Far and Sina Mehrad playing their roles.