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Why is your user page on Wikipedia so cool? -

"Ingrid Mate" (2019-09-24)

Cool User Pages
User pages are cool when the user adds things to it to make it cool.

choose-any-group.jpgIs brian Jacques Jewish?
No, he was Catholic. It says so on the Wikipedia page on him.

Why Wikipedia is not considered a credible source?
Although Wikipedia is right 99% of the time, it can be easily user edited so some things may not be completely correct. Often times you'll find that dates are different for the same event listed on a different page, and this is because anyone can change something.

Is Pink a vegan?
Her Wikipedia page says she eats fish, so no, she is not a vegan.

When was Emily Oreo born?
She does not have a Wikipedia page, so please more specific.

Who is the most followed user on Instagram?
I dont know but follow @kurtmb he is so cool!

When was the Galileo Galilei page on Wikipedia put out?
The Galileo Galilei Page Is Not Put Out. I Visited It Right Now For A Project. So just go to wikipedia and on the search bar Write "Galileo Galilei" and you will get his biography. Your Welcome...

Why is Wikipedia so cool?
well to some people its cool because it has alot of info and to some its bad because just people can edit it but its your choise.

Why does Wikipedia show up on the first screen of results from many Google searches?
I have also seen that wikipedia ranks on the first page of google from different keyword phrases. The reason behind this is the quality of the content which wikipedia provide. Wikipedia always shows unique and useful content to its users and the domain authority of wikipedia is very good that's why wikipedia rank on first page of google for so many searches.

What products came out of NASA?
Over 1500, so far. See the links below, and look also at the links at the bottom of the page of the Wikipedia page.

How many hits has the Wikipedia page The Gospel of Thomas Association viewed so far?
Wikirank has said that as of the ending date of August 9, 2009, this wikipedia page, "The Gospel of Thomas Association" has been viewed 3,207 times.

Is there a message board so a fan can leave a message?
You can leave a message for any WikiAnswers user - by Clicking on their profile page, and clicking the 'Message User' link on the right of the page (under their 'stats' box). That will take you to their message board.

Why is Ellen page so cool?
Becuase shes differnt. Doesn't try to blend in.

Why should you not use as a research page?
No reason... i disagree with the answer above. it is not good to use wikipedia as your only research page because wikipedia can be edited by anyone! so they can just make up an answer, or even put what they think, which might not be accurate

Is the information regarding the movie 'Oblivion' on wiki reliable and accurate?
The majority of the information on Wikipedia is considered reliable as well as accurate, although in the academic world a citation from a Wikipedia page is not valid. Each Wikipedia page requires citations and the sources, found on the bottom of the page, are the best indicators of the reliability. Looking at the page for Oblivion, the majority of the sources come from the production company, so it is probably pretty accurate AND reliable.

What Is The First Science Fiction Film Ever?
A Trip to the Moon (1902). The link below goes to a Wikipedia page about it, and at the bottom of the page are tamil whatsapp group links so that you can go and watch it.

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