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Why is kpop popular? -

"Sara Barry" (2019-09-25)

picjumbo-premium-pic1.jpgKpop is popular because kpop is new and innovative, and is a very interesting and fun type of music containing all the genres one could possibly imagine.

Many people have recently found out about kpop due to a song titled "Gangnam Style" by Psy, a single artist who is part of YG Entertainment.

YG entertainment also owns the amazing groups "Big Bang" and "2NE1."

Is kpop popular in Spain?
its super popular there especially MBLAQ!! :)

How popular is Korean music in the world?
very popular! especially kpop :)

Why are Korean drama and Kpop so popular?
because they are cute and cool

Is kpop popular?
yes! they are because they are awesome! not just by apperance. they're populaer for their talents!

How do you be a kpop star'?
Try auditioning for popular music companies like SM Entertainment.

What is the most popular Kpop group in the US?
Definitely SNSD. By far, SNSD is the most popular Kpop act worldwide, including the US. SNSD's popularity is explosive and has reached to all parts of the world. Other acts, such as Super Junior, Big bang, 2NE1 and Big Bang are nowhere near in comparison to SNSD's explosive international popularity including the US. SNSD is now standing as the top Kpop group worldwide and no other Kpop group are near their popularity right now.

Is KPop star Boa popular in Korea?
Yes BoA is very popular in korea. That's why she has also moved her music to Japan and America!

What is the most popular music from Asia?
most likely kpop next would probably be jpop or cpop

Who are some very popular k-pop stars?
An internationel kpop star is Rain (Bi) and Big Bang very popular at the moment.

Is Japanese animé or Korean pop more popular in America?
Japanese anime is much more popular, but Kpop is starting to become more recognized.

Popular Korean words nowadays on kpop?
daebak (big win or huge success) omona (oh my gosh)

Why teens like kpop?
Well, its the same feeling of you liking your music. The sick beats of kpop songs are just awesome. Even if the music is in a different language, that shouldn't stop people from liking it. I guess it's also about the looks. Practically every kpop idol is physically attractive which probably explains why they are so popular among young adults.

How much Kpop artists get paid?
Kpop artists get paid ALOT.

When was KPOP-LP created?
KPOP-LP was created in 2005.

What are the popular kpop group?
Girls Generation, EXO, BTS, SHINee, GOT7, Seventeen, Miss A, Sistar, Red Velvet

Are kpop entertainment give a bad influence to your student?
no, most kpop stars study hard and are now studying a different language even with their busy schedule. they can actually be an inspiration. and kpop music can be a motivation. if you strip a student who is obsessed with kpop of all kpop until they do their work then they will do the work faster

Can non Koreans become KPOP stars?
Yes of course they can be but they have to know about kpop

Is being a KPOP fangirl bad?
No, of course not! Being a Kpop fangirl is something you become when you love a Kpop band/bands/artist/artists a lot. In fact, I'm a Kpop fangirl (: And your not alone if you are, there a lots of fangirls out there, all over the world.

What are some popular male KPop bands?
Here are some of them: Super Junior Big Bang Shinee CNBLUE B1A4 EXO

What are a few of the most popular kpop record labels?
SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, TS Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, etc

What are all the kpop group name?
There are hundreds of Kpop groups so no one could possible list them all here, but some of the more popular groups are: EXO BTS SHINee Seventeen Monsta X Big Bang BtoB Red Velvet Twice Apink

What is you love kpop musics in Korean word?
naega kpop eum-ag-eul salang

Examples of sentences with context clues?
The word that im using is kpop kpop : korean pop i listen to kpop everyday the music is good even though i dont get what they are singing because it is in korean .

Is Kara a Kpop or Jpop group?
Kara is a Kpop group. But they have the plan to go to Japan for further market

Can you watch the 2011 kpop festival in sydney live?
The 2011 Kpop Music Fest in Sydney cannot be watched live, but you can purchase the official DVD from Asian music / kpop retailers such as RBT in Chinatown, Sydney.

Who is the queen of kpop?
BoA :)

Where in Maryland sells kpop?
almost for sure, stores in america sadly wont sell kpop albums. you can buy them online though.

Is girls generation the most popular kpop group?
If by Girl Kpop groups: There is: 2NE1 and Girls Generation is usually in the top ranking girl groups. Depends on your preference of music. 2NE1 attracts Big Bang style of music, while Girls Generations attracts super junior style of music. so 2 very different style of music

What is the most popular KPop boy bands?
Some popular K-Pop boy bands include: EXO BTS SHINee Seventeen Super Junior TVXQ Big Bang BtoB 2PM 2AM B2ST/BEAST INFINITE SS501

What do you know about bigbang?
bigbang is a kpop group

What are some kpop band names?
Really good kpop boy bands are SHINee, FT Island, CN Blue, Teen Top, 2Am, 2PM, U-KISS, MBLAQ, B2ST, B1A4, G-dragon, and SE7EN. I really dont know many female kpop bands cause i think they are way to repetitive, so srry for all those who like female kpop; NO OFFENSE!

Can you buy any Kpop or anime stuff in Headland?
Comics Connection is a good shop with a lot of kpop and anime stuff. There are badges, shirts, mugs and much more!

Is there a kpop radio station in Seattle which is a city in Washington?
The short answer is no. But there are many online kpop radio staions you can reach like or I wish there was though Dx

How do you becom a kpop star?
Kpop idols are scouted out by the agencies during competitions. Once they are scouted the agencies take them in and start training them until they put them in a group for debut

What is America's influence on Australian teens?
I'm an 'Australian teen' i hate the amount teens here are influenced by Americans most teens listen to American music and... wat eva i don't i listen to kpop ok i admit i do listen to some American bans but kpop is the best Kpop HWAITING

Is Japanese animé or Korean pop more popular?
You can't compare apple and oranges; both art different forms of art so it is impossible to compare raw popularity of anime and Kpop.

How many KPop lovers around the world?
Among the millons around the world .... I am one of the biggest Kpop FANS around the world and I am from EGYPT it's like in the second half of earth the space between korea and middle east so great that even I as a FAN of kpop am supprised as how did I start to love it

Why do teenagers like Kpop?
Because most of the Kpop stars are either are or close to the age of the teenage listeners. The Maknae (The youngest member) is usually under 20 years of age.

What is the contribution of Korea?
yea ~ ^^v ~ kpop ? haha

What is kpop on the radio at California?
I found it but it not on the radio sorry :(

How many kpop groups are there?
There are many kpop groups. New artists are always making their debut, older ones are making their comeback. It will be impossible to pick an accurate number. There are many kpop groups. But as of the moment, including the debuts of new bands this year there are 195 since 1990 that have not disbanded and are still working in music.

Where can you buy kpop group hot high five of teenagers merchandise or moon hee jun cds? its a good Place to buy all Asian Music not just Kpop.

Will KPop idols be coming to Melbourne in Australia?
Well I know Jay Park has been to Australia recently, and since there are many kpop fans in Australia, there will most likely be concerts there in the future.

Is super junior is the second most famous kpop in whole world?
There are lots of different kpop performers. It's hard to say who is the most famous, but Super Junior is quite famous.

Who is good at speaking English in kpop group VIXX?
I think Ravi is, because when I hear him speak English he speaks pretty good! so in my opinion its Ravi from the KPOP group VIXX! :)

Why can't a Kpop star be over 30?
Well, there is no rule that kpop stars cannot be 30 or over. Baek Ji young, Lee Hyori, Shinhwa are all kpop stars that are over 30 and are doing fine. However, like must music markets, younger talent is always seeked out to appeal to the younger crowd.

What are some kpop radio stations that play in San Francisco CA?
There aren't much radio stations that specialize in Kpop, but there is an online radio called Seoul.FM. I gotta say its one of the best.

Where can you get the Tae Yang CD?
Kpop Town is a good website.

Can Kpop boost your intelligence?
Maybe you're Korean intelligence.

What channel is kpop on?
In my house it is in KBS worlds. (channel 353)

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