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What does Microsoft use Microsoft Connect for? -

"Angus Voigt" (2019-09-29)

Microsoft uses the Microsoft Connect platform to receive communication and listen to its users about Microsoft products. Microsoft connect is useful for reporting different types of bugs to Microsoft and finding software support.

Can you use a regular wifi connector on an xbox 360 for xbox live?
No. You have to use the Microsoft Xbox 360 adapter. The 360 has the ability to connect to the Internet but the adapter descrambles the signal so it can actually connect. so you have to use the Microsoft one.

Can you use a mobile hotspot to connect an xbox to the internet?
No, you either need to have an official Microsoft Xbox 360 wireless adapter or you need to have an Ethernet cable and connect it yo your Xbox.

Can you connect a bluetooth to a xbox 360?
Nope, that is just for the PS3. If you are looking for a headset to use wireless then Microsoft makes them for around $60.

What are the elemets of computer networking?
You need computers to connect with Cabling to connect them with (such as CAT5) Device to control communications (such as a switch) All need to use the same client (Microsoft Client) Will need to be on same address scheme.

Can you Connect Xbox 360 to Mac?
no microsoft made the xbox they made it so u cant connect it to mac

Can you purchase a memorry card for the xbox to use seperate from the internal memory?
Yes, microsoft makes memory cards, you can also connect an external hdd.

How do you use Microsoft Windows?
You don't use Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows uses you.

What are the uses of Microsoft internet explorer?
Microsoft explorer is one of the browsers of the internet. It's main purpose is to connect to the internet.

How do you connect a wireless Xbox 360 controller to a PC to use it for Microsoft Flight Simulator X?
plug it into usb port,,change settings to xbox controller.

Your computer is not recognizing the xbox360 ethernet cord for Xbox live is it the computer or Xbox or ethernet cable?
You cant connect to Xbox Live through your PC. You will need to connect straight into your modem, or either use a Microsoft Xbox 360 wireless adapter to connect through your wireless network.

Does the C plus plus programming language use a virtual machine?
No, it does not. But Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 allows you to connect to a virtual machine and run your projects "sandboxed".

Which protocol is used to connect and use a remote computer program?
RDP. Remote desktop protocol in Microsoft Exams systems. Also known as terminal services on port 3389.

How do you connect MySQL to HTML with Microsoft Office Frontpage?
You can't. Frontpage is just an editor, and you can't connect mySQL to HTML. You can do it with PHP, though.

Why wont your xbox 360 connect to your mac?
Maybe because you cannot connect Xbox 360 (Microsoft product) to a Mac (Apple product).

What are the main benefits of using Microsoft Sync?
Microsoft Sync is a program that enables teams to connect their various devices in order to complete a complex goal. The main benefits include the ability to connect with one another easily, easy peer-to-peer synchronization, and the ability to connect over any network.

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